NHL News and Rumor Roundup – June 9, 2009


Battle over Coyotes comes to a head

Leafs done with CujoSUTTER STILL UP IN AIR

MARK EVERSON of the New York Post reports that

Another weekend to ponder returning to New Jersey didn’t bring a decision from Brent Sutter.

Sutter told The Post yesterday he still hasn’t decided on coming back for a third season behind the Devils’ bench.

Sutter owns the junior Red Deer Rebels in Alberta, where he cut his coaching teeth, and strongly missed his family, which remained in Canada. He has expressed feeling responsibilities toward the Rebels, and his daughter in high school, in addition to those with the Devils.

“It’s been busy,” Sutter said. “We just went through our [Red Deer] prospects camp, with all the young players.”
Sutter would not reveal which way he is leaning. “Right now, I’m not prepared to answer that question,” he said.


Battle over Coyotes comes to a head

Kevin McGran reports that

Today’s bankruptcy hearing on the potential sale and relocation of the Coyotes kick-starts a process that could change the landscape of the NHL, reverberate through other major sports leagues and ultimately set a legal anti-trust precedent that might only be settled by the U.S. Supreme Court.

It’s up to the lawyers today to sway bankruptcy court judge Redfield Baum of the powers he does – or doesn’t – have.
If he does in fact have the power to sell the team to an owner the NHL doesn’t want and move it to a city the NHL doesn’t want, it’s up to the same lawyers to persuade him he should – or shouldn’t – use them.

The drama that began to unfold May 5, when the Coyotes filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, has taken a toll on its main combatants. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has tried to portray himself as a man of reason, just trying to follow the rules. But he has been vilified through the proceedings, portrayed as anti-Canadian, disingenuous and conspiring to keep Jim Balsillie out of the club.


Leafs done with Cujo


General manager Brian Burke will come up with a Plan B if Swedish free agent Jonas (The Monster) Gustavsson decides not to sign with the Leafs this summer. But even if the big Swede goes elsewhere (Dallas seems to be the other leading destination), and the Leafs begin looking for a legitimate backup for Vesa Toskala, it won’t be the 42-year-old Joseph.
“Great service as a Leaf,” Burke said yesterday of Joseph. “But we are moving on.”

It’s expected that Joseph officially will retire this summer. The Keswick, Ont., native, who broke into the NHL during the 1989-90 season with the St. Louis Blues, struggled at times this past season, posting a save percentage of .869 and goals against average of 3.57.

Burke, however, is not ruling out bringing back free agent Martin Gerber, whom the Leafs claimed off waivers on March 4 this past season.
Gerber, 34, played well for Toronto, posting a .905 save percentage and 3.23 goals against.


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  1. pezzz123 says:

    I wanted Renney with Calgary, not Sutter.

  2. reinjosh says:

    So today it was made known that if Balsillie gets to move the team, the NHL would levy a 100 million dollar fee at him for it. Blasillie responded through lawyers saying he would drop everything if this happened.
    This is interesting to me because it shows that Balsillie is showing his cards to early, which while he may be a brash person, seems like a dumb move to me.
    I suspect he wants Bettman to do this and is fully willing to pay this fee especially after he seems to be willing to overpay for a team clearly not worth near what he proposes for the sale.

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