NHL News and Rumor Update – July 11, 2009

New group may bid on Coyotes

Leafs have what Hawks need – Would require dealing Sharp, but worth it

Sharks and Jackets to swing a deal?

Oilers haven’t given up on Heatley

Baseball Trade Rumors reports that

Halladay and Wells are not linked in Trades

New group may bid on Coyotes


Another group of investors who’d like to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix has emerged, although whether it will actually get a bid into bankruptcy court is anyone’s guess.

Daryl Jones, managing director with Research Edge LLC, confirmed his company is investigating the possibility of investing in the bankrupt hockey team in concert with other investors who don’t want to be named at this point.

“We are involved in evaluating the Coyotes, which we are interested in investing in ourselves, but it’s subject to us finalizing our due diligence, which is something we’ve just started,” said Jones. “We’re considering putting capital into this situation, and the people we are working with and for are evaluating it themselves.”

Jones would only categorize the others interested in the Coyotes as “experienced” businessmen, but he did say the idea would be to keep the team in Glendale, Ariz.

“Our plan and idea is to keep it in Phoenix,” said Jones. “We have a lot of work to do before we’re ready to make the bid, or before we can make any recommendation in that regard. We do like the long term potential and viability of having a team in Phoenix, the demographic of the area and things like that.”

Jones, who previously worked for Toronto-based Onex Corp., which specializes in takeovers, has hockey connections. A defenceman from Bassano, Alta., he played four seasons with Yale University, a teammate of Jeff Hamilton, who played last season with the Maple Leafs


Leafs have what Hawks need – Would require dealing Sharp, but worth it

Al Cimaglia

The road for a Blackhawks trade would seem to lead to Toronto. Although I am hearing no whispers, there does appear to be reason to consider a trade option with the Leafs.

As I wrote a short time ago, the Leafs have an abundance of defensemen and are lacking scoring. According to an article in the Toronto Star on Thursday, Leafs general manager Brian Burke also wants to bolster Toronto’s penalty-killing unit.

According to thestar.com, Burke mentioned he received a trade proposal for one of his defensemen Wednesday. He remarked the trade would require the Leafs to take on some salary, but they would receive a forward in return. He is also looking at free-agent possibilities.

“I want to make sure if we’re down to our last three to five million dollars we want to spend the money wisely,” Burke said.

The Blackhawks have a talented forward who will earn $3.9 million next year. Patrick Sharp’s 26 goals would have led the Maple Leaf scorers for 2008-09. He would be an attractive option for Mr. Burke.

Sharp is a versatile player, who scored those 26 goals while playing in only 61 games. Jason Blake led the Leafs with 25 goals in 78 games. Toronto was near the bottom of the NHL in penalty killing, and Sharp could also help there.


Sharks and Jackets to swing a deal?


The San Jose Sharks could emerge as a trade partner for the Blue Jackets, who continue their search for a puck-moving defenseman. The Sharks’ signing of Ryane Clowe, Kent Huskins and Rob Blake leaves them $1.7 million from the $56.8 million salary cap for next season, and they still need to sign at least four players — depth forwards and a backup goaltender. The Sharks have five defensemen making $3 million or more per season.

The Blue Jackets have depth forwards to trade and can offer cap relief; a player such as San Jose defenseman Christian Ehrhoff, who makes $3.1 million, would fill the need here. One possible complication to this scenario is that Sharks general manager Doug Wilson has a reputation for overvaluing his players. So until Wilson believes he absolutely has to make a deal, coming to terms with the Sharks might prove difficult.

Edmonton might also be a good fit for the Blue Jackets; the Oilers have a glut of puck-movers and could use a stay-at-home guy. And Toronto GM Brian Burke said this week that “the next thing is to see if we can parlay a defenseman into a forward.”

The Maple Leafs’ prime trade bait is Tomas Kaberle, but he makes $4.25 million and could bring a top-six forward, as shown by the deal the Leafs had working for Boston’s Phil Kessel that fell apart.


Oilers haven’t given up on Heatley

Dan Barnes, Edmonton Journal

Sniper’s trade demand may not be satisfied until September, or later

Dany Heatley voluntarily jumps into Okanagan Lake every morning over the summer, so the Oilers would derive precious little satisfaction from telling him to go do it.

You know, should they actually get up off their knees and move along like the proud, professional franchise they ought to be.

Instead, as their management waits by cellphones, BlackBerrys, pagers and computer monitors for the slightest utterance from Heatley, the erstwhile Ottawa Senators sniper seemingly controls the fates of two National Hockey League franchises with his silence.

The truth is only slightly different than that widely held perception. Heatley could in fact force the Oilers to get on with their lives by issuing a blanket refusal to waive his no-movement clause for a trade to Edmonton. But in the absence of such reason and benevolence, the only man who can push these follies to a logical dropping of the curtain now is Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray.

Heatley has not changed his mind about the issues that provoked the trade demand, which was sent to Murray in the guise of a formal request. He isn’t going to tuck his tail between his legs and slink back into Ottawa, where he tops even the Bloc Quebecois, Canada Revenue Agency and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s myopic PR man on a list of pariahs.

The only resolution is an acceptable trade proposal and the waiving of Heatley’s no-movement clause, in that order. That sequence of events won’t occur unless and until Murray presents the Heatley camp with at least two more potential destinations in addition to Edmonton.


12 Responses to NHL News and Rumor Update – July 11, 2009

  1. daveski111 says:

    i think the leafs should try to aquire filitov from CBJ, but sharp would be a great addition on the leafs HOWEVER, it depends on what toronto will be giving up, i wouldnt wanna trade kab for sharp, Hawks are gunna have 2  add another player unless kab isnt in the mix. but we still need that IMPACT player. Toronto needs an idenity. i guess that come in time.

  2. quick_stick says:

    The column suggests Exelby, however this is speculation I think, and not a rumor.  Additionally, there's no way the Hawks trade Sharpe straight up, even though they need a rugged D-man and will have to clear some cap space for the following season.   If a trade like this were to happen, the Leafs would certainly have to sweeten the pot. 

    I could end up a pretty decent deal for both teams though.

  3. pezzz123 says:

    Stop dreaming Cimaglia, Sharp isn't on the move at all. 3.9 millions is a bargain for a 36 goals scorer, especially with everything else he brings to the table (PK, leadership, grit).

    A forward I'm seeing dealt in the near future is Dustin Byfuglien, especially if Brouwer and Beach have a good camp. Both can fill the same role as Beef. His 3 millions salary would free up a fair amount of money (almost as much as Sharp).

    And Sopel (2.3 millions) is still on the team, so as soon as they send him to the minors, remove this from the cap.

  4. cam7777 says:

    The report is out of the Chicago media, and ESPN.  They are the ones trying to deal Sharp.  It is not the imagination of Leafs Nation (for once).  It's true Sharp brings all those things to the table, but unfortuneatly for him, so does Marian Hossa.  Not to mention, Kopecky can fll some of this void as well, and when you consider that signing Tomas didn't make any sense a week ago, it's starting to become clear now.

    Dustin Byfuglien brings his own unique versatility to that team.  He can play in any situation, and he can play forward or defense.  He is critical to their powerplay, standing in front of the net with his big body, and when at forward, he can move up and down the roster from 1st to 4th line with no problems.  He was one of their most useful players during the playoffs.

    Sharp is a great player, but eventually the Hawks will have to choose.  THey only have one more year until they have to sign Keith, Toews, Kane, Ladd, Burrish, Eager, Johnson, and Fraser.  It makes sense that Sharp is the odd man out.  They enough quality guys to pick up his pieces.  What they lack is defensive depth, and their cupboards could use restocking (Skille, Beach and others are almost ready for the NHL now).

    The Leafs have a bunch of expiring contracts, and defensive depth to spare.  This is perfect for the Hawks, as they really can't afford anything past this season.  It makes perfect sense to deal with the Maple Leafs…

  5. mojo19 says:

    Definitely bringing in Hossa, Kopecky, and John Madden makes Patrick Sharp a guy they could trade. He's got a lot skill and is a great player, but Chicago would benefit more from a quality defensman (or two).

    I would offer up Ian White (great contract) and Mike VanRyn in exchange for Patrick Sharp and Brent Sopel (bad contract).

    Chicago saves about $3 million and gets two quality d-men. Toronto can bury Sopel in the minors or play him as a depth guy, and they get the prize of the deal Patrick Sharp. Just off the top of my head, whatcha think Pezzz and Cam

  6. mojo19 says:

    Sorry, Chicago would actually save closer to $4 million.

  7. quick_stick says:

    I think they're looking for more of a grit D-man, which puts Exelby or Frogen as the only two affordable choices.  Obviously Burke just traded for Exelby, however, that doesn't make him an untouchable asset, as it does with the UFA signings.

    Again, neither of these guys are going to get the deal done alone (though Exelby would have a greater trade value than Frogen).  There would have to be a package with a pick and a prospect as well.

    This would be helpful to the Leafs, as Sharpe should be a decent winger for years to come.  It would also clear some space on D, and if the Leafs manage to pry an elite young forward in return for Kaberle, they would have a number of pieces in place for their rebuild.  On the back end, they would divide PP time between White, Van Ryn, Beauchimin and Stralman.  For toughness on D, Komi is there, with either Finger or Frogen.  If we had to take a Sopel contract, either he or Finger would sit in the minors (likely Finger, as he has a 2-way deal and saves both cap space and Money).

  8. mojo19 says:

    Ian White is gritty and skilled. VanRyn is skilled, not so gritty. But ya, maybe White and Frogren, and something else for Sharp and Sopel. Chicago would save a ton and get a quality d-man in White, while the Leafs would walk away with Sharp.

  9. cam7777 says:

    i wouldn't give them white.  it really handicaps our ability to trade kaberle.  what if someone came along with the right offer for kabs?  we couldn't do it because we'd have no one to play the point or man the powerplay.  plus, it sends a bad message to the team.  white was arguably our best player last year.  what kind of message would that send?  "play well so we can ship you the hell outta here!"

    I suspect they want Exelby, since this is the guy the article mentioned.  I wouldn't be surprized if they wanted Stralman too.  He would be a great guy for them to pair with Hjalmarsson down the road. 

    Exelby and Stralman for Sharp and Sopel

    basically it's exelby, stralman and cap space, for patrick sharp.  I guess I would do it.  I was just starting to get excited about Exelby though.  I guess Burke could just sign him next year though, when the Hawks are even more screwed than this year.

  10. mojo19 says:

    They were saying on the radio that Burke and Nonis were both really big on Exelby. They tried to get him midseason and up until the deadline but couldnt find a way to make it work.

    Then trading Kubina for him pretty much tells you that this is a guy they want to have around.

    Personally I'm a big Sharp fan. I would  trade any two of our d-men to get him outside of Kaberle, Schenn, Komisarek, and Beauchemin.

  11. JannettyTheRocker says:

    At this point, the Oilers need to forget about Dany Heatley and any other little punk who's not willing to come to the greatest hockey city in the NHL. According to Eklund (not that it means anything), the Oilers are in talks with the Philadelphia Flyers about a "major forward" not named Daniel Briere. While I know Eklund is full of donkey-dung 99% of the time, I could possibly see this happening. Here's my prediction :

    To Philadelphia :
    Andrew Cogliano
    Ladislav Smid
    2nd round pick or prospect or both

    To Edmonton :
    Simon Gagne

    Also, I see Dustin Penner still being traded to the Ottawa Senators in some sort of trade package involving lower-tier players.

  12. reinjosh says:

    I like that trade but i think we could work on a deal that could also get us Barker. They need to move one of Campbell or Barker and as Barker is younger, cheaper and fills the same need as Campbell he makes the most sense to move while getting a decent return.

    First we send Kaberle to Columbus for Russel, Voracek, and a pick(this is really inconsequential for my point but would be nice for the rebuild and to just get more picks stocked up and Columbus might want us to take salary back like Modin so it would get bigger or smaller depending on if salary is included or non-existent if it isnt). Alot of people would and will scoff (mostly anti-leafs fans) at the idea of Voracek being added in this deal but the Blue Jackets have too many left wingers and that makes it perfect for them to get that big time powerplay quarterback and Voracek provides the leafs with a top 6 scoring forward.

    The leafs then flip Russel along with Exelby and Stralman for Barker, Sharp and Sopel. I'm would think that the leafs would have to probably include a pick or a prospect like Hayes in the deal and I would be fine with that. Russel gives the Blackhawks someone to replace Barker at a cheap price and save 2.5 million. He is a RFA at the end of the season but he would likely be cheaper than Barker is now. Stralman provides the perfect linemate for Hjalmarsson as you said and Exelby would provide them some very good grit and meaness on the backend that could help them. They also give us Sopel which is ultimately another salary clearing move. The leafs get someone to replace Kaberle at a cheap price, and another top six winger to add to the offence. We take on 10 million dollars in salary while losing about 6 million. We would still even be able to package another dman like Van Ryn with a forward like Blake or Poni for another young player to help bring this team back on track.

    In the end we get Voracek, Barker, Sharp and Sopel for Kaberle, Stralman, Exelby and cap space that we take in plus the ability to make another deal to get at least one more young player to add to the rebuilding phase if needed. Maybe im just dreaming but i think its very doable for all teams involved.

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