NHL News and Rumors – August 13, 2009

Satan waits to see if Islanders want him

Locals keeping an eye on Tampa Bay Lightning ownership situation

Summer mailbag: Richards trade unlikely

Satan waits to see if Islanders want him


Former Islander and current unrestricted free agent Miroslav Satan skated at the Islanders’ practice rink in Syosset Wednesday and addressed a potential return to New York.

Satan, who played three seasons with the Islanders from 2005-2008, confirmed that his agent, Allan Walsh, has spoken with the Islanders about rejoining the team, but they have yet to resume discussions this week. Walsh first announced the dialogue between the two camps on his Twitter page on July 25, then gave an update three days later, saying, “We are still deep in talks with NYI on Miro.”

“I know they spoke about it a few times last week,” Satan said. “This week I don’t think they have talked. Now, it’s quiet again.”

The Islanders and Walsh did not return phone messages seeking comment.

Satan, who has a home on Long Island where he is living this summer, said he would prefer to stay in the Eastern Conference and would be open to an Islanders reunion.

“I’m not saying no to anything right now,” Satan said.

Satan had 36 points (17 goals, 19 assists) in 65 games for Pittsburgh last season, but said the Stanley Cup champion Penguins are not among the teams who have expressed interest.

“I’ve got to make up my mind quickly and decide where,” Satan said. “We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.”

Satan was sent down to Pittsburgh’s AHL affiliate for 10 games last season but then rejoined the Penguins for the playoffs, which culminated in his first Stanley Cup.


Locals keeping an eye on Tampa Bay Lightning ownership situation

Damian Cristodero, Times Staff Writer

To Phil Esposito, the Lightning is like his baby.

Forget the Hall of Fame career, he said, forget the goals and his two Stanley Cup championships.

“Nothing I ever did was as good in my mind or as satisfying, and nothing was as important, as getting this franchise.”

That is why the Lightning founder said if the dispute between owners Oren Koules and Len Barrie ends with the financially troubled team up for sale, “Yes, I would try to put a group together” to buy it.

That time is not imminent.

Barrie has a league-mandated 60-day window that closes in September during which he can buy out Koules. If he fails, Koules gets a chance to buy out Barrie. If Koules fails, there is a chance former owner Palace Sports & Entertainment, which financed much of OK Hockey’s $200 million purchase, could get control.

In that scenario, there is little doubt the Lightning would be back on the market. And if that happens, Tampa attorney Steve Burton said, “There are a number of people around town who love the team and would try to help any way they can.”


Summer mailbag: Richards trade unlikely

Mike Heika/Reporter

It’s been slow so far in August, so let’s get a few mailbag questions out there.

This one came from a Rangers fan who still is hearing that the Stars are interested in trading Brad Richards.

If you want to send in a question, fire it off to mheika@dallasnews.com

Q: I am writing to you as a New York Rangers fan. There was a rumor about a week ago about the Stars and Rangers hooking up on a trade that would send Brad Richards and another player to NY for Brandon Dubinsky, Michal Rozsival and a prospect. Supposedly, the Rangers are having trouble signing Dubinsky (Restricted Free Agent) and really need a first line center. The person who wrote this rumor said he talked to a Dallas Star official and he said there was some truth to the rumor. Do you know anything about this? Is there any truth to it? Thanks! Steve.
HEIKA: Hey Steven, I doubt that it came from someone within the Dallas Stars. All I can find out is that the Stars would rather not have Michal Rozsival or Wade Redden be a part of any deal. I actually don’t mind Rozsival, and I think his contract is manageable at $5 million a year for the next three years. But he is definitely overpaid for what he does, and that is a concern. I also like the edge that Dubinsky gives, and I like his history of performing well in the playoffs at the lower levels.

So the deal does make some amount of sense on the surface.

But the Stars, I believe, have simply asked: Are we better with Rozsival on defense and Dubinsky as the No. 2 center or are we better with Brad Richards as our No. 2 center and the current defense? They have decided, I believe, they would be better with Richards as the No. 2 center and the current defense.

Now, the Stars are on a very tight budget and would probably listen to offers that allowed them to move Richards for top prospects so that they could shed his $7.8 million salary (for the next two seasons) and possibly acquire a bigger name defenseman. But, the proposed deal with the Rangers doesn’t save them any money, so I believe they are simply looking at this as they would rather have Richards than the other players.


13 Responses to NHL News and Rumors – August 13, 2009

  1. cam7777 says:

    Another rumor making the rounds is that the Leafs are on the verge of signing Taylor Pyatt, and it could be announced sometime today.  That comes from a few websites, but started here :


    Pyatt would be a solid addition, but an unnecessary one, and if it's true, it makes one wonder if a larger trade, involving other forwards could be in the works.  Afterall, it isn't as though the Leafs have a shortage of 3rd line checking forwards. 

    As for the Dallas Stars situation, I think they have made some terrible mistakes this off-season.  They have what I consider to be, possibly the worst defense in the Western Conference.  Auld was a solid pickup, especially at the price they got him for, but they really could stand to shed Richards, or some of their other offensive talents in order to improve the back-end.  Richards leaving wouldn't be the end of the world with Brendan Morrow returning. 

    That said, I'm not necessarily endorsing the proposed Rangers trade.  I'm just saying, they should be looking to upgrade the back-end, because it looks pretty pathetic right now.  Although, the game isn't played on paper, so you never know, but man, it does not look good at all.

  2. zackman13 says:

    what do you think of kaberle to dallas for grossman, brunnstrom and a first?

  3. cam7777 says:

    Well, to be honest, I don't know a whole lot about Nicklas Grossman.  Just looking over his stats, I'm not overly impressed.  I don't think he could even crack our top 8 defensemen to tell you the truth.  He's not big enough to be dominating in that regard, and he puts up very little points, and is a minus player so far (despite being on a team with a slick offense boastiing Richards, Ribeiro, Eriksson, Brunnstrom, Morrow, Modano, Ott and Neal).  Hard to say from the stats alone though, becaue the whole team was just off last year.  Still though, my feeling is that he isn't a useful piece for us to acquire.

    Brunnstrom and the 1st are nice, but my thinking is that Dallas would have no problem giving up this package.  Grossman is replaceable – very replaceable.  Brunnstrom could be a star in the making, but he was someone they acquired for nothing, and hasn't adapted to the North American game fully.  They've barely had him in the lineup long enough to notice his absence.  Plus, Burke has already shown he can be quite adept at landing players who are blooming late (Bozak, Hanson, Gustavsson).  So how much of a prize is Brunnstrom now, really?

    That said, that 1st round pick could be high – potentially top 10 again.  Regardless, I'm too tempted to see what Kaberle can do on this new Leafs squad to trade him away for this package.  It might be fair, but it would have to be more than that.

  4. pezzz123 says:

    Grossman is a solid stay-at-home with the potential to be a top 4. He also can play the 2nd PP. He would be your #5 right now.

    But this trade breaks down like this : Young roster d-man, prospect forward, 1rst rounder.

    If I were the Leafs, I would be looking for the opposite : Young roster forward, prospect d-man, 1rst rounder.

    Something along the lines of James Neal, Philip Larsen, 1rst rounder.

  5. cam7777 says:

    Yea, exactly.  It's not so much that the value is off, as that it doesn't really suit our needs at all.  Brunnstrom is hardly going to lead the charge offensively in his 2nd year. 

    Again, I don't know much about Grossman, but I can't see how he would be our number 5 with those stats.  Who is going to beat out on the Leafs roster?  Not Kaberle, Komisarek, Schenn or Beauchemin, for sure.  White put up 15 more points than him and was a plus on a team that by all accounts, should have been much worse than it was.  He beats Grossman both defensively and offensively.  He would be hard-pressed even to beat out Finger who has better stats in almost every category also.  That leaves him battling with Exelby, Frogren and VanRyn.  VanRyn is a legitimate number 3 defensemen when healthy (on pace for 43 points last season), and Burke brought Exelby in because he loves him.  I just can't see him cracking that D right now.

  6. nordiques100 says:

    solid trade for both the ducks and bolts.

    miller is a solid player who will give them more skill and add depth. he might play with vinny on line 2 now that they've given up prospal.

    artyukin is a massive guy who should be a good space eater. an intimidating presence to help soften the loss of pronger.

    he can be pretty punishing. with him and parros, good luck pushing around the ducks.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    stars are kinda in cost cutting mode. hence why zubov is gone. i cant see them adding salary.

    the issue with hicks and his other properties kinda holds up the stars. thats why you havent seen anything big from them.

    the only factor is the nieuwendyk factor and him being part of the leafs last year, thus having a good handle on what the leafs have.

    it would be a nice fit, but financially, i cant see the stars adding a 4 mil player.

  8. cam7777 says:

    yea, I like the trade too.  I expect this to be followed shortly by the signing of Tanguay.  Some people think that this trade was done to satisfy Tanguay's desire to not play with a guy who injured him.  It also saves the ownership about 500k. 

    Tanguay – Lecavalier – ???
    Malone – Stamkos – St.Louis

    Pretty slick top six.  I could see the Bolts making a couple more trades.  Packaging one of their extra d-men with one of their bottom six forward options for an upgrade on the third line, or another winger Lecavalier.

  9. ranger_fan says:

    Jeez Sather. I can't imagine that we don't have enough money to spend on Dubinsky…

    Anyone remember my article on the Sather experiment?  Lets see what he does next season with Staal, Girardi, Dubinsky, Higgins, and others to sign! Montreal probably won't trade us Drury for Leblanc, Maxwell, and Pacioretty

    Redden or Rozsival should have a solid year. Michal is finally healthy and could raise his value. Redden is going to need to be the 2002 redden for any team to think about getting him.

  10. pezzz123 says:

    Halpern centering the 3rd line is very nice to have also.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Grossman #5 before Ian White? I don't know, White was on a roll at the end of last season, he was sought after a bit, Burke admitted to having received offers for him, and he was our ice time leader from the trade deadline on.

    Grossman would be #7 after

    ahead of Exelby, Finger, and the Frog-man.

  12. pezzz123 says:

    agreed that White was one of your best players last year, but the question is can he repeat this game after game, year after year? So far, he has one horrible year, one good year, one horrible year, one good year, etc. I'll tag him as a true #5 when he's gonna be able to play like this night in and night out.

  13. cam7777 says:

    he's only had 3 full seasons, and his lowest point total is 21 (26,21.26).  grossman has nothing on him. 

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