NHL News and Rumors – Friday August 21, 2009

1. Wild, Tanguay talking

2. At long last, Heatley to speak

3. Marleau doesn’t view himself as guy taking the fall — but he won’t discuss the NTC in his contract

Wild, Tanguay talking


With training camp three weeks away and the Wild arguably in need of another scoring forward, the team has re-entered the free-agent market and is trying to land a player who for years has been a thorn in its side.

Left winger Alex Tanguay, tied for third on the all-time scoring list against Minnesota with 38 points in 41 games, is considering a contract offer from the Wild, his agent said on Thursday.

Wild General Manager Chuck Fletcher also confirmed the team’s interest in Tanguay, 29, who has scored 193 goals and 580 points over nine seasons with Colorado, Calgary and Montreal.

“Alex has been on the phone with Chuck and I’ve been on the phone with Chuck,” Tanguay’s agent Ritch Winter said. “We’re working on some other teams, too. We’re just doing as much homework as we can to help Alex make an informed decision.”

“This will be a decision that is based largely on opportunity,” Winter continued. “Minnesota or somewhere else will be a place he’s going to go to have a career year. We’re continuing those discussions, and the Wild is very, very much on his radar.”

The winger’s agent said Minnesota is “very, very much on his radar.”


At long last, Heatley to speak

Canwest News Service

Dany Heatley will finally break his silence in a conference call today, but at least one question was answered Thursday.

If the disgruntled Ottawa Senators winger is not traded before Sept. 12, he will show up for the opening of Senators training camp. Both Senators general manager Bryan Murray and J.P. Barry, Heatley’s agent, confirmed Heatley won’t hold out, as had been speculated in some quarters.

“It was never our interest not to show up,” Barry said in advance of today’s conference call, where Heatley will finally be queried about all the reasons why he asked Murray for a trade away from the Senators two months ago, why he rejected a potential deal to the Edmonton Oilers and how difficult it would be to come back and play for an Ottawa fan base that generally wants him gone.

The conference call was initiated by Hockey Canada, which wants the Heatley distractions out of the way before the Olympic team orientation camp next Monday through Wednesday in Calgary. Steve Yzerman, executive director of the Olympic team, empathizes with Senators fans and says Heatley has to provide some answers in order that he not become a sideshow.

“In fairness to the Senators’ fans and the media, it needs to be addressed,” Yzerman said. “It has to be addressed. We’ll get it done. Obviously, it will be a hot topic for one day. Everybody get it out of the way. Everybody ask the questions that need to be asked. Dany, answer those questions. And everybody move on.”


Marleau doesn’t view himself as guy taking the fall — but he won’t discuss the NTC in his contract

Patrick Marleau doesn’t see himself as the fall guy for his team’s playoff shortcomings even after having the captaincy taken away from him.

“I don’t think so,” he said today, “but that’s for everybody else to speculate about, I guess.”

I ducked over to Sharks Ice today to work on another story, but Marleau was there and there were some obvious questions for him after Coach Todd McLellan let it be known 48 hours earlier that Marleau was no longer the captain and that Joe Thornton was losing the “A’ off his jersey as well — at least at the start of training camp.

Marleau said last month that he had told GM Doug Wilson that if the Sharks brass and coaching staff felt someone else should be the captain, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get this team to the next level.”

That sentiment hadn’t changed Thursday now that word was out of the leadership change.

“I just want to win the cup,” he said. “If that’s what the organization feels we need to do to get to that level, I’m all for it.”

Marleau, however, didn’t want to talk about the one other question regarding his future in San Jose: Would he be willing to waive the no-trade clause in his contract?

“I’m not going to make that public,” Marleau said. “If that were ever to come up, then it’s something I would have to decide. But I don’t want to speculate on whether it could or might happen.”

Has he been asked about that yet?

“I’d rather not say.”


13 Responses to NHL News and Rumors – Friday August 21, 2009

  1. TheLeafNation91 says:


  2. nordiques100 says:

    wow, dany heatley is a bigger piece of crap than he was a day ago.

    he is the biggest idiot in hockey. his stupidity makes john ferguson look like a genius gm.

    "i dont like my diminished role"

    he was 27th in ice time in the NHL among forwards with 20:06 per game.

    he beat out: backstrom, zetterberg, spezza, savard, sedin, sedin, thornton, gagne, kovalev, semin, parise, kane, datsyuk, toews, elias, perry in terms of average ice time.

    his diminished role argument looks like him being a whiny ass *****.

    "i wanted more choices than edmonton"

    first of all who wants a primadonna? nobody.
    who wants someone who has now bailed on 2 teams? nobody.
    who wants someone who doesnt want to EARN his ice time? nobody.

    and throw in that overbearing contract and you maybe will get one other choice besides edmonton.

    sorry blame murray all you want, but he tried, but when you come across as a prick, your value is shit.

    "i'm a good teammate"

    wow, thats the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard.

    you whine about your role, when the fact is, you're part of a team. sorry, your teammates just arent going to simply respect you for wanting to bail on them. i cant see warriors like volchenkov, phillips, fisher, smith, neil being so happy to see a guy who floats supposedly "grace them" with his presence because he is a great teammate while these guys sweat and bleed to play.

    players like datsyuk, zetterberg, superior players in every regard, do whats best for the team, not themselves.

    i feel terribly sorry for senator fans, even muckies, for having this piece of giant shit represent your team. i hope he gets buried in the pressbox. he is a disgrace and pretty much sealed his fate on the olympic team.

    what the ***** is this prick going to try if he has to be like a PP specialist for canada? i deserve to play more than getzlaf, crosby, iginla? ***** you dany heatley. you are a *****ing joke. you make me sick.

  3. bbruins37 says:

    haha you forgot to mention that him being named an alternate captain last year somhow contributed to his "diminished" role.

    this guy is a joke. i dont care how many goals he puts in the net. he is a team cancer that will infect any team he goes to. he is a disgrace to the nhl and a disgrace in general. this s***** should be in jail anyways…

    theres no way murray can be blamed for anything. this was made public and there was no way that one could get good value back for him after all of this was publicized. heatley essentially gets his pick of any team he wants to go to. heatley has left ottawa hanging out to dry…what does he care what comes back to ottawa?

    its disgusting that yzerman would even think of inviting this guy to camp over a winger like boyes. not only did he match heatley production, but here's a guy that wont rip apart any team he goes to.

    i hope sens fans boo this asshole off the ice. i realize im just blasting him like nordiques just did by he deserves to be blasted a lot more than this. so yeah, ***** dany heatley

  4. Rico420 says:

    I think after that newsconference was called Heatley can kiss any chance he had of making this roster – the only reason that this human piece of shit even said anything was because someone in the management team said to McAlpine "look he speaks to the media before training camp to take off all the heat or else.." so what everyone in the hockey community – not just Sens fans had to listen to was the same drivel he's spit through his agents all summer long while hiding in the woods.

    Good teammate? Might be time Dany for you to take some lessons from the guy everyone wanted out of Ottawa in the first place in Spezza, worked his way up from the farm – went down to Binghamton a number of times – earned his way on to the top line, took a diminished role with Team Canada at the World Championships – and whined once when he was a 19 year old and stopped at that point….

    ***** You Heatley.

  5. muckies says:

    Don't foget last season Heatley wore a 'C' in some of the preseason games Alfie wasn't playing in, so it just goes to show you how far he has fallen.

    I listened to Bryan Murray's ppress conference. Basically he said there is a top team that wants him and that Heatley wants to got to, but they have to clear out their big tickets which they are having trouble doing, and if they can do that, he has a deal he thinks can get done quickly.

    This to me says that he has a deal worked out with SJS, but Marleau has invoked his no-trade, they have done all they could to get rid of Marleu including stripping him of his captaincy, and that hasn't worked so unless Marleau moves, Heatley doesn't and won't be moved.

    In Ottawa fans are pissed. They hate Heatley, big time. More so then any other player I think in their history. I can't see him coming back. It'll be ugly.

  6. bbruins37 says:

    no muckies! you ended the whole "***** you heatley" train we had going. im sick of heatley though. dont even want to talk about him

  7. muckies says:

    no he's an azzhole, for sure. there are some players i enevr want to see hoist the Cup, like Bertuzzi. But Heatleys isn;t in that class yet, because I thoguht it would mean a lot to the Snyder family to see what forgiveness does. BUt even they say now that Heatley is just not the person they thought he was. I think that's the shame here, Heatley is still playing with the memory of his freidn with him, and I think at some point you gotta just count your lucky stars and be happy that you are in the NHL and make the most of it, not put yourself first and demand you want onto a line with Joe Thornton so you can socre 50 goals every year.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    is it like 1000 times worse than when redden said no to waiving his NTC? i heard that got bad in ottawa and thats why he didnt return. (plus the fact he wanted 6.5 mil which the rangers stupidly paid)

    the stuff about being a good teammate. i cannot see someone like phillips or neil even (who took a paycut to stay) will have anything to do with him

    these two should wear the A's with spezza/fisher and even foligno the subs

  9. muckies says:

    Yeah, I'd like to see Fisher and Phillips with the A's, and rotate one every once in while between Volchenkov, Spezza, Kovalev, Neil, and Jason Smith.
    Redden play declined, but he always loved Ottawa and didn;t want to leave, he wanted to stay and help the team win which you can't really hold against him. Heatley is just sucj a dick. On the weekend the fans in Ottawa were super pissed, it will be very ugly if Heatley comes back, like not just unhappniess, Full Hatred. 

  10. cam7777 says:

    So, I know this is a little late in coming to this thread, but if Marleau would "rather not say" if he's been asked to waive his NTC, can we basically infer that he has been asked?

    Eklund (I know, nearly worthless, but still) claimed that something major was supposed to come out of San Jose over the weekend, and of course, nothing materialized.  But really, doesn't something have to happen soon? 

    The Sharks are currently sitting just over the cap, assuming that Greiss resigned for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 600-900k.  The problem is, they are still four players short of a full roster,  The bigger problem is, that Doug Wilson promised change this off-season, and has actually done less than nothing.  Doesn't a Marleau trade pretty much HAVE to happen now?

    At this point, it is do-or-die for Doug Wilson.  If his team flops again in the playoffs (and it will, having had Blake get a year older, lost a talented back-up, and a trio of heart-and-soul vets, and not even started to address the real problems), you can bet it will be Wilson taking the heat next year.

    So where will Marleau go?  The market is surprizingly slim, and it will tarnish the return for Marleau (but perhaps a lesser return is better than another flop, and then watching him leave for nothing).  The team that acquires him must be able to give quality back while also giving up quality cap-space.  Further, the team must actually be someone Marleau would be willing to go to. 

    Buffalo is reportedly willing to dangle Stafford, and the Rangers are having similar contract problems with Dubinsky, so you would have to think those players could be involved, if either club was so inclined.  The Los Angeles Kings could probably do it (and make themselves incredibly deep at center – Kopitar/Marleau/Stoll/Handzus), as could Columbus and Phoenix – but would Marleau actually waive to go there?  The Habs have too much cap now, I think.  The Leafs would likely be interested, but would need the price of Marleau to come down (whcih could happen if San Jose gets desperate, or Marleau actually elects to come to Toronto), as they have little to offer.  The Canucks might be a good option, actually.  They could eat 3 million in capspace, and have Marleau work with Hodgson on the 2nd line:

    to the Vancouver Canucks:
    Patrick Marleau, Brad Lukowich
    to the San Jose Sharks:
    Pavol Demitra, 2nd round pick

    Saves the Sharks almost 4 million in cap space, and provides the Nucks' with a more reilable and rugged 2nd line center.  Clears the way for the rumored Heatley deal to go down, and both clubs come out of the deal looking pretty good.

    What do we think?  Where, or is, Patrick Marleau going?

  11. bbruins37 says:

    i doubt he'll go anywhere. theres no way marleau would want to leave the sharks. he's been there his whole career and they are one of the best teams in the league.

    if i was wilson, though, i might be trying to shop him (mainly due to cap reasons).

    i honestly think the leadership change was enough. they have what it takes to be the best team in the league, and maybe the thing thats holding them back in the playoffs is the leadership.

    you dont just majorly shake up your roster when your team has been one of the best teams in the league for the last while. if its done, its done for the cap. however, they should try to unload cheechoo before anything.

  12. cam7777 says:

    yea, that's true (about trying to move cheechoo first).  but then again, cheechoo is the only player on the team (except maybe Clowe and Boyle) that actually showed up when the chips were down.  

    and yea, the team has been very good for quite some time, but really, how many times can you do the same thing and keep expecting different results?  in my opinion, this year might be too much for the sharks to overcome simply by keeping it status quo.  many of their top competitors in the west have improved this off-season at least a little bit, if not considerably:

    -the hawks added hossa, madden, and all their young talent is another year older, bigger and stronger.
    -anaheim lost pronger, but gained 2 high profile scorers in Lupul and Koivu (which was their biggest concern last season – secondary scoring).  they are arguably improved.
    -the kings, a division rival added ryan smyth and rob scuderi – they will be hungry for the playoffs 
    -the canucks are adding a rookie of the year candidate to their lineup in hodgson, and still have room to add more pieces or make a major trade.
    -the red wings won't have any problem destroying just about any other team in regular season competition, even with hossa and hudler gone (but the under-rated Bertuzzi and Williams added).

    by comparison, the sharks have done nothing!  in fact, they lost a couple key role players in moen, huskins and grier (as well as vets Lemieux and Roenick)

    i guess it depends how you view the happenings this off-season too.  was stripping marleau of the 'C' really a stunt to find a new leader (or force marleau to be a better captain), or was it an attempt to get marleau to waive his NTC?  i think that's a legitimate question.

    It seems like Marleau doesn't want to leave, but if the club isn't resigning him next year (and they won't be with the cap going down and Setoguchi, Pavelski and Nabokov all due for extensions), you have to think he will consider it if the right offer comes along. 

  13. bbruins37 says:

    true, but the sharks' core is still there. they are at worst the third best in the west (chicago and detroit) but id still put them at no. 1.

    for the stripping of the captaincy being an attempt to get marleau to waive his NTC: they also stripped thornton of his assistant captaincy, so i dont see that being the case.

    maybe if they fail again this season something more drastic has to be done, but breaking up a presidents trophy roster after running into a hot goalie seems nuts to me (remember, they vastly outplayed the ducks in that series)

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