NHL News and Rumors – June 19, 2009

Heatley may have to compromise

Calgary Classic in works

Bert waiting for Flames to callHeatley may have to compromise

Allen Panzeri, The Ottawa Citizen

While the teams on Dany Heatley’s preferred list have not yet leaked out, the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers — all close to his family home in Calgary and his summer home in Kelowna — are most prominently being mentioned among NHL agents and general managers.

However, Heatley may find the path to his dream team blocked by the length and size of his contract, which general managers are telling agents is “untradeable” to all but three or four teams. That could force the Heatley camp into three unpalatable choices: accept a trade to a team not on the preferred list, sit out and not get paid or return to Ottawa.

This talk on the street reinforces how difficult it will be for Senators general manager Bryan Murray to deal Heatley, who has five years left on his contract, with a cap hit of $7.5 million U.S. a year.

“The term and money of his contract are difficult for a lot of teams to deal with,” one prominent U.S.-based agent said Thursday. “I’ve talked to a lot of (general managers) over the last few days and they say that he is untradeable except to maybe three or four teams, and those are teams that are not desirable.”


Calgary Classic in works


Sun sources have confirmed the NHL and Calgary Flames have put the wheels in motion to host a New Year’s Day Winter Classic game at McMahon Stadium this coming season.

National Hockey League officials have visited the home of the Stampeders in anticipation of holding a game there, but have not yet put a contract in place with the McMahon Stadium Society to hold an outdoor game Jan. 1, 2010.

McMahon holds more than 35,600 fans for football games, but with the Grey Cup game scheduled for Nov. 29, extra bleachers will have seating for more than 45,000.

Flames president Ken King last night wouldn’t confirm a report from ESPN The Magazine the league is planning for a Winter Classic game in Calgary.


Bert waiting for Flames to call

Vicki Hall, Calgary Herald

Todd Bertuzzi is beginning to wonder if no news is bad news when it comes to the Calgary Flames.

“I haven’t heard anything from them,” Bertuzzi said Thursday from his off-season home near Kitchener, Ont. “I haven’t spoken to them. They haven’t contacted me. They haven’t called. And I didn’t talk to them at the end of the year, either.

“So I’m kind of in the dark about anything that’s going on.”

The bruising winger is eligible for free agency on July 1 after one season in Calgary.

Through 66 games last season, Bertuzzi potted 15 goals and 44 points, along with 74 penalty minutes. In six playoff appearances, he notched one goal and two points on a wonky knee.

In a perfect world, Bertuzzi wants to return to Calgary. His daughter Jaden, 10, and son Tag, 8, loved their school and extracurricular activities. His wife Julie also felt at home.

But the 34-year-old has no idea if the Flames want him as badly as he wants them.

“I have no clue,” he said. “I thought by now I might have gotten a call, but I’m not sure what’s going on.


35 Responses to NHL News and Rumors – June 19, 2009

  1. leafy says:

    I'm starting to think that Heatley's trade request could be a blessing for Ottawa, much like Yashin's in year's past.

    His value will never be higher, ie, he's a 50-goal scorer.  It's like buying Google stock.  High quality, but also high premium.

    I'm justing hoping that Ottawa doesn't use Heatley to pry loose one of the top draft picks next week. Keeping our fingers crossed.

  2. leafy says:

    I also read elsewhere that once Heatley's bonus is paid out soon, his salary this year is really around $4M.  Now that's a very sexy figure that could draw a bidding war for Heatley.  Therefore, TIMING will be a huge issue.

    I really don't understand why the papers are saying that Murray will have a tough time getting offers for Heatley, unless I missed something.

  3. muckies says:

    Pho – Hickey, Alex Picard, LA #35 overall
    Ott  – Doan, Pho 2nd
    LA   – Heatley

    Doan wants out, he's the perfect fit in Ottawa on the top line. LA gets their big scorer, Pho gets the PMD they need and saves salary.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    This situation is really interesting because of the 4 mil bonus on July 1.

    If he goes before july 1, Ottawa pays nothing and gets whatever they can get.

    If he goes after july 1, Ottawa pays 4 mil, and a financially doomed team like phoenix loves him (8 mil cap, 4 mil salary) and he goes for potentially a lot more.

    So is it worth 4 mil to get a better deal? We'll find out.

  5. futurebruin says:

    It's too bad Calgary doesn't realize that it's a longshot for the Winter Classic to be played there next year.  From everything I've read concerning the outdoor game, it seems all but certain it will be played in be played in Boston between the Bruins and either the Flyers or Capitals.  I'm trying to clear my memory for the teams so those may not be correct.

  6. kevinhill says:

    Cap Hit: $7.5 million. 2008-09: $10 million. 2009-10: $8 million. 2010-11: $8 million. 2011-12: $8 million. 2012-13: $6 million.


    It will be a second game.

  8. leafy says:

    I see, but check out the story below.  Scroll about half way down, the writer says that after Heatley's lump sum is paid, his salary for the season is only $4M.  I don't know, I'm just reporting what the guy says.


  9. kevinhill says:

    Pitts – Heatley (7.5 m/y)
    Ott   – Kunitz (3.5 m/y), Cooke (1.2 m/y), Goddard (0.75 m/y)

    Pitts were willing to put up the cash for Hossa.  Heatly would be a fit.

  10. leafy says:

    What's not clear to me is, if Ottawa trades him AFTER paying his $4M lump sum, does Heatley's new team take the cap hit on that $4M lump sum?

  11. kevinhill says:

    Im not sure how that works, I got the numbers here


  12. muckies says:

    Heater and Sid togther would be sick. I'd go Kunitz, Letang and a 1st round this year for Heater. Cooke and Goddard are nothing the Sens dont have enough of already

  13. kevinhill says:

    Letang has to stay….. 22 years old, Kunitz (3.6 mil) Orpik (3.75 mil) now thats a deal!

  14. Kramer says:

    The Leafs gotta make a trade.

  15. kevinhill says:

    Toronto is going to wait.  You wont see Kaberle gone until after Bouwmeester is signed somewhere, then you will see teams show more interest.

  16. cam7777 says:

    pretty sure the new team takes his full cap hit regardless of salary payment dates.  this really only makes heatley marginally more attractive to certain teams. 

    the teams that were really interested in him, probably won't be dissuaded by the 4 million dollar bonus.  these are mostly big teams that can afford to pay a star player star money (LA, San Jose).  These guys would probably trade for him before the payment, just so they can avoid having lesser teams jump into the mix.

    although conversely, lesser teams who would be interested because of his reduced salary for this season, probably don't have the assets to get into a bidding war for his services (Calgary, Columbus, Florida, etc…).  It's a complicated issue, and I don't expect Heatley to get full value.

    It's very exciting to get caught up in the aura of a 50 goal scoring guy, but I'm reminded of what Ron Wilson said at the trade deadline after the Leafs lost Antropov and Moore ( I know, obviously no where near the same as Heatley ) – "You lose a 50 goal scorer, and you don't lose 50 goals; you lose maybe 20 goals, but probably closer to 10 or 15.  someone will always step up, and the team will just find new ways to score."

    Smart GM's know that in someone of Heatley's paygrade, you should be getting the whole damn show – leadership, scoring ability, defensive play, character.  Heatley has only 1 of these 4 things.  I wouldn't be surprized to see Minnesota get in on some of this action.  They have some character and leadership, but could use someone to put the puck in the net.  They have Bouchard, Pouliot, Boogaard, Zidlicky and Harding to offer up. 

  17. cam7777 says:

    oh, and i should point out, I didn't mean to infer that calgary is a lesser team than Los Angeles and San Jose, only that they are lesser in terms of their likelihood of landing Dany Heatley (and also, in terms of what they can afford to comfortably give up).

  18. oilcountry88 says:

    Even though Edmonton has already hosted the Heritage Classic, I would love to see an Oilers vs. Flames Winter Classic, it just seems like the perfect fit, IMO.

  19. Elite_Destruction says:

    Im not too sure about your statement, i could see and prob will see burke using Kabs to move up in the draft thats my opinion anyways.

  20. FlamingHomer says:

    An obvious choice but more likely to be Toronto to attract a nationwide audience.

  21. hockeylegend488 says:

    has edmonton put an offer forward? what could they package for heatly? and the winter classic was great. It was really cold tho,

  22. FlamingHomer says:

    I would like to see Bertuzzi return but either he is going to have to stop the drop  passes that usually end up as an odd man rush the other way or have him play on a set line so his linemates get used to what he's doing. Stupid Keenan mixed up the lines way too much.

  23. UWSensFan says:

    How about Leafs @ Montréal, or Bruins @ Montréal?  Two original 6 teams, 100th anniversary of the Habs, at least 1 Canadian team for each…knowing Buttman's "love" for Canada, it'll never happen, but still, one can dream!

  24. futurebruin says:

    IDT they will have two.  Everything is pointing towards it being held at Fenway and I've read in papers, Jeremy Jacobs says everything ponts towards it and they've already released the dimensions.

  25. JoelJoel says:

    No no no… Gary Bettman wants to spread the game to the new hockey belt: the southern states.

    It's totally going to be in Phoenix or Florida. And it makes sense! I can't think of a single thing wrong with the idea.

  26. 93killer93 says:

    Bettman ruins hockey. I heard there might be 2 winter classics this year.  How about Leafs vs Montreal/Boston and Islander vs Rangers.

  27. 93killer93 says:

    To Toronto
    Jovanovski 36 points in 82 games
    Sauer 7 points in 68 games

    Jovanovski is set to make 6 mil for the next 2 years.  Sauer will Make 1.750 mil for the nex 3 years.

    To Phoenix
    Frogren 7 points in 41 games
    Van Ryn 11 points in 27 games

    Van Ryn was injured for most of the season but the 3 full seasons he played in florida he put up 37 points, 37 points, 29 points. Which are cloe to Jovanovski's numbers.  Van Ryn makes 3.350 nxt season. Frogren is set to make 900k next season. 

    We take around 17 mil in salary from the bankrupt coyotes and they take back about 4mil.

    To Columbus
    Kubina 40 points
    Ponikarovsky 61 points

    To Toronto
    Modin 25 points

    Modin makes 3.5 mil next year so he's really just a salary dump.  They get and upgrade in Ponikarovsky that will cost them less. Plus it Makes Kubina's 5 mil more affordable

    To Toronto
    Witt 9 points in 65 games
    Sutton 8 points in 58 games

    To Islanders
    Finger 23 points in 66 games
    Oreskovic 2 points in 10 games

    Sutton makes 3.5 mil next year.
    Finger makes the sames salary but can put up more points.

    Witt makes 3 mil next year. Oreskovic is set to make around 600k

    To Toronto
    Greene 14 points in 82 games

    To Los Angeles
    Kaberle 31 points in 57 games

    Greene makes 2.950 for the next 4 years.  Kaberle makes 4.250 for 2 years.

    Their 2nd rounder and 4th rounder moves down 1 spot, they get a 3rd rounder. Kaberle, Vorobiev and 2 1st for the 5th pick, Hickey and Greene.

    5th Schenn
    7th Cowen
    35th Doherty

    May 1 year 600k
    Satan 1 year 2.5 mil
    LaRose 3 years 950k per
    Cammalleri 4 years 4.5mil per
    Komisarek 4 years 3.750mil per
    Oduya 3 years 2mil per
    Beauchemin 3 years 2.5mil per
    Tellqvist 2 years 850k per



    Jovanovski- Beauchemin




  28. FlamingHomer says:

    Calgary is 99% sure to be the second game for New Years Day. They just have to come to an agreement with the football stadium people. It likely won't be picked up in the US due to the TV conflict with the Rose Bowl. So it will almost certainly be 2 Canadian teams and the other should be from the East. Montreal has already done one and Toronto has more national appeal than Ottawa.

  29. FlamingHomer says:

    Also check the Calgary papers, either the Herald or Sun.

  30. sid-the-kid-87 says:

    alot of trades going on here…and i dont think its wise to have 4 of the 6 d-men be newcomers… and too many draft picks in the LA trade, i know we all want TOR to get Schenn, but there has got to be a better pakage than that….i would like Hickey though, and i am from kingston and see Doherty play a couple of times a month, he would be a good pick, well rounded and has lots of size….overall i like what you have done, but this team is a little on the small side….. and Schenn will go to TOR, burke will MAKE that happen…….

  31. cam7777 says:

    If LA ends up drafting Schenn, it might be smarter for Burke to try and acquire him later, and keep the 7th overall pick.  Think about it for a sec –

    -LA will make a big splash this year somehow (Heatley, Smyth, Hossa, etc…) and be a much better team next season. 
    -Schenn will likely play in Brandon again next season anyway, so he shouldn't garner any more value than he has now. 
    -The Leafs could get bounce back seasons from some players, or see the value of certain players rise significantly leading up the trade deadline.
    -Looking to go for a long run in the playoffs, perhaps the Kings, stacked with prospects, would be willing to trade him to us at the deadline for some of our older players (Grabovski, Stajan, Stempniak, Kubina, etc..) while their value is at their highest.
    -The Leafs would have both Schenn and MSP.

    In other words, why trade for him now while LA holds all the cards?  If Atlanta is going to pick him though, we pretty much have to jump all over that, or we'll never pry him away from them.

  32. 93killer93 says:

    The reason i gave so much in the LA trade was people are always saying the Leafs overvalue their players so i thought it would be better to give a bit more

  33. UWSensFan says:

    CBC won't let Toronto play a late game.  IF the Flames get an outdoor game, I'd say the opponent would be either Vancouver, Montreal (higher TV appeal in the East), or Edmonton.  I'd have to agree with you that Ottawa won't be considered for a Western Conference outdoor game…they'd likely get their chance against the Leafs…Rideau Canal?  I think the only real place you could do it in Toronto (and truly be outdoors) is Downsview Park…might be wrong on that count, though…and there's no stadium seating, so that'd have to be brought in.

  34. UWSensFan says:

    I'd watch either of those game. Hell, I might even try to make it and cheer against the Leafs…but my preference would be to see it IN Montreal due to the 100th anniversary celebrations.  Bettman just won't let it happen, though.

  35. FlamingHomer says:

    Do the Leafs have a curfew that I don't know about?

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