NHL News and Rumors – Monday June 29, 2009

‘Nobody’ wants Heatley: NHL exec

Jay the missing Oiler link?


Canucks free-agent frenzy: No keys to Garage for Gaborik

‘Nobody’ wants Heatley: NHL exec

Senators finding few takers for big contract

Allen Panzeri, The Ottawa Citizen

As the NHL draft wrapped up Saturday, an executive with one of the league’s 30 teams leaned on the metal fence separating the draft floor from the media and asked about Dany Heatley.

Told that Senators general manager Bryan Murray had not yet even received an offer, the league executive nodded and said: “That’s because nobody wants him. Nobody.”

It’s difficult to believe that a 50-goal scorer of Heatley’s ability could be unwanted — maybe even untradeable — but that’s the stark reality Murray must confront as the days count down to July 1, the day the Senators must pay Heatley a $4-million U.S. signing bonus.

Heatley’s contract, which has five years to go at an average salary cap hit of $7.5 million, is too expensive.

As attractive as Heatley is as a player, teams have been asking themselves this: Why go after Heatley when it might be possible to sign a free agent such as Marian Hossa, Marian Gaborik or Martin Havlat without having to give up something in return?


Jay the missing Oiler link?


Today, Darryl Sutter will likely be in Edmonton to talk to Jay Bouwmeester and his Edmonton-based agent Bryon Baltimore.

It’s bad enough that the Calgary Flames already have two of the greatest NHL players ever to be produced out of the Edmonton area in future Hall of Famers Jarome Iginla and Dion Phaneuf, but to add Bouwmeester would be really rubbing the cowpies in the face of the franchise.

Maybe that’s all this is, a chance to do just that.


When the Flames sent disposable impeding free agent Jordan Leopold and a third-round pick to Florida in Saturday’s second day of the NHL Entry Draft, they bought themselves three days to try to convince the Panther who becomes the No. 1 prize of the free-agent frenzy, which begins Wednesday, to join a blue-line which also includes Phaneuf and Robyn Regher.



Larry Brooks

IN SENDING a third-round selection in next year’s Entry Draft to Los Angeles for fourth-line center candidate Brian Boyle, Rangers general manager Glen Sather traded his team out of the possibility of getting Boston’s dynamic Phil Kessel on a Group II free agent offer sheet.

Maybe the cost of the contract plus the cost in compensation wouldn’t have been worth it and maybe it would have. Maybe the cap-stressed Bruins would have matched, but maybe they wouldn’t have or couldn’t have.

But if the Rangers had kept their third-round pick, they’d at least have been in position to offer Kessel, the 21-year-old right wing who scored 36 goals in his third NHL season, an offer sheet for approximately the $5.5 million he’s seeking but won’t get from Boston.

A successful bid of that amount would have cost the Rangers their first, second and third-round picks in next year’s draft. Is that too much for a kid who has every offensive tool imaginable? That’s debatable, certainly if the first-round pick with Kessel in the lineup projects to somewhere between 15th and 20th overall.

But that’s a debate that would have been worth having leading into Wednesday’s noon opening of the free agent market, given the paucity of attractive, cost-effective options that will be available to this talent-thin team that doesn’t own a credible goal-scoring threat.


Canucks free-agent frenzy: No keys to Garage for Gaborik

Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun columnist

Is the Marian Gaborik watch still on? Because I’ve been watching for a week and would like to know if I should stop.

A week after the “story” broke on Twitter, I’ve been watching for any newspaper photographs of the house in West Vancouver Gaborik is supposed to have purchased. You know, so he can play for the Vancouver Canucks.

Smart people at The Vancouver Sun have been watching real estate records for evidence of a Gaborik purchase and can’t find any. (And, yes, most players own real estate in their names).

Mostly, I’ve been watching to see if anyone outside the Canucks realizes how nonsensical is the idea that the National Hockey League team is going to sign Gaborik to a big, free-agent contract this week.

Honestly, the house doesn’t matter. It’s irrelevant.

The Canucks don’t care where Gaborik lives because he won’t be playing for them. Not unless the winger decides he needs to re-establish himself in the NHL and signs a Teemu-Selanne-just-back-from-knee-surgery contract of $3-million for one year.

Other than that, the Canucks have no interest in him. None.

And that is hard to fathom, especially with the strong possibility the Canucks could lose first-liners Daniel and Henrik Sedin this week.


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    very interesting indeed…

  3. the_word says:

    Larry Brooks = Eklund unmasked.

  4. KevinBaconFan says:

    The Daily Planet reports that the New York Islanders have inquired about Dany Heatley.  The Islanders are believed to be offering a new Ferrari for him to smash up, John Tavares' Uncle Frank, an autographed picture of Billy Mays, the glove Michael Jackson wore when he molested their mascot Sparky(when he was a young and confused dragon), a flounder, stock in OxiClean, and naked pictures of the Golden Girls with the inscription "Stay Golden."   It is believed that a deal can be arranged if they agree to draft a goalie next year, when they pick first overall again, and sign him to a front loaded 1,000 year contract.   More to come.

  5. Gardenfaithful says:

    you know everyone on this site always hates on larry brooks and i ususally didnt mind him, but im sorry everyone. he is an absolute idiot. yea for a team that already has cap problems, signing kessel to a 5.5 million dollar deal would really help. hes known as a one way players and the bruins chose krecji not him for a reason. and he *****es and criticizes sather for not bringing back betts and sjostrom for the 1 million dollar contracts theyll probably get when they combine for about 20 points a year, are pretty brutal besides their penalty killing, and theres younger, cheaper, more skilled alternatives in the system. Good penalty killing is a product of good coaching, theyll be easily replaced. Brooks, i now offically think u are an idiot

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    lol nice!

    id make that trade! get murray on the line!!!!!!!11

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