NHL News and Rumors – Nov 11, 2010

Senators GM trades … pleasantries

Flames Insider: Iginla issue picks up steam

Bruins’ comeback shocks Pens at home

Senators GM trades … pleasantries

Just back from NHL meetings in Florida, Bryan Murray reports there was plenty of trade banter among his peers.

The trading of pleasantries, that is.

“We were talking about families,” the Senators GM explained at Scotiabank Place Wednesday. “I said, ‘isn’t it funny that years ago, at every break in the meeting or the night before, you’d see two guys off in the corner talking, whispering to each other and trying to make a trade?’ Now we ask how each other’s kids are, and where they are and that.

“Nobody has any (cap) room. I talked to probably only four or five teams there. I think there’s another 14 or 15 I’ve called … I’ve said, ‘do you want to do anything?’ (and the response is) ‘no, not really.’

“Nobody can really do anything right now unless it’s a dollar-for-dollar trade, and we know that doesn’t work very often.”

The fact his team is on a roll doesn’t mean Murray wants to stand pat.

“We’re always looking to upgrade, there’s no question,” he said. “I have an interest in talking, put it that way.”


Flames Insider: Iginla issue picks up steam

Fresh off the Herald’s weekly live-chat -one topic, in particular, was/is getting a load of attention.

Jarome Iginla … and what to do with him? It’s a mountain of rehash.

Some are blaming management for not providing him with a No. 1 centre.

Some are blaming Iginla for not providing management with No. 1 winger production.

Som e are blaming coach Brent Sutter for not providing a working system for Iginla.

Some are blaming Iginla for refusing to buy into Sutter’s system.

Some are blaming Iginla for, essentially, not being 25 years old any more.

Some are blaming his linemates, the power play, etc.

And many are wondering what suitable trade return would be for Iginla. (An unimaginable concept a couple of years ago.)

The numbers are damning – in his past 30 (!) regular-season dates, the Flames captain has three goals. Can that be?

Seems impossible, doesn’t it?

Tuesday, in particular, was not a swell night for ol’ No. 12. Neither he nor his linemates – Matt Stajan and Alex Tanguay – had much to offer.

Iginla and Stajan each took a minor. Stajan was absolutely bull-dozed by Colorado C Kevin Porter.

And on a night when Niklas Hagman collected eight shots – with the freshman firm of Liffiton, Holos, Cohen & Shattenkirk doing much of the defending for the hosts – the “first” line responded with a grand total of three pucks on net. None memorable.

Highest expectations, though, are on Iginla.


Bruins’ comeback shocks Pens at home

Rock Bottom has a new home.

Up by two goals and dominant through two periods — they’d even scored on their first power play — the Penguins were tagged for four goals in the final period before an empty-net tally sealed the Boston Bruins’ 7-4 victory at Consol Energy Center.

Remember this Wednesday night, even if the Penguins defensemen probably couldn’t wait to forget, because it generated this assessment from trusted voice Brooks Orpik.

“Which one do you want to talk about?” he said of four third-period goals that were scored within about 13 minutes. “Take your pick, and I’ll tell you.

“It’s not that (other teams) are doing anything. I mean, everything they get, we give them. It’s just (our) guys got to be accountable. Part of the problem is we’re not playing to the situation. I mean, why are defensemen playing like forwards when we’ve got a 4-2 lead — this is the problem to me.

“We’ve got enough good forwards here. We don’t need our defensemen playing like forwards when we’re up 4-2.”

The best of the Penguins’ “good” forwards are centers Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, who combined for five points — with Malkin possessing the puck with brilliance that harkened back to his scoring-title season two years ago.

He was the primary set-up-man on first-period goals by right wing Arron Asham and Orpik. Second-period goals from left wing Chris Kunitz and Crosby, whose 10th goal was deflected in by Bruins defenseman Mark Stuart on a late power play.

Defenseman Kris Letang assisted on those second-period goals, but he said the Penguins came out flat in the final period.

Coach Dan Bylsma didn’t agree, but he could not argue that the play of his defense corps wasn’t stout in the final 20 minutes — or at any point.

The Penguins, who fell to 7-8-1 (15 points), were credited with only eight giveaways.

That couldn’t be an accurate count.

Defenseman Alex Goligoski cited “dumb plays,” including his own — but referring specifically to third-period goals by center Nathan Horton (3:49), defenseman Zdeno Chara (4:04), left wing Shawn Thornton (12:40) and right wing Blake Wheeler (16:13).


7 Responses to NHL News and Rumors – Nov 11, 2010

  1. coyotes_bettman says:

    Totally unrelated to the topic at hand – notice that Halak has more wins and a better GAA but so far this season Price has faced over 100 more shots then Halak and has allowed a whopping 12 more goals!

    I was saying it for the last two years – Price got rattled, never got the chance to get his game back and it's hard to work when you know that there is someone just as good if not better then you waiting in the background for you to screw up. Halak nor Price ever wanted to be the 1A or the backup – Auld is the perfect compliment to Price.
  2. hockey_lover says:

    The Pens collapse the other night made me ashamed to be a fan of theirs. 5 goals in the 3rd period? Against the Bruins .. who dont score that much? WTF?

    4-2 lead and d-men are pinching? Playing behind the goal line? Shameful.

    The team doesnt seem to have any chemistry at all. The d-men arent being allowed to play, ya know, defense. Instead, Bylsma has them playing like forwards. I havent seen a team give up so many odd man rushes .. er, ever.


  3. Leafs_RegimeofBurke_ says:

    I wonder if Iginla could be had by another team by way of trade

  4. hockey_lover says:

    Possibly, but at $7mil, it would have to be salary for salary cause there arent THAT many teams with enough cap space to get Iginla (and the ones that DO have that space, likely wont want to add $7mil to it).

  5. reinjosh says:

    When the trade happened, I thought they made the wrong choice but that ultimately Price would be the better goalie, just not in Montreal. Now, I think they could both be Vezina contenders one day and will constantly be trying to prove themselves as better than the other.

    That said, Montreal is looking like they lost the trade. Seriously, how did they not push for more? Now, time must pass before Eller and Schultz can be judged but so far St Louis is killing this trade.

  6. albertateams says:

    The teams that could be interested in acquiring Iggy without major salary coming back that he may consider waving his NMC for are LA. St Louis, Colorado (I doubt he goes to a division rival), and Nashville. Probably would still involve some contracts coming back.

    I just think LA makes the most sense. A team playing great that could use an offensive left, has the cap space, has the prospects, and would benefit greatly from having a guy like Iggy to market to the community.

  7. coyotes_bettman says:

    OH I agree with you on that 100 percent Josh – but also at the time that Halak was traded the goalie market was in the toilet – don't forget that a Vezina candidate and a guy who actually should have won the Hart Trophy – Bryzgalov was a waiver wire pickup and HAD to be placed on it because nobody would take him.

    Eller is going to be a good one but it's definitely looking like St Louis completed the best Highway robbery steal in history!

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