NHL News and Rumors – September 10, 09

Sides still fighting with Coyotes auction looming

Landing Kessel won’t be easy

Heatley interests Sharks

Sides still fighting with Coyotes auction looming


Both sides tearing at the carcass of the Phoenix Coyotes are bent on battling it out right to the start of today’s two-day auction hearing.

The National Hockey League, in a late submission yesterday that brought the number of filings to almost 1,000 in the case, disputed would-be Hamilton owner Jim Balsillie’s claims that it stalled on handing over relevant discovery data about a relocation fee.

It’s one of the many issues Judge Redfield T. Baum must wade through to reach the core of the matter — whether Balsillie’s $242.5-million US offer should supercede the NHL’s $140 million, knowing the league will not accept the Canadian billionaire as an owner.

The proposed agenda begins today around noon with cross-examination of both sides’ experts on relocation and then moving on to arena and debtors issues, with Balsillie and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman scheduled to appear tomorrow. Baum has said he’ll make his ruling with the fast-approaching start of the NHL season in mind.

Balsillie has seemed beaten before, but he remains a player, thanks to tweaking his bid with extra millions to ease the contentious lease at Jobing.com Arena in Glendale and saying he would let the team stay put for some or all of the 2009-10 season.


Two league-supported bids to keep the team in Phoenix permanently have been withdrawn, although Ice Edge Holdings now says it might come back to the table after Baum’s ruling.


Landing Kessel won’t be easy


Two major obstacles remain for the Maple Leafs or any team trying to sign or trade for Boston Bruins winger Phil Kessel.

He has a shoulder injury that won’t heal until November. And Boston general manager Peter Chiarelli is expected to match any offer sheet for the restricted free agent — or try to make other trades and get under the NHL cap to accommodate Kessel’s anticipated $4-million US-plus salary request.

The New York Rangers head a list of teams also interested in Kessel, likely via a trade. While the Leafs have the needed first, second and third-round picks to make the bold RFA signing, they could package one of those picks and one or more of their surplus defencemen as part of a deal.

Whatever the case, Chiarelli is not under the gun to make a snap decision before training camp starts this weekend.


Heatley interests Sharks


Dany Heatley is expected to arrive in Ottawa today, but he could eventually find his way to San Jose.

Two league executives told Sun Media Wednesday they’ve heard talk the Senators, Sharks and Kings have discussed a three-way deal that would send Heatley to San Jose, centre Jarrett Stoll and winger Alexander Frolov to Ottawa and centre Patrick Marleau to the Kings.

Sharks GM Doug Wilson has insisted he has “never” asked Marleau to waive his no-trade clause. The executive said Marleau, recently stripped of his captaincy by the Sharks, likely wouldn’t remove the clause to move East, but might be enticed if he could stay in the West.


12 Responses to NHL News and Rumors – September 10, 09

  1. wayne2 says:

    So if this is true Murray is an idiot and we sens loose in that deal.Frolov is a UFA at seasons end,talented but not too much dedication and Stoll hasnt accompished much,Marleau is a great player for LA but also UFA at seasons end so pretty even so this means San Jose would be getting a great player(talent wise) still under contract for 5 years.No deal.Murray needs to be patient.

  2. muckies says:

    I think also you'd have to get more. Frolov and Stoll are both good players and would give us 3 very solid lines. But there has to be a draft pick in there, at least a 2nd rounder, maybe we throw in a Schubert, Zubov to up it ot a 1st, or exchaneg faltering prospects like Jim Obrien for Logan Couture.

  3. blaze says:

    really? I thought most Sens fans would be happy for just about anything for him.

    Ottawa is better with Frolov and Stoll than with Heatley and it's not exactly like the teams are lining up for Heatley.

  4. broc says:

    How do you figure the Sens are better with Frolov and Stoll?

    The Sens hacve zero need for Stoll- he's good on faceoffs, but besides that he doesn't bring anything to the table the Mike Fisher doesn't. Sens don't need another Mike Fisher type player.

    Frolov is talent, but he could be gone after 1 season. Also, he's too streaky- not near what Heatley brings to the table in terms of experience and consistency.

    The Sens don't need to trade Heatley. Who cares if no one's "lining up" to get him- more teams probably would be if they weren't mostly close to the cap ceiling already- and if the Sens aren't going to get fair return for Heatley, then there's zero reason to trade him. Let him play until some team starts to slip and bids well for him, otherwise wait and see if he can fit back in the roster. Look at Comrie back in Edmonton after the huge fallout there- and he's a hometown Edmonton boy!

    Sens would be wise to keep Heatley anyway. I don't understand why everyone thinks there's a need to trade him if the return isn't equal.

  5. 93killer93 says:

    Kessel has announced he is no longer considering a contract extension with the Bruins and is looking to sign an offer sheet. The main teams interested are Toronto, New York and Nashville.

  6. blaze says:

    Well ok I guess if you never plan on winning the Cup. They never could make with him and with the lack of forward depth, the size of that contract and obvious locker room issues you think keeping Heatley is the best plan?

    Most teams in the league wouldn't touch Heatley with a 10 foot pole if you and when the cap crunch gets worse so will the deals.  Personally I'd give away a traitor like Heatley for anything.

  7. Kyleton says:

    So apparently the NHL does not wish to cross-examine Balsillie today in court. Could possibly be because they won't like his answers…lol

  8. broc says:

    "I guess if you never plan on winning the Cup"….
    I don't know why you would say this, considering it wasn't long ago that the Sens made it to the Stanley Cup final and Heatley was a big part of getting them there. He's got 35 points in 34 playoff games, so again, your comment here really makes no sense at all.

    Of course his contract is big and difficult for teams to manuever into their payrolls- any top player's contract will be. It would be difficult to fit Kovalchuk's contract too- doesn't mean there wouldn't be interest still.

    As far as locker room issues, you're going to have to elaborate on that. Heatley's issues by all reports are off-ice, not in the lockeroom. There really have never been reports of him causing unrest inside the locker room.

    Of course, if he returns to the Sens, obviously he'll have to sit down and clear the air with his teammates, but that's a far cry from saying he has locker room issues. What locker room issues are you alluding to?

    "Most teams in the league wouldn't touch Heatley with a 10 foot pole".. I disagree. I think most teams have simply committed most of their roster and salaries already, and it would be difficult to trade for a large contract right now. As the season wears on, some teams won't meet expectations, and if Heatley is playing his usual 40 goal pace, you can bet there will be more interest in him as the season wears on and more teams get desperate.

    "Personally I'd give away a traitor like Heatley for anything"… I'm sure most Sens fans are glad you aren't the GM then, if you'd give away one of the most consistent and top goal scorers since the lockout for nothing.
    The best thing for the Sens would be for Heatley to realize he's been an ass, man up, rejoin the team and try to pick up where the team left off when Clouston took over- as a great team.

  9. quick_stick says:

    Heatley has had his value dropped significantly by his actions.  GM's are not going to pay top value for a malcontent who demands a trade AND still feels the Sens should honour his NTC, even though he doesn't want to honour his end of the contract.

    This jerk likely makes most Sens fans long for the days of Yashin.  

    The problem is, he'll now be a poison in the dressing room, so the Sens should either trade him, or sit him.  Let him sit on his @$$ and watch his buddies play hockey, then maybe he'll appreciate his life a little more. 

    If I'm a GM, there's no way I trade anything for this douche.   The Sens should take whatever they can and move forward from there.  

  10. blaze says:

    lol well you don't have to get all worked up because i'm not the Sens GM. Having said that during Heatley's career year when the Sens we're a better team with better goaltending and less issues, it wasn't enough.

    And if you think there is no issues on this team then why since that Cup final have the Sens had more coaches than any other team? Not to mention Heatley has called out and has obvious friction with the current coach.

    There would be much more interest in Kovalchuk right now if he were to come on the market than Dany.

  11. muckies says:

    Sens are in disarray, the management since Murray took over is as much to blame as the players I think, because it is Murray that signed Emery, Heatley, Kovalev and all the rest and hired these coaches that could not ocntrol these guys.

    Heatley wants out because he doesn't get the puck as much in Ottawa – that is the true essence of his 'diminished role' argument. He wants a true set up man like Thonrotn, or wants to be the #1 option on every PP, and not the #2 like he is in Ottawa.

    I hope he gets dealt, if he doesn;t he better score a ton and do it early.

  12. blaze says:

    In my mind best case scenario Heatley is moved for a reasonable package and everyone moves on.

    If not a half decent apology to the fans a 40+ goal season and I'm sure the fans would forgive and forget.

    A terrible year with a could give two shits attitude will make for a great year in Ottawa.

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