NHL News and Rumors – September 15, 2009

Wild expected to sign ‘pure goal scorer’ Petr Sykora after tryout

Kiss Kessel goodbye

One Forward’s Out, One’s NotWild expected to sign ‘pure goal scorer’ Petr Sykora after tryout

Bruce Brothers

Adding Petr Sykora is not “a big piece of the puzzle” for the Wild, coach Todd Richards said Monday.

Not yet.

But Richards, unable to suppress a smile, said it could turn out that way.

A veteran forward who scored the 300th goal of his NHL career on April 7 for the Pittsburgh Penguins against Tampa Bay, Sykora accepted an invitation Monday from Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher to come to camp and try out.

Say what?

Turns out, a tryout simply means the player is unsigned and must travel to the prospective team on his own dime. The likelihood of Sykora not making the Wild is about that of Derek Boogaard scoring 20 goals this season.

Coupled with free-agent signee Martin Havlat, Sykora should provide Minnesota one more reason to forget about all-time leading scorer Marian Gaborik, who left the Wild to sign with the New York Rangers in July.

Sykora lacks the fleet feet of Gaborik, but he knows where the net is.

“He’s a pure goal scorer,” Fletcher said of Sykora, who scored 28 and 25 goals for the Penguins the past two seasons when Fletcher was assistant general manager in Pittsburgh. “He’s had, I believe, over 10 20-goal seasons. Last year in Pittsburgh for us, in what was probably a relatively down year for Petr, he scored 25 goals and 10 game-winners.”


Kiss Kessel goodbye

Kevin Paul Dupont

Just hours before the Bruins skated yesterday at the Garden for their first bona fide training camp workout, the ever-active rumor mill in Toronto had the Maple Leafs tabling the best offer yet for Boston free agent Phil Kessel. To wit: for a pair of first-round picks and one second-round pick, Boston general manager Peter Chiarelli could be free at last from his summer ’09 migraine, and the 21-year-old Kessel could call southern Ontario home.

“Partially true,’’ said one source familiar with the talks between the teams, which have been going on for more than two weeks. “Toronto also wants a third-rounder along with Kessel.’’

Meanwhile, Kessel’s agent, Wade Arnott, attended the Leafs’ workout in Toronto. No, he did not have Kessel at his elbow, wearing a raincoat, skimmer, and sunglasses. But Arnott was spotted talking to GM Brian Burke’s top lieutenant, Dave Nonis, who now has the charge of handling the trade talks with Chiarelli.

For the moment, and possibly well on into November, Kessel holds the cards as a restricted free agent. If Chiarelli were to make a deal with, say, the Predators, Nashville GM David Poile would only give up assets if he is assured Kessel will sign in Tune Town. Likewise, the Leafs won’t flip picks and/or players Boston’s way unless Chiarelli already has inked Kessel to a sign-and-trade.


One Forward’s Out, One’s Not

Tarik El-Bashir

The opening day of training camp at Kettler Capitals Iceplex was dominated by story lines involving two veteran forwards: the temporary loss of Tomas Fleischmann and the awkward return of Michael Nylander.

Fleischmann could miss all of camp and the first few weeks of the season, the team announced Sunday, because of a blood clot in his leg, a condition that was discovered after he returned to his native Czech Republic this summer.

Fleischmann, who scored 19 goals last season as the Capitals’ second-line left wing, is able to skate lightly on his own and work out. But he is not expected to participate in full-contact drills until early October at the earliest, according to Coach Bruce Boudreau.

“We were taken by surprise by it when it happened,” Boudreau said. “But we’re actually pleasantly surprised that he’s going to be able to compete with us in the first week of the season, when we thought it might be a lot longer. So it’s good news for what it was, because these blood clots can be very serious.”


19 Responses to NHL News and Rumors – September 15, 2009

  1. broc says:


    Sykora scored those goals playing with Crosby and Malkin- then he still got benched.

    On Minnesota, Sykora will score maybe 10-12 goals, and it'll be his final year in the NHL.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Would you rather take a chance on Sykora, Afinogenov, or Satan?

  3. bodangles87 says:

    Afinogenov 2 way contract.

  4. albertateams says:

    A little off topic but has anyone looked at TSN’s rankings and thought that they are way off base the most glaring is Calgary ranked at 17th behing St. Louis, Minisota, anahiem and Columbus. Also Ottawa montreal and Toronto ranked behind Florida? To me it looks like TSN has no coinfedence in the Canadian teams, we’ll see where vancouver falls in but as of right now I think TSN is off the mark.

  5. pezzz123 says:


    He had the worst seasons of his career playing with Malkin. Check the stats.

  6. ty656789 says:

    anyone know if HTR is going to release the Ultimate Pool Preview this year? Its getting pretty close to the start of the season and its been a great tool for me over the past couple of years.

  7. Kramer says:

    Jay Leno should take Cherry's place on Coaches Corner when he retires.

  8. cam7777 says:

    I saw that too.  I expected them to crap on the Leafs, but I was shocked about the Flames.  Their staff seems to absolutely love Jarome and company.  I could see Anaheim being better than Calgary.  Even without Pronger, they still have a pair of strong D-men in Whitney and Niedermayer, and a great crew to compliment them in Boynton, Wisniewski, Sibsa, Brookbank, etc.   Their forwards are much deeper than the Flames.  The rest of those teams will be crushed – especially Minneosta.

    Pretty sure those articles come from just one guy though.  His opinion is as valid as yours or mine, but he gets to write for TSN. 

  9. mojo19 says:

    so pezzz123, that being said, would you agree that Sykora is pretty much finished?

  10. mojo19 says:

    Bouwmeester – Regeir
    Phaneuf – Sarich

    With a top 4 D like that, and Kipper in goal…. ya I think they'll be better than 17th.

    Not to mention their forwards. Lots of good vets like Iggy, Jokinen, Langkow, Conroy, and a good mix of young guys like Bourque, Moss, Boyd, Nystrom.

  11. cam7777 says:

    Yea, I agree, I was just saying that the Ducks could be higher than the Flames on my power rankings.  It would be close between them, but as for those other teams, no way.

  12. albertateams says:

    I agree the ducks and flames will be close. The other wierd one is Florida I just don't see how they finish top 16 in the league. I think thier bottom 4 in the east.

  13. mojo19 says:

    I picked Florida for last place. http://www.nhlkvasni.blogspot.com scroll down past the Kessel blurb

  14. Cut_one_for_Kordic says:

    I'm sorry but isn't a GM's job to ice the best product available.  In that case Burke should be giving Kessel an offer sheet for something along the lines of $4.2M*3years or $4.7*4years.  On top of this Boston is a divisional rival.

    Offering up 2 first rounders makes absolutely no sense.  Burke is such a media darling!!!

  15. mojo19 says:

    With the new compensation, Burke could offer up to $6 million before the compensation would be more than a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd.

    That would be a lot of money for Kessel, but maybe $6 mil on a 1 year deal would put Boston in a tough enough spot to not be able to keep him. The Leafs could then have the year to negotiate a long term deal at a more reasonable price

  16. mon167 says:

    i think burke may actually be playing it smart and not making any enemies…if he wants to make more moves in the near future during his re-building he better not make too many enemies. Smart on his part if thats a reason 

  17. mon167 says:

    I think its almost certain the Leafs are getting Kessel. I'm a habs fan and hate the leafs…but it makes sense and looks like it has to and will happen. I  have to say, a pretty solid re-build in one summer if thats the case…D and goaltending are very solid and if u have kessel…well ur still missing a lot on offense but i mean Kessel…to start with, added to the great D and good goaltending..good re-build. Also, I think ottawa did great and will be better. All that to to say, I agree with a previous post about TSN being nuts…I think they underestimated the Canadian teams. Not just cuz i'm a habs fan, but i think the habs will be good (not the best) but pretty good!

  18. mon167 says:

    TSN is on drugs…the habs are going to do well and so are the Sens and Leafs. The flames just got a huge addition on D..that can't hurt. And….florida? really? i doubt it

  19. cam7777 says:

    I'd rather wait and pluck Wheeler next off-season while Chiarelli is busy with Savard, Rask and Lucic

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