NHL News – July 28, 2006 (AM Edition) Various Submitters

Las Vegas to get an NHL team?

Bolts lock up Sarich

Pavel Vorobiev wont be back with hawks this year!!

Fingold to sign letter of intent

Habs Prospect Latendresse goes down with head injury

Las Vegas to get an NHL team?

According to hockeybuzz.com, the owners of the NBA Sacrmento Kings want badly to bring an NHL team to Las Vegas. Rumors has it, the NHL is very intrigued and although they have no plans on expanding, the amount of young talent might force them to in years to come.


Bolts lock up Sarich

According to Sportsnet, the Tampa Bay Lightning have signed Corey Sarich to a one year 1.9 million US deal.


Pavel Vorobiev wont be back with hawks this year!!

According to Chicago Sun Times:Russian winger Pavel Vorobiev, meanwhile, won’t be back in the Hawks’ organization this season. He has signed to play for Khimik Mytischy of the Russian league. The Hawks will retain Vorobiev’s NHL rights for three more years.


Fingold to sign letter of intent

The Post-Gazette is reporting that Samuel Fingold has either signed a letter of intent to buy the Penguins or will do so in the next few days, which would give him exclusive negotiation rights with the present owners to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Fingold, who resides in and has a business in Hartford, has business ties to the Sprint Center in Kansas City and his original intent was to move the Penguins to that venue. Since then, and under pressure from politicians, he has said he is willing to work with the local politicians towards a new arena in Pittsburgh. Regardless, if the Isle Of Capri group wins the Pittsburgh slots license bid, Fingold and the Penguins would be obligated to honor the deal where Isle Of Capri as the winner would pay $290 Million towards a new arena.

Source: Post-Gazette


Habs Prospect Latendresse goes down with head injury

RDS is reporting that Guillaume Latendresse has suffered his second concussion in his short career. It happened during a red vs white game during the training camp for Team Canada’s Junior squad. Latendresse has been the talk of Montrealers for the last year as he had an above average training camp with the Habs last year. (It also helps that he is French Canadian and that the French media have adopted him as the next French Canadian superstar). Is he worth all the adulation? Will he end up with the Habs this year? Will his hockey career end up like the Lindros brothers and their concussion troubles? What do you think?



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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Tampa Bay should have a pretty good Defence Core. Boyle, Kuba, and Sarich are a great top 3, and Richardson, Ranger, and Pratt should be good as well. My only concern is that they have a few slow guys, Sarich, Richardson, Pratt. They should be strong Playoff Contenders.

  2. Les-Habitants says:

    Ah crap, that’s not good. Latendresse was, in a few year, suppose to become our own groomed power forward…now this? He has got to recover, and hopefully make the Junior Canada squad. Otherwise, this is going to be a pretty big hit to our prospect’s pool. Well, I don’t think he is the next Lindros by any means, but concussion problems this early is not a good sign.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I don’t even think Lindros was this bad at 19!!!!

  4. Les-Habitants says:

    Bah, I still have some hope. The article made it sound like it wasn’t too severe a concussion, although Latendresse’s camp is now done.

    I’m still hopefull of a recovery, and a strong AHL season, but we’ll have to wait and see. Other players have had early concussion problems and then had no problem, while for other it ended their career…man, this ain’t good news though.

  5. Beattie says:

    On the NHLPA.com website it says that the Bruins have signed D Nathan Dempsey for $450 000??

    I guess another defensive depth player? I think the Bruins better stop signing depth playes and get Boyes and Bergeron locked up!!! And what the hell are the Bruins going to do with all these Defensemen??

    1. Zdeno Chara

    2. Brad Stuart

    3. Paul Mara

    4. David Tanabe

    5. Milan Jurcina

    6. Andrew Alberts

    7. Mark Stuart

    8. Jason York

    9. Nathan Dempsey

    10. Wade Brookbank

    11. Matt Lashoff (prospect)

  6. Veggetto19 says:

    Ne 1 know whats up with hasek is he lookin to go to another team?

  7. muckies says:

    If I’m a Gm looking for a golaie, this guy could be the MVP next year, he was awesome in Ottawa until he got hurt, oh well, i hope he signs in the West so my team doesn’t have to face him.

  8. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Trade some to the Flyers? Please?

  9. Veggetto19 says:

    i read somewhere that he was willing to sign around the million dollar mark and it would be sweet if philly could land him for a year or so it would solve their goaltending problems even though i think esche and nitty are awsome but hasek is great and he would be on a contending team and as much as i like esche they could use him to land a scoring winger or i high pick

  10. simplyhabby says:

    Actually, I said Ah crap when I saw Gui’s performance at the WHJC. Its not just the physcial issues with his brain hab fans should worry about.

    Speaking of young talent, even though the habs need a PF on the 2nd line, i would love to see Carbs move Ribs and insert Plex between Kovy and Sam. Unfortuantely, you need 2 way or defensive players on your 3rd and 4th lines.

    Just think of the plays and speed that would come from the habs 2nd line. I can’t wait.

  11. Bruinguru says:

    Providence should have a good team this year.

    I hear they’re looking at re-signing Lettch too. If nothing else, everybody should be giving it 100% at training camp.

  12. Bruinguru says:

    Or rather, Leetch.

    My bad.

  13. thegoalie1976 says:


    Who would go to the games. don’t get me wrong, I love vegas. It’s my favorite city anywhere. But with so much other entertainment competition, and not much of a local fan base. They would totally rely on tourists, and 90% of those are american. And we all know americans in hot climates don’t even know what a puck is…..

  14. samsdad says:

    Also Jonathon Sigalet and Bobby Allen…who both will proabably in Providence, but they still are more D-men.

    I think they will walk away from Tanabes arbitration, which will likely exceed 1M.

    Also, at what point would they receive an injury exception for Zhamnov, allowing them to use his 4M for Bereron/Boyes/Kessel ?

  15. habsoverserver says:

    I wish Latendresse a complete and speedy recovery. But, if this is his second concussion then he probably doesn’t have a career as a power forward.

    No pro league wants to be associated with Vegas. Post Rick Tocchet, this is not a headache the NHL needs.

  16. muckies says:

    Esche is an ass, remember when Patty Lalime kicked his ass during the brawl, and Esche wouldn’t take his helmet off but was swinging anyways, what an ass, Good thing Lalime took it off for him and then promptly kicked his ass.

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    not play half of then because theyre not NHL worthy, (M. Stuart, York, Brookbank, Lashoff)

  18. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    You have McGratton on your club and you call Esche an ass?

  19. kamullia says:

    He is still an ass, though.

  20. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:


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