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Avalanche LW Paul Kariya is out indefinitely with a wrist injury, reports tsn.ca.

The Capitals have also traded their Captain Steve Konowalchuk to the Avalanche for 3rd line grinder Bates Battaglia and rights to Jonas Johansson, reports tsn.ca.

The Flyers signed badd attitude Steve Webb and tried to move him to the minor leagues, but the Penguins interfered and claimed Steve Webb off of waivers.

Flyers forward Simon Gagne has a rotator cuff injury. Bad signs for the Flyers since it could result in a long-term injury.

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  1. mikster says:

    Sucks for the Avs, Kariya was a nice shooter on that team. Well, Tanguay gets to play more now.

    The Capitals are garbage. What’s there to respect about this team? As i said, this team has an “all veterans for sale” atmosphere in the lockerroom. I wish Konowalchuk well in Colorado, and wish the Caps stink as they only got a 3rd line grinder.

    I am glad for Clarke that the Penguins took Webb off their hands. Webb is a back stabber and a headcase in the lockerroom, plus takes bad penalties and is a horrible fighter.

    As for Gagne’s injury, i called that shot. I find out he has a rotator cuff injury and with father being the doctor….Gagne should have surgery, which could put him out for months. If the injury is not that bad though, Gagne can play, but he won’t shoot the puck well…….. Not nearly as well as he does now. Not even close.

  2. Lint07 says:

    1- The Radim Vrbata trade becomes even more stupid! Now it is Vrbata & Johansson for Konowalchuk.

    2- I didn’t know why this guy didn’t have a contract yet, nice move by the Pens!

    3- Bad news for Philly who may lose Gagné for a long time, good news for me who didn’t pick gagné in my pool this year!

    Next move by Lacroix, a proven #1 goalie.

  3. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    Although disapointed that the Avs traded away Jonas Johansson, who i heard could be a great player, they did acquire Konowalchuk who in my mind is much better defensively and even offensively than Battaglia. I believe he also used to play with Nikolishin in Washington so there could be some chemistry.

    Besides, the Avs also acquired a 3 round pick in 2004 entry draft, so it’S not all that bad. Hopefully Kariya won’T be out too long.

  4. bruinfan37 says:

    Good point about the Vrbata trade. Hes got loads of potential

  5. TC_4 says:

    I’m not saying anything negative about your comment mik, I would like you to expand on that thing about Webb. What happend when he stabbed someone in the back.

  6. jon95616 says:

    Avs are definetly not worrying about the future at all. Vrbata, Johansson, Nederost all gone.

    This team could suck in 2-5 years but for now they will challenge for the cup.

    Forsberg will go to Sweden to finish his career. Selanne might head home to Finland to finish his because of the CBA. Kariya will probably sign with someone else next year. Sakic is getting older.

    Avs will still have Tanguay, Hedjuk and Morris for the best years of their careers…but that might be about it in a few years.

    Avs fans be excited about your team for this year, be worried about the future.

  7. mikster says:

    He completely trashed Laviolette and he is a reason why he got fired.

    On the WFAN radio show here with Mike ‘The Mad Dog” Russo….Milbury came on the it was right after he fired Laviolette. So, Mad Dog’s first question was…

    “Why are you still here? Why are you still the GM?”

    Milbury was almost like…crying. Anyway, he went on to say that certain players gave him opinions that helped his decision, and one of those was Webb and the Mad Dog said…”So you’re listening to a bunch of 4th…3rd since your team lacks depth at their opinions and help you make decisions?”

    I am paraphrasing that but he completely killed Milbury. Milbury just did nothing.

    But, Webb is an asshole…thats why he is not back with the Isle’s.

  8. mikster says:

    Vrbata is on a team that restricts his offensive abilitites. But yeah, it was a bad deal but Kono fits well with the Avs.

    Webb? He sucks! He hits people who are weaker than him. He’d go after Koivu…St. Louis…any of those little guys. He doesn’t even think about hitting a guy like Brashear and not to mention he is the worst fighter. Good for Philly they got a headache off their hands.

    I think Aebischer has been awesome, i have him on my fantasy team, i watched him…..he is good. A proven goalie is not needed untill three things happen.

    1) Aebischer faces long-term injury

    2) Aebischer struggles all the sudden and sucks

    3) March comes, and playoff specialist is needed.

  9. mikster says:

    Worried? Nooo…

    The Avs have two great prospect goalies in their system, Sauve and Budaj.

    McCutcheon from Ithica will be a nice. They got Ballard and Tomas Slovak on defense.

    Forgot to mention Svatos.

    They’ll be fine.

  10. TC_4 says:

    So Webb didn’t like Laviolette, so what??? The guy is a useful 4th line guy. He didn’t like his coach. Guess what…neither did Primeau, neither did Marc Savard, neither did Brett Hull, so what???

  11. TC_4 says:

    Since when is Steve Webb a bad guy? That’s BS and you know it. Do you know him personally? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Good pick up for the Avs, they may have over payed though, depends on how Bates does in Washington, I hear Johansson is money. Karyia is out, no big deal. 3 weeks at the most.

  12. jon95616 says:

    may be good in goal and defensively in the future…but will never again be the great offensive team they are now…Tanguay and Hedjuk will be the best players on the team in a couple years…Sakic will be old but still a decent player…Selanne,Forsberg,Kariya all gone.

    Id be worried if the core of my team was aging or leaving the league. (Sakic is never going to be at a point a game again, Forsberg your best player will finish his career in Sweden) How does this help you long term???

  13. commonwealth says:

    Some may think that Pierre overpayed, but I don’t think so. I look at the trade this way: Konawalchuk + pick for Jonas Johanssen and so that it doesn’t look bad, the Avs dump off Battaglia so that the Caps can use him to hit people. The Caps certainly don’t need Battaglia, they saw Jonas being a huge talent in about two years and snatched him up. Pierre is defenetely sending a message that he will trade anyone and everyone to get the cup in Colorado this year. My only request is that the moron’s stop saying this move is to replace Kayria, PL probally had this deal in the works when the season started. Kayria will sit for 2-3 weeks and then come back, Ducks fans need to stop there “kharma talk” and start worrying about Giguere not being able to stop a beach ball lately…

    As for Konawalchuk, I think he might be the closest thing we have in COL in ways of a power forward now. Hopefully once Kayria comes back, Kono will be able to play a more defensive forward role, and score when neccassary.


  14. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Selanne wouldn’t go back to Finland without his little buddy Kariya. They seem pretty attached to eachother, don’t they? Almost, alittle TOO close for two straight guys to be???

  15. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Isn’t Steve Webb the guy that played for the Islanders? He knocked the Leafs around pretty good during the playoffs two years ago, when did he become a bad guy? And why didn’t the Islanders keep him?

  16. Lint07 says:

    Webb can be useful if used on a 4th line.

    As for Aebischer he doesn’t suck but doesn’t impress so far. The Avs didn’t care cause they thought they were going to win 6-4 and 7-5 games all the time but it doesn’t work like this anymore in the league and other teams are starting to adjust to the Avs.

    They’ll need a proven #1 soon enough, trust me.

  17. mikster says:

    So what? A 4th line bad player who checks hard on small players no bigger than his size whines and bitches about his coach?

    Who the hell wants that?

  18. mikster says:

    A lot of other players can be useful on the 4th line. He sucks as a 4th liner, period.

    They’ll stick with Aebischer for quite a while.

  19. TC_4 says:

    I would love Webby on my team. He gets along great with his teammates, and didn’t like 1 coach. Who’s to say it was even him that was bitching??? Your taking Milbury’s word hey? Good call, I would believe him. It wouldn’t be to take the pressure off himself would it. How do you figure he’s bad. He’s big, hits, intense, decent defensivly, and he fights. That’s what you want on your 4th line.

  20. TC_4 says:

    Ask mik, he’s the one saying that BS.

  21. TC_4 says:

    What’s the REAL reason you hate Webb Mik??? No way do you(probably the nicest guy on here)get so pissed off about one player, who isn’t even that important. I’m not being sarcastic, did he literally do something to you? Were you THAT big of Laviolette fan? What is it?

  22. Kashin says:

    Steve Webb is “a folk hero” in Long Island. Fans just love his presence. He is good just as an enforcer. He has no hockey skills besides doing that. He should be a fan favorite in Pittsburgh where he might spark the team with his energy. Saturday night the Isles play Pittsburgh so he plays his former team in long island.

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