NHL Offers Up Two More Proposals To Luke Warm Response From Union


The NHL offered up two new proposals today to the NHLPA union. The first was a 37.5 million dollar hard cap and the second was more of a return to the linkage system that the owners have wanted all along.

Goodenow’s response was luke warm “Today, Gary gave us two salary cap proposals. Both proposals were very similar to ones that we previously rejected several times. We will be determining our next steps and responding at the appropriate time.”

Bettman is really sticking it to the union now. The idea of playing with replacement players has been discussed now and the threat of making that more reality comes on April 20 when the BOG meets again.

Although it took him too long to get to the other big topic at hand, Bettman and the NHL have moved onto talking about how the game is broken. Pictures of blue ice (a pretty cool idea) with orange “blue lines” have been circulating from a test in Buffalo. Minor leaguers in Boston have been testing rules changes for the Bruins.

The message to the players is very very clear. The game is bigger than you and your greed. By causing the season to be canceled you have lost $150,000,000 in ADDITIONAL earnings and with an impasse you are likely lose your current contracts with NHL teams.

ANY true hockey fans wants to see NHL hockey with the best possible talent on the ice and that means NHLPA players however their unwillingness to work a deal that is good for the game or the business of the game has turned fans against them – and for good reason. Above the rules changes that are most definitely coming this fall – a fresh crop of players who are young, hungry and willing to put on an entertaining display of hockey might just be what the NHL needs. I know I am buying Kings tickets for next season and have been on the list since September 10, 2004. With deposits to reserve tickets only $100 it is hard to see who is giving up their seats for next season. When a new CBA comes up I want GOOD seats for years to come. If Ziggy Palfy doesn’t want to play in LA – there will be someone else.

Lastly, as for Sidney Crosby – don’t think for a second that the league hasn’t been thinking of what they are going to do to land him. They are giving the NHLPA every chance to do what is right. And they HAVE TO because without that good faith they will not get their needed impasse. Don’t be supposed to see them have a more random system in place for picking Crosby this June. Prepare to see the owners also offer the players a chance to come back and play with their old contracts too. This is incentive to cross the line. When that starts to happen – Goodenow and his union will officially be emasculated. And that will be something to really cheer for.

For now – all I can say is “Batter Up?”

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  1. Flyers_01 says:

    Al Strachan’s article is amusing to read .. at least he got his name right. I can’t believe he get’s paid to write.


  2. NjDEVSFN says:

    since the NHL went lower than its early $42.5M cap level…will the NHLPA go HIGHER than its $49M cap?

    the PA is ridiculous…tell the NHL youll accept a cap and two way arbitration if the owners accept revenue sharing and other ideas the PA has put forth

    its time for the PA to start negotiating

  3. simplyhabby says:

    The Union realistically has the NHL by the throat in negotiating terms. Glen Healy indicated quite a while ago whomever caves on the big issue (cap and linkage) can rape the other for everything else.

    One concessions by the league on the new proposals in an increased qualifying offer 85% (vs. the last proposal)

    If the PA is smart, they will negotiate on the previous 42 mill cap with a 200% Lux Tx after 37 mill and 100 after 32 mill. They can press on the other issues such as the 100%+ qualifying offers, bonuses that can be negotiated to be excluded under the cap.

    The league will get their cap if the PA likes it or not but the PA is in a position to run with everything else if they give this major concession.

    The NHL may not like some of these terms but it is performance driven and they have their cap.

  4. NjDEVSFN says:

    if the PA was stupid, theyd make a 200% luxury tax after 37million….

    few teams would spend over $37million, leaving the PA with only $1.11billion, losing $390million…some teams wouldnt be able to afford going over $32million…which would be even LESS money

    the NHL offered a low $37.5mil cap so the PA would offer one in (hopefully) the mid $40s and then they can meet in the middle

    if they can agree on a cap level, the rest will be easy

  5. nordiques100 says:

    Plain and simple the only way a deal gets done with the PA is if the owners offer a good revenue sharing plan.

    Bettman is going to win on alot of issues:

    he will in all likelihood get his cap and/or linkage that he so desires. so there should not be any worry about that considering the PA already kind of agreed to a cap.

    the 24% rollback will probably still be around so that there would be a deflation in salaries, especially those who would be expecting qualifying offers (which will also favor bettman).

    He will probably get at worst the two way arbitration which is a whole lot better than the last arbitration method.

    and he will probably get his hard cap for rookies and their bonuses.

    i really dont blame the players for not wanting to make a deal because if the owners dont want to do anything for the greater good of the game why should the players?

    you really have to look at it both ways rather than just see that it is all the players fault. both sides need to give. without revenue sharing i think there would be about 10 teams that would die off even if there was some form of a cap.

    the cap can only do so much. teams are already struggling to make it to 20 million dollar payroll and still claim losses. so cap or not, they are still going to be well behind some other teams and there wont be any competitive balance which the league claims is their desire.

  6. big_booty says:

    The Strachan article is a pure joke. That whiny little shit has nothing better to do than try to further his favor with the players he reports on by bashing those who sign their paychecks.

    Anyone read Larry Brooks’ article today? What a hypocrite. The same man who says that the mudslinging and criticism should be curbed for the good of the game comes right back up and starts his anti-Bettman propaganda machine.

    Best quote from Brooks today:

    “The price of parking across the street from the Garden, however, is likely to remain between $35 and $40 on a game day.”

    What a maroon.

    I do agree that a quality revenue-sharing plan is vital to a new-look NHL. This is the only way that small-market franchises are going to survive.

    What I find most amusing is the surprise on the part of the union at the shrinking nature of the NHL’s proposals. (“Like a frightened turtle!”) Ted Saskin sounded genuinely shocked when he said that the League’s current offerings are “worse than the proposals that we had rejected on a number of occasions.”

    Earth to Saskin: It’s only going to get worse. The sooner you accept this fact of life, the better off we all are going to be. You can’t keep crying for a fair slice of the pie when there’s no pie to share.

  7. aafiv says:

    Don’t count your eggs before they’ve hatched Flyer fan.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m not paying NHL prices to see the Phantoms play at the Wachovia Center when I can walk across the parking lot and see them for half that much or go to Trenton and watch the Titans for less.

    Who’ll go watch a replacement Hurrcianes or Predators? No one went to see them before the lockout.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    I am hearing through a blogger that if the Rangers lower the parking from $35 to $32.50 then the NHLPA will sign a CBA.

    The NHLPA thinks that they have much more leverage now that the season has been cancelled. They think they will get a better deal than the one the NHLPA offered most recently.

    This is why (1) nothing may happen until January (2) the NHL is strongly looking at replacement players.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    Will you be there if Jeff Carter is on pace to score 50 goals and the Flyers are leading the Eastern Conference?

  10. big_booty says:

    Come on. The last time I heard phrases like that, many references were made to hallucinogenics.

    Blue ice isn’t going to improve the game. It might be nice as a once-in-a-great-while novelty (a la the bright blue turf at Boise State), but it isn’t going to improve the on-ice product.

    You know, if the players don’t want all the clutching and grabbing, then maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t clutch and grab.

  11. rojoke says:

    Hey Al, Carter and Richards play in the Ontario Hockey League, not the Ontario Hockey Association. Isn’t the OHA a minor hockey organization?

    I can’t wait until Al writes his first story covering the new World Hockey League next fall!!

  12. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Despite living in LA and Scottdale, my dad is keeping his tickets for next year. They were too hard to get considering we got on the list in 1974 and got them in 80. We all come back for the playoffs and thanks to Clarke’s teams – there are plenty of games to see.

    I agree with the Habs fan – I bet Jeff Carter has a better chance at 50 goals than Mark Recchi (not that I have anything against Recchi). The new game will be exciting and I am going to be part of it. I am on the list for Kings tickets. Watching Frolov score up 60 will be fun.


  13. Aetherial says:

    Al Strachan is the biggest idiot on the planet. ALL of his articles on the lockout so far have been pathetically easy to rebut.

    Him and Glen Healy have lost a LOT of respect in Toronto over this; rightfully so.

  14. Aetherial says:

    People who think that fans will stay away are simply wrong.

    People will come back, especially if there are rul changes.

    The fans have as much loyalty to today’s players as the players have to the fans, meaning none. We may protest payin or inferior hockey… but it will be superior to anything else… so we will pay.

    Not many fans support the players in this, so it is not a factor that will keep them away.

    Philadelphia fans will show up if Jeff Carter is gunning for 50 and the Flyers are competitive… Leaf fans will show up regardless of who is playing and whether or not they are competitive.

  15. Aetherial says:

    My bad… was not trying to compare fans. IMHO, Philly fans will also show up, regardless.

  16. Aetherial says:

    The thought is that white is horrible for television… in fact, it is.

    I would like to to blue ice if it makes the TV quality better… not all games are on High-Def 🙁

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