NHL Offers Up Two More Proposals To Luke Warm Response From Union


The NHL offered up two new proposals today to the NHLPA union. The first was a 37.5 million dollar hard cap and the second was more of a return to the linkage system that the owners have wanted all along.

Goodenow’s response was luke warm “Today, Gary gave us two salary cap proposals. Both proposals were very similar to ones that we previously rejected several times. We will be determining our next steps and responding at the appropriate time.”

Bettman is really sticking it to the union now. The idea of playing with replacement players has been discussed now and the threat of making that more reality comes on April 20 when the BOG meets again.

Although it took him too long to get to the other big topic at hand, Bettman and the NHL have moved onto talking about how the game is broken. Pictures of blue ice (a pretty cool idea) with orange “blue lines” have been circulating from a test in Buffalo. Minor leaguers in Boston have been testing rules changes for the Bruins.

The message to the players is very very clear. The game is bigger than you and your greed. By causing the season to be canceled you have lost $150,000,000 in ADDITIONAL earnings and with an impasse you are likely lose your current contracts with NHL teams.

ANY true hockey fans wants to see NHL hockey with the best possible talent on the ice and that means NHLPA players however their unwillingness to work a deal that is good for the game or the business of the game has turned fans against them – and for good reason. Above the rules changes that are most definitely coming this fall – a fresh crop of players who are young, hungry and willing to put on an entertaining display of hockey might just be what the NHL needs. I know I am buying Kings tickets for next season and have been on the list since September 10, 2004. With deposits to reserve tickets only $100 it is hard to see who is giving up their seats for next season. When a new CBA comes up I want GOOD seats for years to come. If Ziggy Palfy doesn’t want to play in LA – there will be someone else.

Lastly, as for Sidney Crosby – don’t think for a second that the league hasn’t been thinking of what they are going to do to land him. They are giving the NHLPA every chance to do what is right. And they HAVE TO because without that good faith they will not get their needed impasse. Don’t be supposed to see them have a more random system in place for picking Crosby this June. Prepare to see the owners also offer the players a chance to come back and play with their old contracts too. This is incentive to cross the line. When that starts to happen – Goodenow and his union will officially be emasculated. And that will be something to really cheer for.

For now – all I can say is “Batter Up?”