NHL Offseason Moves and Rumors

This offseason has been crazy already, I think within a couple of weeks it’s going to get crazier.

Let’s recap the offseason so far:

Holik, Kaspar, and Guerin hit the lottery with their new teams. Cujo heads to Hockeytown to replace Hasek. Belfour takes the reigns in TO. Loyalty prevails, as Richter stays in NY, and Selanne stays in SJ. Coyotes surprise everyone by signing Amonte. Fleury catches a breeze in the Windy City. Cassels finds himself in a new Jacket. Young looks to catch fire with Turgeon in Dallas. Berard gets another chance with the Bruins. Devils send Sykora packing to Anaheim for Friesen and Tverdovsky. And Dafoe is left out to dry.

So as you can see, the offseason has been pretty crazy. Now, as we near preseason, more and more rumors start to pop up. Let’s take a look:

Iginla – This one year wonder is looking for $7.5 million after one great year. Flames offered him $5.5 million. I think Iginla is being a jerk. He knows the team can’t afford to pay him that much. Not to mention, that he only had one great year. What happened to his whole, “I want to stay in Calgary” bit?

In any case, I think Iginla and Meehan will come to their senses, and settle for around $6 mil.


Nedved – Rangers need defensemen, and Left Wingers. Nedved is coming off a sub-par year. The Rangers have been actively shopping Nedved, but this doesn’t mean that they will find the right deal, and trade him.

I think he will be dealt, when we get closer to preseason. I hear Washington is interested, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Chris Simon in NY.


McLaren – After anouncing his demand to be traded, he puts GM O’Connell in a tough position. On a Bruins team that is already weak on defense, the Bruins are going to lose one of their best defenseman. O’Connell has stated that he wants equal value in return. This should be hard to find, especially with McLaren’s injury history.

I think the Flames or the Avs will be the top bidders for McLaren. Flames already have Morris to offer, and Avs have a whole bunch of young players, and Skoula to offer. And of course the Rangers are always involved in rumors. Dvorak has been the latest rumor heading to Boston, and I’m sure McLaren’s name was mentioned in talks between O’Connell and Sather.


Messier – He wants $5 million, for 2 years!!! He is acting insane. No other team is going to offer him a contract other than the Rangers. Rangers have offered him $3 million for one year, which is more than enough for a 42 year old, 3rd line center.

If Messier doesn’t lower his asking price, I say let him go. But I think he will realize that no is going to pay a 42 yr. old 3rd line center $5 million, and he will sign for about $3.5 or something.


Dafoe – After being let go by Boston, and having been passed over by every team, he finds himself looking for a job.

I think he will find a team, towards the end of preseason. Some teams will find out that they are not that strong in goal, cough atlanta cough philly cough vancouver cough.


Those are the big rumors right now. What are your thoughts about these situations?

24 Responses to NHL Offseason Moves and Rumors

  1. Sands says:

    Iginla. He’s no one season wonder. If you look at his stats he has scored 30 goals a season for the last 3 seasons. He was due to score that many goals. He doesn’t deserve what he is asking for, but he does deserve more then what they are giving him.

    Nedved has to go. I have a bad feeling we will see him on Holik’s line. I rather see Simon Lindros Bure

    Rucinsky Holik Dvorak

    Or if I we were lucky. Sather would do, Nedved, Dvorak, Lefebvre, and a draft pick, for Samsonov and McLaren (In my dreams)

    Mess is going nut’s. He’s not getting that much. And we all have to remember. With the league giving the Rangers problems about there salary. They are going to start moving people who have high contracts…. Nedved is key, and Rucinsky is Insane, 3 million a year for him? Not happening.

    I think Dafoe will really go to Atlanta when they see how good there team is and how much they need a goalie to make a push for the last playoff spot.

    Good article by the way.

  2. bruinsfan12 says:

    This whole McLaren hooplah is pretty hard to figure out. O’Connell wants equal value in a trade, but who would be willing to risk that much? I think the Flames are looking for a forward in return for Morris, so McLaren/Morris wouldn’t be a possibility. The Avs would seem like a good fit for McLaren, it will be interesting to see if they are willing to give up a lot.

  3. buckman says:

    Anyone hear any rumors on Theodore?

    I’m quite sure he’s gonna be staying put, but has anyone heard any of the latest negotiations or any far off rumors?

    What about Zednik? I haven’t heard Boo about the Habs signing him and I think he’s a huge piece of the puzzle

  4. Habfan1234 says:

    The Canadiens want to give Theo a contract in the 4-4.5 mil per season range. Theo, errr Mehan wants a contract of 6 mil per season range. Hopefully he will sign and come to his senses. He cannot miss training camp because it will take him a couple of months to get into game shape, both physically and mentally. They will probably reach a “comprimise” in which Theo gets paid 5 to 5.25 mil a year.

    Zednik got 765,000 last year and is probably asking for a deal that is similar to the one Randy McKay signed. A two year deal worth 2 mil a season. Montreal is probably giving him a deal that would pay him 1 to 1.4 mil a season. This is what I think is going on as I have not heard anything abouth his contract negotiations.

  5. buckman says:

    I think if it meant losing Zednik, they should give him $ 2milion. He is a great talent and had worker, as well as one of their leading scorers last year , and best playoff player ( till he was cheap shotted)

    He’s ready for a breakout year.

  6. Habfan1234 says:

    Colorado will not trade any young defensman for McLaren. McLaren will spend more time in the press box (injuries) then on the ice. Colorado is already pretty thin on the blueline. They have three very good defensman in De Vries, Blake, and Foote with 3 very young defensman. Colorado’s young dmen wil probably be Muir, Skoula, and Alexander Riazantsev. They will not trade an up and comer in Skoula for McLaren (who knows I may be proved wrong).

    Also the Vancouver Canucks do not need a new goaltender. Cloutier played magnificently for the ‘Nucks during the regular season and parts of the playoffs. When the ‘Nucks were struggling in the first 35 games he was the one keeping the team in thoes games. He will improve. We cannot judge a goalie by one game. Look what happened to Patrick Roy in game seven of the Conference Finals. Look what happened to Jose Theodore in game six of the Conference semi-finals. So one cannot judge how good a goalie is by judging him on his performance in one game. Consistency is what counts.

  7. Habfan1234 says:

    If he stays healthy I can see him getting 30-40 goals. He scored at will in the last part of last season.

  8. mikster says:

    I think Colorado would be interested in Morris, not McLaren.

  9. MyCaptain11 says:

    with all due respect to ppl who actually think way, i have zero problem with athletes who get the money they receive. If actors/actresses can make $20+ million a movie (keep in mind some ppl make more than 1 picture per year), and musicians/singers can get all the dough they want, why shouldn’t athletes get what they want as well? athletes work harder than any of the other aforemention ppl, so they definitely should get all the money they can. entertainers in general make the most $$$, that’s just reality. individual sports athletes are entertainers and competitors all in one (or at least should be). we all agree that there are more important jobs that deserve the most money such as teachers and ppl who save lives and ppl who risk their lives, but that’s life.

    now that i’m done with my rant, let me address these players issues:

    iginla – is doing exactly what he should do, and that is get as much money as he can. he should and will have a significantly higher salary than theodore, and jose will make at least $4-4.5m. jerome has been a steady scorer til this year, it’s just he racked up the assists to go with. if the flames don’t pay him, someone else will.

    nedved – let me ask this one question…WHAT D-MAN IN THE RANGERS SYSTEM OR ON THE TEAM HAS THE SIZE AND ABILITY TO MATCH UP WITH MCLAREN TO GIVE O’CONNELL WHAT HE WANTS BESIDES POTI? unless sather thinks mclaren is too good to pass up and is willing to trade poti to get kyle, or unless the rangers magically have a d-man (besides tutin) they are dangling around, these teams aren’t going to make this deal. o’connell wants a GOOD, YOUNG d-man in return for mclaren, and unless the blueshirts are willing to part with one of the above or o’connell becomes desperate, forget about this happening. either the rangers and caps work on a deal or nedved slides to left wing.

    messier – mark is just massaging his ego right now. he thinks this is the summer of 1997 all over again, and that he is gonna look good compared to the team no matter what. he is wrong, cuz the roles are reversed and the rangers will look good in this situation one way or the other. the captain will be on board for the farewell tour folks, don’t worry.

    dafoe – i doubt the thrashers would give byron a chance cuz i think they are just buying time til lehtonen arrives in next year’s training camp. i like the flyers’ decision to stick with roman unlike most, but the canucks are a slight possibility i admit. however i’m going on record right now: DAFOE WILL END UP IN ST. LOUIS CUZ I DON’T BELIEVE IN BRENT JOHNSON AND PLEAU WILL FEEL THE NEED TO KEEP UP WITH THE RED WINGS DURING THE REGULAR SEASON LIKE HE USUALLY TRIES TO.

  10. GloveSide says:

    Thats alotta coughing for a goalie who barely did anything to help his team out in the playoffs….he’s more of a landlord byron then lord byron….but yeah anyways…good article

  11. saksfan says:

    Muir is 29. I don’t see how he could be young but…he should be a regular this season. Morris is slightly more healthier than McLaren…McLaren is taller and stronger. Both high first rounders…young but Morris’ point totals are higher (163P in 343G) than McLaren’s (124P in 417G) but both have raw potential that will be unleashed soon. I would want to keep Skoula though.

  12. Habfan1234 says:

    That is my thinking to. Morris and Blake would make for the one of the best if not the best one-two punch on the powerplay. I think Vrbata is ready to step into one of the top two lines and that would leave Hejduk or Tanguay out. Maybe Colorado can work out a deal in which Colorado would send Tanguay, another player, and a second or third round pick for Morris and fifth rounder. Tanguay would play on the second line with Niedermeyer and Gelinas. The Flames have Jordan Leopold who can fill in for Morris. Both teams will get what they want, Calagary a good young talent in Tanguay (cheap young talent who makes 975,000 a year) and Colorado would get the top four dmen that they are looking for.

  13. Habfan1234 says:

    The only way that Colorado makes a trade for a dmen is if they can part with a foreward or two. They have three that are very close to being NHL regulars. They are

    Vaclav Nedorost, Mikhail Kuleshov, and Jordan Krestanovich. So Colorado can afford to lose a foreward. The more valuable of the two is Morris. I completeley forgot how old Muir was and I made a mistake in calling him a “young” up and coming defensman.

  14. saksfan says:

    Kuleshov didn’t exactly have a great season in Hershey (8G, 19P in 60GP) but he was only a rookie and look for him to pick it up this year, either on the farm or possibly on the Avs. Nedorost probably will make the big club and Krestanovich might have a small chance. Muir stole the 6th defense spot from Trepanier late last year and the team will have to put him in the 5th slot unless they deal for someone (Morris) or a player like Brett Clark, Brent Thompson or Alex Riazantsev has a really good training camp. Either way, Muir will be the 5th/6th and one of the prospects mentioned will be the 6th/5th.

  15. Glen says:

    Why should Jarome Iginla make more that Jose Theodore?

  16. Kariya-09 says:

    Hehe keep dreaming 🙂

  17. MyCaptain11 says:

    iginla has improve offensively for 4 years in a row in all three major offensive categories. granted, he inched his goals total for the 3 years prior to this past season, but his assists total has gotten significantly better and better over that same span.

    now i realize that theodore has had just 2 “full” seasons as an no. 1 nhl goaltender, but that just simply means he wasn’t ready before to be a no. 1. and even if jose was ready to step in at an earlier age, the bottom line is he didn’t. and don’t forget the other main factor here: for obvious reasons (ownership, market size mainly) theodore had a much nicer team around him than iginla.

  18. MyCaptain11 says:

    p.s. – iginla was playing without savard and morris, who were intregal parts of the flames’ offense, for good chunks of the season for each man AND he still was able to put up his numbers.

    and yes i know koivu’s cancer kept him from montreal for basically all season, thus limiting the goal support for theodore a bit. but the rest of the canadiens stay relatively healthy.

  19. cwhockey says:

    Unless contract talks completely tank between Hnilicka and the Thrashers, Dafoe has zero chance of coming to Atlanta. Someone said it before, the Thrashers are just buying time until Lehtonen is ready (which actually might be 2 to 3 years).

    Even in my eternally optomistic way, I know the Thrashers won’t be in a position to contend for a number of years. Why bring a high-priced goalie in when they already have two or three good ones with a potential superstar on the way. Unless you hear of a report from an official source (which I doubt you will), please trust my knowledge of the Thrashers. They do not, and I repeat do not for emphasis, want Dafoe and they are not seeking him.

  20. vanfan says:

    good article , but i have to disagree about dafoe to vancouver. i realize that the canucks don’t have the best tandem in the league , but cloutier is improving every year and gaining confidence and skudra really came out of nowhere to carry the team when cloutier was injured. with the revolving door of goalies here in recent years it would be nice to see a couple stick here and show some stability that we haven’t had since the days of kirk mc lean. i would be interested to see if anyone else shares these views .

  21. NewYorkRangers says:

    The three teams I mentioned for Dafoe have pretty good starting goalies. But I mentioned them, because those starting goalies are also very questionable. Cloutier is a decent goalie, if Dafoe signs in Van. I think they would push each other to work harder to fight for the number one position. Cloutier could have a dynamite season, who knows. Cechmanek in Philly is a ticking time bomb. He is always complaining about something, and not to mention, he’s not that good. If Hnlicka signs with Atlanta, than I don’t think Dafoe will be there any time soon.

    One team I forgot to mention is Chicago. I doubt the Hawks are interested, although they weren’t too thrilled with Thibault’s play late last season. But a possible situation could be a trade involving Thibault, where they could bring in some young talent, and then sign Dafoe.

  22. edmontonrules says:

    Unlike almost everybody else that has replied I think that Vancouver may take a run at Dafoe. With Dafoe they would have one awesome team. They might even be able to contend with the best of them. Cloutier is great but not as a starter. I also agree with the Messier deal. There is no way he should be making more than

  23. edmontonrules says:

    Unlike almost everybody else that has replied I think that Vancouver may take a run at Dafoe. With Dafoe they would have one awesome team. They might even be able to contend with the best of them. Cloutier is great but not as a starter. I also agree with the Messier deal. There is no way he should be making more than

  24. vanfan says:

    as much as i like dafoe as a goaltender , i don’t think that he is that big of an upgrade over cloutier . does anyone know how much it would take to sign him ? as far as i have heard brian burke can only add about 3.5 mil to last year’s payroll and i don’t think that would land lord byron . i believe that cloutier is an up and comer and to trade him or relegate him to back up would be a detrement to a team that has grown together as a young group over the last two years. i could see st louis maybe signing dafoe if they are serious about contending this year , however i also think that their lack of depth at center is a bigger cocern. sorry if i was long winded but it is just so cool to have found a site with so many people with so many different opinions.

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