NHL Offseason Moves and Rumors

This offseason has been crazy already, I think within a couple of weeks it’s going to get crazier.

Let’s recap the offseason so far:

Holik, Kaspar, and Guerin hit the lottery with their new teams. Cujo heads to Hockeytown to replace Hasek. Belfour takes the reigns in TO. Loyalty prevails, as Richter stays in NY, and Selanne stays in SJ. Coyotes surprise everyone by signing Amonte. Fleury catches a breeze in the Windy City. Cassels finds himself in a new Jacket. Young looks to catch fire with Turgeon in Dallas. Berard gets another chance with the Bruins. Devils send Sykora packing to Anaheim for Friesen and Tverdovsky. And Dafoe is left out to dry.

So as you can see, the offseason has been pretty crazy. Now, as we near preseason, more and more rumors start to pop up. Let’s take a look:

Iginla – This one year wonder is looking for $7.5 million after one great year. Flames offered him $5.5 million. I think Iginla is being a jerk. He knows the team can’t afford to pay him that much. Not to mention, that he only had one great year. What happened to his whole, “I want to stay in Calgary” bit?

In any case, I think Iginla and Meehan will come to their senses, and settle for around $6 mil.


Nedved – Rangers need defensemen, and Left Wingers. Nedved is coming off a sub-par year. The Rangers have been actively shopping Nedved, but this doesn’t mean that they will find the right deal, and trade him.

I think he will be dealt, when we get closer to preseason. I hear Washington is interested, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Chris Simon in NY.


McLaren – After anouncing his demand to be traded, he puts GM O’Connell in a tough position. On a Bruins team that is already weak on defense, the Bruins are going to lose one of their best defenseman. O’Connell has stated that he wants equal value in return. This should be hard to find, especially with McLaren’s injury history.

I think the Flames or the Avs will be the top bidders for McLaren. Flames already have Morris to offer, and Avs have a whole bunch of young players, and Skoula to offer. And of course the Rangers are always involved in rumors. Dvorak has been the latest rumor heading to Boston, and I’m sure McLaren’s name was mentioned in talks between O’Connell and Sather.


Messier – He wants $5 million, for 2 years!!! He is acting insane. No other team is going to offer him a contract other than the Rangers. Rangers have offered him $3 million for one year, which is more than enough for a 42 year old, 3rd line center.

If Messier doesn’t lower his asking price, I say let him go. But I think he will realize that no is going to pay a 42 yr. old 3rd line center $5 million, and he will sign for about $3.5 or something.


Dafoe – After being let go by Boston, and having been passed over by every team, he finds himself looking for a job.

I think he will find a team, towards the end of preseason. Some teams will find out that they are not that strong in goal, cough atlanta cough philly cough vancouver cough.


Those are the big rumors right now. What are your thoughts about these situations?