NHL Quotes from 2001-02

NHL players can sometimes be a strange bunch. During the heat of battle or after a tiring game they can say some wild and crazy things. Quotes bring the fans closer to the game by letting them know who a player feels about something. Well, without further adieu, here is the best in hockey quotes for 2001-02.THE HONEST TRUTH:

“This dressing room is like a wing of the Hall of Fame. Hasek, Shanahan, Yzerman, Hull, Robitaille, Larionov, Chelios, Lidstrom … all these all-stars and future Hall of Famers and then you come to me – reality.” – Kris Draper of the Detroit Red Wings.

“One month is enough. You always love your parents, but it’s nice to be on your own, too.” – Daniel Alfredsson after his parents Margareta and Hasse returned to Sweden after a month-long visit with their son.

“Some guys don’t believe me when I tell them. I have to show them the stats.” – Flyers’ forward Jarrod Skalde on playing for 20 different pro teams in his 11-year career.

”I have to go through a couple pairs of shorts each game, but other than that, it’s great.” – Phoenix coach Bob Francis on the tight playoff race in the West.

“How many kids grow up wanting to be a GM? They want to be players. A lot of people think: ‘What’s a GM, anyway? Just some guy in a suit?’” – Boston Bruins’ GM Mike O’Connell explains it’s not all glamour in the executive suite.

“I’d like to play Columbus.” – Chris Chelios, on which team he’d prefer to play against in the opening round of the 2002 playoffs.

“I never get calls from other teams about trades.” – Minnesota Wild GM Doug Risebrough.

“Just use the same quotes. It’s the same story.” – Anaheim coach Bryan Murray, on going winless in eight games.

“It’s three years in a row we’ve traded our captain, so I don’t know that they’re lining up for it.” – Thrashers’ GM Don Waddell after trading Ray Ferraro to the St. Louis Blues.

“I’ve got 25 dogs, 14 at least 12-years-old. I’ve got an old team, just like the team I’m playing on.” – Detroit’s Uwe Krupp, who owns a dog sled team.


“They don’t break when you slash somebody.” – Denny Lambert, when asked why he uses the Easton “Synergy” hockey stick.

“Well, somebody had to wear it, and they figured I was the next-oldest guy in line to take it.” – Buffalo’s Rob Ray on wearing No. 93, former teammate Doug Gilmour’s old number.

“He comes so close, grabbing all the time, I feel like kissing him.” – Edmonton’s Georges Laraque on Donald Brashear’s close fighting style.

“My mom, she keeps telling me she wants a goal. I tell her: ‘Hey mom, I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’,’ every day.” – Boston Bruins winger P.J. Stock on his goal-shy NHL career.

“There have been so many fights this year. Everybody’s contract must be up.” – Sens tough guy Andre Roy.

“It was a lucky night all around. The pucks were going in and the punches were landing.” – Edmonton defenceman Sean Brown, after scoring twice, and pounding Matthew Barnaby in a game against the New York Rangers.

“I’m glad it’s him and not some other puke.” – Tiger Williams on Tie Domi breaking the Leafs (and Williams’) record for career penalty minutes.

“I could breathe. It’s hard, but I can breathe through my mouth. So everything is fine, except that I look ugly.” – Phoenix CoyotesDanny Markov on why he chose to play after he blocked a shot with his face that resulted in a broken nose and 25-stitches across the bridge of his nose, up the side of the eye socket and branching out on his forehead. He also had two blackened eyes and a left eye so swollen that it was a quarter of the way open.

“I had a (Detroit fan) yelling at me on my own bench. I was waiting for a (Phoenix fan) to stand up and do something. I don’t want to say, ‘Start a fight.’ But at least throw some popcorn on the guy.” – Phoenix Coyotes defenceman Todd Simpson after being heckled during a home game.


“Anyone who spent five minutes in the dressing room wouldn’t criticize the trade.” – Florida’s Trevor Kidd after superstar Pavel Bure was dealt to the New York Rangers.

“It’s always good to have the building filled, even if it’s with low-IQ Rangers fans.” – Isles GM Mike Milbury before a game against the New York Rangers at home.

“If you’re looking for the guy we got for Marty, he’ll be here in four years.” – Anaheim’s Steve Shields to reporters after the Ducks traded popular forward Marty McInnis to Boston for a draft pick.

“Maybe we should hire another coach, so we can push him.” – Dallas Stars goalie Ed Belfour after hearing that coach Ken Hitch***** wants backup Marty Turco to push Belfour for the No. 1 job.

“People are human and they’ve got feelings, whether I agree with them or not. One thing the Lord gave us was free will.” – Mike Peca after he was booed every time he touched the puck in his first game back in Buffalo since being traded to the New York Islanders.

“Maybe we should go back to the way the game was in 1902, with a rover and six other guys, where everyone was on the ice.” – Maple Leafs coach Pat Quinn after Mats Sundin complained about his lack of ice-time.


“There was 11 seconds left, and I almost threw up in the faceoff circle. I was very, very nervous.” – USA forward Jeremy Roenick, describing the final moments of a thrilling 3-2 semifinal win over Russia in the men’s Olympic tournament.

“Maybe that’s why they lost the Second World War, guys.” – Herb Brooks on Team Germany after German coach Hans Zach welcomed playing the Americans at the Olympics.

“(It was) an unbelievable feeling. It was almost surreal. I couldn’t feel my body, there was so much emotion.” – Paul Kariya after winning a gold medal at the Olympics.

“It was like skating inside a popcan.” – Eric Brewer on getting back on the smaller NHL ice surface after the Olympics.

“I had my eyes on it all the time. I’ve left lots of stuff behind in those plastic containers, but this wasn’t junk change.” – Ryan Smyth on going through the metal detector at the Salt Lake airport with his gold medal.

“Personally, I’m happy I’m here and don’t have to go home to face the criticism. Maybe I’ll apply for Canadian citizenship.” – Daniel Alfredsson upon returning to Ottawa after the Swedes were knocked out by Belarus.

“This is not like the NBA where you know the U.S. is going to win the gold medal before it starts.” – Canada’s Paul Kariya, on the Olympic tournament.

“That’s life. I’ll get over it and I’ll move on. I cried for five minutes but other than that I moved on.” – Goalie Sean Burke after finding out he didn’t make team Canada Olympic hockey squad.


“I’m looking at it as a holiday. I’m taking my wife for the weekend. All I have to do is play for 20 minutes and dig five or six pucks out of the net.” – Edmonton Oilers goalie Tommy Salo on heading to the all-star game.

“I can’t be getting a truck. I have a reputation to protect.” – Teemu Selanne who didn’t want to get a hat trick at the all-star game because that might earn him MVP honours and the prize of a new truck. Selanne collects automobiles and has 15 cars in the United States.


“If you’re big and strong and can skate, but don’t have brains, you’re screwed…I’m not saying this is as a knock, but Kevin Haller can skate, he’s big, he’s competitive. What prevents him from being a top-notch player is his hockey sense.” – Calgary GM Craig Button.

“I think what prevents Craig Button from being a good GM is his hockey sense. How many games did he play in the league? I’d like to think a GM in this league would be a lot smarter than that.” – Islanders GM Mike Milbury retorts

“Personally I think it’s a disgrace. It was bush league. Marchment deserves everything he gets.” – Canucks’ coach Marc Crawford after Marchment appeared to fake being knocked cold by a Vancouver’s Jarkko Ruutu’s elbow on March 10.

“Marc Crawford was gutless when he played and he’s still gutless.” – Bryan Marchment retorts.


“I know you’re a Sutter. I don’t know which one, but I know you’re a Sutter.” – A security guard to former Florida Panthers coach Duane Sutter as he tried to gain access to the Molson Centre.

“Would I feel bad? I don’t really give a s—. I’d like to beat him 10-1 and I know he feels the same way.” – Chicago coach Brian Sutter when asked if he would feel bad beating his brother Darryl, the coach of the San Jose Sharks.


“My son wants to be a goalie. I’m trying to deter him from that. I say: ‘Go score goals, have fun. If you have a bad game, nobody really notices.’” – Roman Turek to his son.

“I told him when he scores 53 to come and talk to me.” – Gary Roberts on summer workout partner and former teammate Jeff O’Neill’s goal scoring prowess.


“My dad has been driving an ’84 Honda Accord. It’s just something I wanted to do to say thanks for all they’ve done for me.” – Minnesota Wild defenceman Willie Mitchell after buying his parents a new Lincoln LS for Christmas.

“In Russia I didn’t know better about Christmas (presents). New Year’s was the bigger celebration and I was happy just to get a nice orange.” – Toronto’s Alexander Mogilny on Christmas memories.

“Being born (two days) after Christmas, you always get the shaft. Maybe I got a few pucks or a couple rolls of tape.” – Bryan Smolinski on having a birthday close to Christmas.


“I mix oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries, raisins and wheat protein in there. Add a little skimmed milk, grind it up and drink. It’s so good.” – Bret Hedican on what he eats after having his broken jaw wired shut.

“The referees hate me. I’m going to retire. I’m going to Europe. I’m not worth $7 million. I was terrible. I owe this organization. I want to come back. I have to get my life in order.

It’s going to be a long summer.” – Theo Fleury.

“It’s really Marty Wilford of St John’s or maybe Jeff Paul of Hershey. He’s really fair-skinned, and I call him ‘albino.’ Makes him furious.” AHL mighty Ducks’ Sean Avery, when asked who is the ugliest player in the league.

“It’s like I had a 50,000-mile tune-up with new tires.” – Veteran Ray Ferraro after having arthroscopic surgery on his knee.

“They say something to me sometimes. But I don’t understand all the words yet. So

I smile at them and then I go score goal.” – Rookie Ilya Kovalchuk when asked if he gets verbally abused by opponents on the ice.

“As a kid I used to always like to eat chocolate. My mother told me I eat too much candy. She used to hide the candy in the house but I went to look for it.” – Ilya Kovalchuk after having nine rotten teeth pulled by a dentist upon his arrival to Atlanta. Ironically, his mother is a dentist.

“It’s just like a Russian nightclub.” – Nikolai Khabibulin after security personnel at the Los Angeles’ Staples Center used wand metal detectors on players before allowing them into the arena.

“Optimistically, you hope someday you’ll be in a magazine. Of course, your mom hopes it’s Sports Illustrated or something like that.” – Colorado forward Dan Hinote, who was interviewed in Penthouse magazine.

“Bud Light.” – Keith Tkachuk when asked to name his favourite sports drink in the St. Louis Blues media guide.


“Can we get Mike Modano to quit too?” – Kevin Lowe after hearing star Peter Forsberg was taking a year away from hockey.

“Maybe the Big Guy upstairs is saving my first one for a big moment.” – Ottawa’s Bill Muckalt after his first 17 games in without a goal. Muckalt would go the entire season without scoring a goal.

“No talk.” – Czech-born Jiri Dopita to reporters after scoring his first goal of the season.

“Since my kids were born, I put on a shield. I wanted to keep on seeing them.” – Toronto’s Alex Mogilny explains that common sense, not an injury, convinced him to start wearing a visor.

“Hmm, 600 games? What does it mean? It means I’m that much closer to getting fired.” – Minnesota Wild coach Jacques Lemaire after coaching his 600th game.

“So what? I can play ‘Smoke on the Water.'” – Islanders goalie Garth Snow’s retort after giving up a goal to one of the band members of Nickelback in a scrimmage.

“I was interviewed a while ago, and then they wrote about me that I don’t know how to speak English. So I no longer do interviews.” – Roman Cechmanek in a Czech news story regarding the way the media treats him in North America.

“I’m not coming back, trust me. I’m about three lines away from our fourth unit.” – Wayne Gretzky after he was seen practicing with the Coyotes.

“I’m trying to act like every other guy, but inside there is a party going on.” – Jeff Daw on being called up by the Colorado Avalanche for his first NHL game after 5 ½ years in the minors.

”I’m just anxious to see what kind of celebration he has. ‘Maybe he’ll do the moondance.” – Phoenix coach Bob Francis on how Radoslav Suchy would react after scoring his first NHL goal. Suchy, at 151 games, was the NHL’s current longest active player without a career goal.


“I’ve been traded 15 times since I came to the Canucks. I’m still here. It’s been five years. The joke is over. I’m not going to talk about it anymore.” – Todd Bertuzzi to reporters after incessant questions about trade rumours.

”No, I don’t fight anybody I played against in Juniors. I think everyone I played Juniors with is dead now.” – Los Angeles veteran Kelly Buchberger.

“I’ve never seen a house like that in my life. It was like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. What’s that guy’s name? Robin Leach – that was J.R. He was Robin Leach, leading us on a tour of his house.” – Chris Therien after Jeremy Roenick took the Flyers on a tour of his home in Scottsdale Arizona before a game against JR’s former club, the Phoenix Coyotes.

“I’m from Western Canada. I’ve driven a rear-wheel-drive Trans-Am in four feet of snow before. I’m not really worried about five inches.” – Former Carolina winger Shane Willis, an Edmonton native, after a storm blew through Raleigh, N.C.

“It’s almost as if we’re going to have to put the puck in our mouth and dive into the net.” – Flames coach Greg Gilbert laments his team’s goal-scoring woes.

“He has one paw out. But a dog has four paws.” – Calgary coach Greg Gilbert when asked if Marc Savard was out of the team’s doghouse after a string of good games this season.

”There’s just been a black cloud over us the past three, four years with all the injuries. It’s hard to explain. There are the stories. One is that the Molson Centre is built on an Indian burial ground.” – Brian Savage on the Montreal arena and all the bad luck the Habs have had.

“I think we’re all pretty much sick of it. If it’s like kissing your sister, we’re just going to have to marry the girl because this is getting obscene.” – Carolina Hurricanes head coach Paul Maurice, on his club’s league-leading 14 ties.

“At least they can’t go after my spleen.” – Peter Forsberg when he heard that the Los Angeles Kings would be gunning for him in the opening round of the playoffs.

“I told her they must all be sold out.” – Wade Belak’s response to his mother when she said she couldn’t find his sweater for sale at the Leafs’ souvenir shop in the Air Canada Centre.

I know it is long, but it is a really fun to read all the quotes if you have time to. I know I enjoyed it.

Faceoff.com originally wrote this article about quotes. I just copyed the quotes part from the site. The intro is my own. Here is the link to the whole article: http://www.faceoff.com/fantasyhockey/tipsheet/news/story.html?f=/news/20020618/020618News2162211.html

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    The rest are all pretty good. I laughed at Fleury’s quote.

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    That Kovalchuk had to be from the game they played against the Oilers.

    The Oiler players were talking smack to Kovalchuk. So he goes and scores the game winner; in his celebration he skates by the Oiler bench and taunts them a bit. It’s safe to say the Oilers did not like that one little bit. Too bad these teams aren’t in the same conference. That’s the kinda of thing that start rivalries.

    BTW Titans, he copied those quotes, which only takes a few seconds. I sense an inordinate amount of bitterness in your posts. I hear anger management or perhaps perscription medication can help. Remember: think happy thoughts!

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    If anyone has the full quote of this one, I would love to get it:

    When Chris Pronger was interviewed after he had heard Teemu Selanne told reporters that Pronger “threatened to kill him.” He said some really good remarks that Im sure Teemu will never forget.

    ~Jeff P.

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    “Marc Crawford was gutless when he played and he’s still gutless.” – Bryan Marchment retorts.

    This coming from a guy who’s scared of Grant Marshall. I think Marchment thinks having the intent to injur means you have guts. Psycho…

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    ” I’d rather be old and wise than young and stupid” – Brett Hull. ……. i do believe that’s how it went :P……. if not it’s close enough

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    I think it was true that Pavel did “stink up” the locker room. He was like a cancer and it was going to spread quickly in a room with all those young players.

    But Kidd was a little too happy about the deal. I think he was at the time mad at the organization for not playing him very much. That seems to be fixed, now that his contract is re-negotiated.

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    Well he’s always expecting it, that’s why he’s not that good of a hockey player. He has to worry more about someone cheapshotting him back. When he lets his guard down, someone will be there.

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