NHL releases U.S. Television schedule

NBC, and OLN released today the schedule of the U.S. Nationally televised NHL schedule, and both schedules have one thing in common: There is hardly any Canadian team on it.

In fact, OLN will be the only one to carry a Canadian team (Montreal), which they will do only twice in the entire schedule they released today. NBC does not have any games scheduled with any of the Canadian teams. However, all U.S. teams will be seen at least once.

The teams that will be showcased the most overall (combining both the OLN and NBC schedule) are Detroit, the New York Rangers, and Colorado with a total of 12 games shown, in all cases 8 of them on OLN, and 4 on NBC. While U.S. viewers will only be able to see Columbus, Nashville, and Carolina only once, all of which will be on OLN.

The last Stanley Cup winner, The Tampa Bay Lightning will be shown a total of 6 times (5 games on OLN), while the Calgary Flames are one of the Canadian teams that will not be shown at all.

A break-down of the teams and how many times will be shown in each network looks as follows:


    BOS 8

    COL 8

    DET 8

    NYR 8

    STL 8

    DAL 7

    PHI 7

    PIT 7

    MIN 6

    WAS 6

    CHI 5

    TB 5

    LA 4

    NYI 4

    PHO 4

    SJ 4

    ANA 2

    ATL 2

    BUF 2

    FLA 2

    MON 2

    NJ 2

    CAR 1

    CLB 1

    NAS 1


    COL 4

    DAL 4

    DET 4

    NYR 4

    PHI 4

    BOS 3

    PIT 3

    LA 2

    STL 2

    ANA 1

    ATL 1

    MIN 1

    NYI 1

    SJ 1

    TB 1

The entire schedule can be found here: Click here