NHL Rumors and News June 20, 2009

Maple Leafs try to lure Monster between pipes
Habs fitted for cap – Have money $30 million to spend on free agents
All eyes on Brent Sutter?

Maple Leafs try to lure Monster between pipes
Free agent goalie Jonas Gustavsson jetted into town yesterday, surrounded, apparently, by a cone of silence.
It was all quiet from Gustavsson’s agent, Joe Resnick, while the only comment Leafs GM Brian Burke was: “Radio silence.”
Gustavsson – nicknamed The Monster because of his 6-foot-3 frame – blossomed last season in leading Farjestad to the Swedish Elite League championship to become this off-season’s most sought-after undrafted player.
The 24-year-old was also Sweden’s goalie at the world championship.
Toronto was the last stop on his tour of the four NHL teams he’s interested in, which included Dallas, San Jose and Colorado.
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Habs fitted for cap – Have money $30 million to spend on free agents
PAT HICKEY, The Gazette
The National Hockey League salary cap for the 2009-10 season will be revealed next week, but one thing is already certain – the Canadiens have more money to spend on free agents than any other team.
But it remains to be seen whether this is a blessing or a curse.
For the first time since the lockout, the salary cap won’t rise. But it is expected to be in the $54 million-$56 million U.S. range, and the Canadiens have 11 NHL players under contract with a commitment of only $23.5 million.
For starters, Gainey must make decisions on which of his own potential UFAs to keep, and hope that the keepers also decide they want to stay in Montreal.
Once that task is completed, the next step will be to assess the available free agents and hope he can lure some of them to Montreal. This has proved to be a difficult task in the past, but money shouldn’t be a problem.
The wild card in the Canadiens’ offseason planning is Vincent Lecavalier. The Tampa Bay Lightning faces a decision on the future direction of the franchise, and dumping the Île Bizard native’s $7.227-million cap hit could give the team some flexibility of its own.
The main UFAs on the current Canadiens roster include defenceman Mike Komisarek and top-six forwards Saku Koivu, Alex Kovalev, Alex Tanguay and Robert Lang. If Lecavalier does land in Montreal, that would end speculation about Koivu’s future and he’ll move on.
While the acquisition of Lecavalier would solve the Canadiens’ need for a big centre, it would create holes elsewhere. The Lightning’s greatest need is on defence, and reports from Tampa suggest Andrei Markov would have to be part of any deal.
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All eyes on Brent Sutter?
By George Johnson, Calgary Herald
Ah, if only they’d been this airtight in front of Miikka Kiprusoff. Then Mike Keenan, the Iron Giant, would still be helming the rudder and there’d be no need for the continuing torrent of speculation.
Ask anyone remotely connected to the Calgary Flames, even on the sly, about the prolonged search for a head coach and they go chalk-white, uncomfortably avoid eye contact and get all “I know notttttthing” Sergeant Schultzy on you.
Such is the Cone of Silence being thrown up, the evil eye cast, by don’t-cross-him general manager Darryl Sutter.
The Dome is in lockdown.
With the annual National Hockey League Entry Draft set for late next week at the Bell Centre, Monday would seem the likely date for a rah-rah-siss-boom-bah! confetti-and-streamers announcement on a new tactician for the Flames, what with the entire management team and coaching staff (that is, if they had one) jetting off to Montreal the next day.
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7 Responses to NHL Rumors and News June 20, 2009

  1. LEAFS_54 says:

    30 million is not a lot of money if he still needs to sign 12 or 13 guys….especially because he only really has one star signed(markov) this could be a very difficult free agency as filling all the holes he has created will be very difficult.

    i think it would be crazy for montreal to trade anything more then just markov for lecavalier… if they lose markov they will have the absolute worst PP in the league. they cant keep losing players for nothing. 
  2. JoelJoel says:

    You don't think it's a little more crazy for Tampa to deal Lecavalier for Markov? Unless you misspoke, that would be worse than the Thorton trade.

  3. cam7777 says:

    relative to team needs? no.  as a trade, value to value? yes, it is more crazy.

    without lecavalier, the lightning would be fine.  they will have tavares, stamkos, st.louis, malone and others up front, and markov feeding them the puck.  they will be a better team.

    without markov, the canadiens will just be what the lightning have been for the last couple years. 

  4. 93killer93 says:

    To Toronto
    Jovanovski 36 points in 82 games
    Sauer 7 points in 68 games

    Jovanovski is set to make 6 mil for the next 2 years.  Sauer will Make 1.750 mil for the nex 3 years.

    To Phoenix
    Frogren 7 points in 41 games
    Van Ryn 11 points in 27 games

    Van Ryn was injured for most of the season but the 3 full seasons he played in florida he put up 37 points, 37 points, 29 points. Which are cloe to Jovanovski's numbers.  Van Ryn makes 3.350 nxt season. Frogren is set to make 900k next season. 

    We take around 17 mil in salary from the bankrupt coyotes and they take back about 4mil.

    To Columbus
    Kubina 40 points
    Ponikarovsky 61 points

    To Toronto
    Modin 25 points

    Modin makes 3.5 mil next year so he's really just a salary dump.  They get and upgrade in Ponikarovsky that will cost them less. Plus it Makes Kubina's 5 mil more affordable

    To Toronto
    Witt 9 points in 65 games
    Sutton 8 points in 58 games

    To Islanders
    Finger 23 points in 66 games
    Oreskovic 2 points in 10 games

    Sutton makes 3.5 mil next year.
    Finger makes the sames salary but can put up more points.

    Witt makes 3 mil next year. Oreskovic is set to make around 600k

    To Toronto
    Greene 14 points in 82 games

    To Los Angeles
    Kaberle 31 points in 57 games

    Greene makes 2.950 for the next 4 years.  Kaberle makes 4.250 for 2 years.

    Their 2nd rounder and 4th rounder moves down 1 spot, they get a 3rd rounder. Kaberle, Vorobiev and 2 1st for the 5th pick, Hickey and Greene.

    5th Schenn
    7th Cowen
    35th Doherty

    May 1 year 600k
    Satan 1 year 2.5 mil
    LaRose 3 years 950k per
    Cammalleri 4 years 4.5mil per
    Komisarek 4 years 3.750mil per
    Oduya 3 years 2mil per
    Beauchemin 3 years 2.5mil per
    Tellqvist 2 years 850k per



    Jovanovski- Beauchemin




  5. habswinthecup-again says:

     You are freakin' hilarious! LaRose will be resigned by Carolina, Cammalleri will get alot more than that, Komisarek will get a lot more than that, Oduya will resign with the Devils for alot more than that, Beaucheman is the only one you have remotely close with the $ figure but chances of him signing in Toronto are slim at best!

     Your trades are ridiculous as well!

  6. habswinthecup-again says:

     Value to value, TBay wins by a bit, but if Markov is traded the Habs would have the worst D in the NHL even if Komisarek were to resign! There will be no trade with TBay for Lecavalier this year, Gainey is much more likely to make a big trade and move up into the top 3 of this draft.

  7. mojo19 says:

    That Toronto-Columbos trade is TERRIBLE for the Leafs.

    Legien is garbage, here's a little inside info for you since I know a lot of people who know Stefan Legien (being from Oakville and going to Brock Legien and I have a lot in common.) He has no common sense and is a big coke head.

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