NHL teams showing plenty of interest in Kaberle

Ever since Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke sent a note to the National Hockey League’s 29 other teams explaining how Tomas Kaberle’s no-trade clause works, interest has reportedly grown for the puck-moving defenceman.

But while the Leafs are free to move Kaberle at the upcoming NHL entry draft, the 32-year-old’s agent suggested that teams might want to first find out whether his client wants to play for them.

Kaberle, who has repeatedly expressed his desire to remain in Toronto, has one year remaining on his current contract. That means that if he goes to a team that he does not approve of, he might end up being nothing more than a rental player.

“As of the draft, we don’t have a no-trade (clause),” agent Rick Curran said. “But it’s almost effectively a no-trade, because unless Tomas wants to go there most general managers that I’m familiar with are not giving up asset value for a one-year player who may not even want to come to my team. Especially with what Brian wants in return.’’

According to various reports, at least four teams — Buffalo, Columbus, Anaheim and New Jersey — have shown serious interest in the veteran.

Burke said he is not pressured to move Kaberle. But, at the same time, he is listening to offers. The Leafs are hoping to add a top-six forward and some secondary toughness this summer. And Kaberle , who once rejected a trade to Philadelphia for Jeff Carter and a first-round draft pick, is the team’s biggest asset.

The challenge, for Burke, is playing matchmaker. He not only has to find a team that is interested in Kaberle , he also has to find a team that Kaberle is interested in. And they hope the two sides can settle on a new contract.

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  1. toronto-cruz says:

    It blows my mind that someone, well someoneS, to act like this. Grow up idiots.

    Kaberle, your not wanted in Toronto, not needed and not part of our future, accept it, and accept the fact that your precise Muskoka cottage needs to be sold.

    Curran, good job buddy, your just showing the entire league how much of a d bag you are, and that you will be difficult and whiney if you don't get your way, won't make too many teams keen on dealing with you.

    I can only hope that if these 2 degenerates sandbag Toronto, that Burke buries Kaberle in the minors.. not the AHL, not the ECHL, screw him right over.

    Oh, and Curran… there have been 30 teams throughout history that have given up assets for rentals. At least your shitty client would be a full year rental, goof ball

  2. leafs_akiberg8 says:

    This is one of the dumbest comments i have seen posted. Of course Toronto would want to keep Kaberle. The only reason were trading him is because we have no forward depth and he will get the most return. Also, all he is saying is he wants to stay in Toronto and his agent is stating a fact that even though a team trades for him he may not sign longterm if he doesnt like the location.

    smarten up pal.

  3. albertateams says:

    I would be really surprised if Kaberle gets traded to a Western Conference team. He has stated that he really doesn't want to play a western conference schedule. As such a team in the west would consider him a rental player and not be willing to offer up a deal for him that an Eastern team that could resign him long term would. In no particular order I would think Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Washington and New Jersey would make the most sense. 

  4. Leafs_Forever says:

    2 things:

    1.  Of course there is lots of interest for Kaberle.  He is a guy who can easily get 50+ points on a crappy team like the Leafs and his cap hit is only 4.25 mill.  Imagine what he could do on a good team!

    2.  To those who say that he has very little trade value because he only has 1 year left, I say that is bunk.  Did you see what NJ paid for Kovalchuk? (and a 2nd rounder and Salmela)

    NJ traded Niclas Bergfors, Johnny Oduya, Patrice Cormier, a 1st-round draft pick in 2010 and a 2nd-round draft pick in 2010.  And that was only for 27 games!  And it is highly unlikely they will resign him.

    Kaberle is no Kovalchuk, but he is a premier puck moving d-man.  He is smooth skating, makes amazing passes, has great patience, and rarely takes penalties.  And his cap hit is way below value.

    I believe the leafs could get a first round pick for him.  The only reason they wouldn't be able to is because in the current NHL marketplace 1st round picks are way over valued.  The first couple picks over all may have good value, but after that it is a total gamble!

    Burke please get rid of Kaberle.  He is a good player but he needs a change, and he needs to be put on a good team.

    If we get back a big, young centerman with promise, I will be happy.

    One last comment: when I am reminder that the Leafs could have had Carter and a 1st for Kaberle, but Kaberle said no, it makes me cry! Thanks for that Kaberle! Just like Sundin, you screwed the team you apparently love…

  5. LeafsneedSteen says:

    I don't understand why Burke has to send an email about Kaberle's no trade clause.  Was there a GM in the league unaware of Kaberle and Toronto's situation?  Sometimes I think we collectively give the ex jocks that are GMs more credit than they're worth, short sighted trades aren't out of the question.  Like maybe Columbus is more interested in playoff revenue than say Cam Fowler.

  6. Leafs_Forever says:

    This is obviously not real you idiot!

  7. leafs_akiberg8 says:

    My take on the trade situation

    I dont see NJ having enough assests to trade for Kaberle. Burke is looking for a top 6 player and some toughness and possibly a draft choice and outside NJ's top 3 (Parise, Zajac and langenbrunner) i dont see any potential for a trade for both sides.

    NJ: Parise, Pandolfo/Salvador (salary dump)

    Tor: Kaberle, Irwin, Beauchemin maybe a pick as well but not many left

    Never going to happen but not a bad trade. NJ gets cap to try and resign Kovy who did well playing there and get 2 solid D men and a top prospect in return. While Tor gets a top 6 forward and eats some salary  and burkey gets another member of the US olympic team.

    I dont see Tor trading kabby within the division, or buffalo giving up prospects that they will have to face for years to come. Although this trade could have a ton of possibilities.

    Buf:Stafford, Ennis, Rivet (salary dump)

    Tor:Kaberle, Gunnarson/Beauchemin 

    Tor gets a top 6 forward in stafford a top prospect in Ennis and take back a little salary from Buf. Buffalo gets 2 solid puck moving D players or 1 puck mover and a solid D man to help out there depleted back end 

    Columbus is an interesting trade partner because they have a ton of depth in young forwards with potential to be top 6 (brassard, filatov etc.) that didn't pan out in columbus

    CBJ: Brassard, Filatov and Voracek 2nd

    Tor: Kaberle, Kulemin/grabo

    Might be a bit of a stretch addin that pick but if im not mistaken filatov doesnt want to play for CBJ, brassard hasnt panned out the way they want and voracek is a big guy who plays burkey's style. Also, roughly the same salary swapped and the leafs get rid of 2 players giving the team a headache.

    Anaheim is another interesting team with rumors Bobby Ryan coming back the leafs way. This trade wouldnt land the leafs as much depth but would give them a solidified top 6 forward to play with kessel.

    Ana: Bobby Ryan, Joffrey Lupul

    Tor: Kaberle, Stalberg and Grabo

    Anaheim dumps salary so they can sign there free agents while landing forward depth and a replacement for Neidermayer if he retires if not that would be a lethal powerplay connection. Tor gets a top 6 forward and a hefty contract of lupul but he could pan out in a change of scenery.

    Let the Chirps begin.

  8. Steve362 says:

    Realistically Leafs fans should be happy getting any roster player under the age of 25 who can put up 20 or more goals and a 2nd round pick  for Kaberle.

    The big thing is that "He makes 4.25" – he is at the end of the contract and will most definitely be looking for more money. So now you don't have an above average defencemen at a bargain price – you have an above average defencemen who is seeking a big contract

    The only teams going to be interested in Kaberle would be teams close to winning it all but needs to beef up their power play/offense – like a Buffalo or a Vancouver – and they are not going to give up alot of assets for an above average player for one season. New Jersey gave up alot for Kovalchuk and we see how that worked out; Do not expect a repeat performance  He is not elite – and this is coming from a leafs fan.

  9. albertateams says:

    New Jersey never makes that trade Parise is the face of that franchise and one of the top 20 forwards in the NHL and is just entering his prime. He is not going anywhere for a rental mid level prospect and a journeyman d.

    The Buffalo trade is intriguing but like you said do they really want to trade Kaberle in there division but the value is close. 
    I don't see him coming west. Its possible but highly unlikely given he would be reluctant to resign with a western team.
  10. LeafsneedSteen says:


  11. LeafsneedSteen says:

    We either get an enticing package or we resign him.  So that disqualifies the need to settle for a second rate talent.

    Kovalchuk was NJ's most productive player in the playoffs. NJ failed, not Kovelchuk.

  12. LeafsneedSteen says:

    CHI: Versteeg, Sharp, Sopel

    Tor: Kaberle, Aulie

    Leafs flesh out their top six and eats Sopel, Chicago dumps salary.

  13. nordiques100 says:

    Its not a surprise his agent is playing hardball. he is doing what is best for his client.

    He will say this stuff to discourage teams cause his client wants to stay in Toronto.

    Thats just how it works in sports. Agents will sabotage everything and anything for their own good.

    If there is a deal to be made, there were these 4 teams listed above.

    Buffalo – The Sabres do have some openings on D with Tallinder and Lydman free agents. They do have a need for a good puck moving Dman who could help their PP that went dry in the playoffs. While some will say he didnt help Toronto's 30th overall PP, he'd have more weapons to work with in Buffalo with players like Myers, Pominville, Ennis, Vanek and Roy good skilled players.

    They potentially could move their 1st, it will afterall be in the late 20s of the 1st round. They also have a big potential power forward in Drew Stafford to potentially offer. While he has been a bit inconsistent, he does offer some potential and the kind of size the Leafs seek in their top 6. They could offer up as well a player like a Marc Gragnani or Andre Sekera, or some young Dman. There is also maybe Zack Kassian instead of Stafford as a player the Leafs could go after. He is younger and may not be NHL ready, but big, strong and tough, just how Burke like'em.

    Buffalo too is close enough to Toronto for Kaberle to maintain a home here if he so chooses and be close enough to a place he has enjoyed playing in the last decade plus.

    Columbus – The Jackets have a great need for a true offensive QB on the backend. They have some assets to give up, but i doubt its the 4th overall pick. Players like Brassard or Filatov though could be made the centrepiece of any deal. They could too offer a young Dman back as well like a Russell or Golubef.

    The Jackets too have 2 2nd rounders. They could package one of them for sure. Its not plausible or believeable to see the Jackets move their 1st. They cannot be taht desperate.

    New Jersey – The Devils I can see some interest due to Paul Martin potentially leaving. But, they may be in the same boat as this year if they cannot lock up Kabby long term. They do not even have a 1st round pick and traded a good prospect in Bergfors, an NHL ready young player, in that deal for Kovalchuk. They do not have a ton of great assets to offer up and David Clarkson alone wouldnt be enough of a return even though he is the type of rugged forward the Leafs covet. 

    Anaheim – the key piece they have to move is a 1st round pick. They have 2 of them. I doubt the Leafs could squeeze Ryan out of Anaheim without giving up a top young player like a Bozak or a Schenn along with Kabby. I dont see a great fit here because the Ducks have a similar player in Vishnovsky already and he is pretty good at moving the puck and setting up plays.

  14. lafleur10 says:

    keep dreaming!

  15. reinjosh says:

    WHat is it with people vastly overrating Ryan? He wouldn't get Kaberle and a young player. Thats a ridiculous amount for a guy that gets to play with two guys who regularly get 45 plus assists a season (Perry and Getzlaf) and one of the most prolific scorers the NHL has see of the past 20 years (Selanne). He has only got 64 points. He isn't a star yet.

    I can't see New Jersey grabbing Kaberle, simply for the fact that other teams can outbid them.

    Columbus doesn't really have anyone else to offer but their first. Filatov isn't a Burke player and I doubt that Burke wants him. Voracek is becoming a part of the team and I can't see them giving up on Brassard yet. Outside of their first they don't have anything else to offer. Plus do we really need another center prospect like Brassard? We already have two who are at least of equal value. Defense isn't something we need with a young developing core on the team made of Schenn, Phaneuf and Gunnarson plus Komisarek and Beauchemin and Mikus, Aulie, Blacker, Oreskovich waiting in the wing. So that leaves tow 2nds and Voracek. Not enough in my opinion. And if the numbers being reported over the last two years are true, losing 50 million can be enough to persuade teams to do anything.

    Buffalo is the best option that I can think of and it just makes too much logical sense to not be a very likely option. They have the need. Outside of Myers, their defense has no standout and they don't really have any options within their system that shout standout. Kaberle would give them the quarterback they need and playing with Myers could be a boon to the powerplay and make them a deadly duo. It keeps Kaberle happy by being close to home and it allows for the real option of a contract extension. Plus, Buffalo has some nice assets that make sense to Toronto. The only problem could be the inter-divisional trade although I am not so convinced managers really care about that (especially Burke).

    Stafford has made himself a trade chip and could do wonders on a new team. He fits a need and he has decent size. Plus he has some nice hands. Kassian's legal problems might make his stock fall (we've seen it in the past) and might make his more tradeable. Plus the late first would be nice too. It might be a push to get all three without a contract extension on Kaberle's part but with one we could get all three and maybe a prospect like Adams but more likely a guy like Tropp or Brennan. We get the NHL winger we want, we get a first rounder Burke would like, we get another two prospects for the system to appease the fans. Everyone wins.

  16. reinjosh says:

    Yeah Parise is almost as untouchable as Crosby is. Well closer to Getzlaf untouchable but the point is he is untouchable.

    Buffalo trade isn't bad but take Gunnarson out, he's a gem and shouldn't be going anywhere.

  17. reinjosh says:

    With Anaheim, and disregarding my views in Ryan's worth, I can't see them moving Ryan. While I may disagree with you estimate on what it takes to get him, I don't disagree on it not being a great fit. It just doesn't seem like a logical fit.

  18. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Excellent job dismantling the proposed trade, you're quite ascute.

  19. reinjosh says:

    I agree with LeafsneedSteen. Its either get a package that makes it worth while, alla a scoring winger like Neal and maybe a pick like a first if possible) or extend him and keep the guy who has only been outscored by one other defenseman, that being Lidstrom.

    Above average? I think not. How many defenseman get 50 points a year? Like ten. You get one that can and can play good defense (its a fallacy he can't) and you got yourself an All-Star (which Kaberle is).

  20. reinjosh says:

    I really can't see Burke moving Aulie. He got him included in the Phaneuf deal for a reason.

    But not a bad trade. I've become a big Versteeg fan after not being one for a season and a half. Sharp I don't even need to explain. Sopel would be a salary dump but his play might make him untradeable. He has played pretty well in the Cup final.

  21. Leafland says:

    I don’t see that trade working just because Chicago already has a similar d-man in Brian Campbell, as well as Duncan Keith who can also put up points and plays better defence than Kaberle.

  22. albertateams says:

    The problem with resigning him is it makes the leafs really cap heavy on the back end.

    Phaneuf 6.5 13/14
    Komisarek 4.5 13/14
    Beauchemin 3.8 11/12
    Schenn 2.975 10/11
    Gunnarsson 0.8 10/11
    Finger 3.5 11/12
    22 million without Kaberle resigned.
    Komisarek, and Finger have negative trade value due to there inflated cap numbers. They could and probably will send Finger down. You could trade Beauchemin but the return would be pretty meager compared to Kaberle. Next summer both Schenn and Gunnarson have to be resigned and both will be looking for raises. 
    I'm not suggesting they shouldn't maximize the return they could get from Kaberle but he is gone, resigning him just doesn't work unless TO wants to move out young defenseman.    
  23. palindrom says:

    even my playstation didnt accept these trade!

  24. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Aulie was just a throw in, he's interchangeable to fit Chicago's needs.

    I see Versteeg and Sharp as decent players when surrounded by talent or with little pressure.  Solid second line wingers. Kaberle is the only superstar (only perennial all star) in the deal. Two second liners for top five puck moving defenseman and a salary dump and I'm dreaming? Silly habhomers.

    The key to the deal is clearing 6+ in cap space for the hawks.

  25. palindrom says:

    Dumping salary for Chicago mean Huet or Campbell, all other player have a fairly good trade value and there would be plenty of interest for them! (ok, maybe not Sopel!)

    And they have good offensive defense man already, this trade would unbalance their team

  26. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Valid point, just tired of reading trades where we take back Campbell. If Chicago runs into a hard time finding willing partners a Campbell/Seabrook/Campbell/Kaberle could make for an interesting wide open game to compliment Toews Kane and Hossa.

  27. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, its two solid secondary guys for a perennial star. The salary dump makes it even more even.

    I don't think Aulie was the throw in. Sjostrom was. Aulie was highly held by Sutter and it would take a lot to move him (something I was surprised to see done). He was a throw in compared to the other player coming back, but was the secondary key piece of the deal.

  28. LeafsneedSteen says:

    I just meant in the Chicago deal, I've never seen the kid play so don't no clue if he's a keeper or not.

  29. reinjosh says:

    Its really not a big deal though. With the cap still going up when everyone thought it would go down, 22 million isn't bad. If Kaberle isn't traded, Beauchemin will be to make the defense less cap heavy. Plus Finger is a certainty to be moved. Its about getting the best value for Kaberle, Beauchemin's value has no bearing on the trade.

    That would bring it down to 20 million with Kaberle (5 million dollar extension). Heavy but not undo-able. Schenn doesn't actually make 2.95 (thats his maximum allowable, he doesn't hit all his bonuses) and will likely get a small raise after this season. Probably the same with Gunnarson. Its unlikely both of them do much to get huge raises. Schenn gets maybe 2.5 and Gunnarson won't get more than 2.5.

    Not really a big deal.

  30. LeafsneedSteen says:

    You can always trade Schenn for a solid return, he's basically a hyped younger version of Komisarek and Beachemin.

  31. reinjosh says:

    Ah gotcha. He's a future shutdown guy and pretty good at it and will have value with his rookie deal. I'd compare him to Cowan.

  32. reinjosh says:

    and yet they can't do anything on the powerplay. Its horrendous how badly set up it is.

  33. nordiques100 says:

    sorry but players his size, his speed and his skill level with the ability to be a consistent 35 goal man and menace in front. players like him do not grow on trees.

    he is every bit as good as Kessel. and we know what he went for….

  34. glotz_99 says:

    Even though Chicago wasnt mentioned as a possible trade candadite I could see a Burke working out a trade with them.

    I don't know sure exactly how it would go but I could see something like:

    Kris Versteeg, Andrew Ladd, Brent Sopel and a 2nd rd pick for Kaberle and some prospect, Oreskovic, Mitchell or something like that.  

  35. reinjosh says:

    Oh I never said he doesn't have talent, but there is no chance in hell he's worth Kaberle and schenn/bozak.

    Burke accepeted a Kessel for Kaberle deal straight up until Chiarelli started messing up the deal. If Kessel was the expected price for Kaberle on an off year, Ryan for Kaberle straight up is enough.

    Regardless, it would never happen. Anaheim has little use for Kaberle.

  36. nordiques100 says:

    a 22.7 percent success rate on the PP in the playoffs, which would have put them 2nd overall if this was the regular season is not horrible. They are actually 5 percent better than they were in the regular season.

    there isnt much to what they do. whack away from the point, have byfuglien in front. players like toews, kane and hossa could finish a bit better but meh, its fine.

    to me, they have the playmakers back there. Campbell is good, Keith is good. If they could get a player with a bomb of a shot like a Souray, Chara, Weber, a big shooter, that's their biggest PP need.

    But its the Hawks, they have little holes in that lineup….except maybe goal.

  37. nordiques100 says:

    it was to chiarelli, Kessel for Kaberle and the 7th overall pick. that is very equivalent to Ryan for Kaberle and a good prospect like a Schenn.

  38. Kramer says:

    The Leafs gotta make a trade. If the world ends in 2012, they got only 2 years left.

  39. nordiques100 says:

    I definitely see the Hawks parting with Ladd and Versteeg before they move Sharp.

    I think they will probably send Huet to the minors or Europe like the Caps did with Nylander. That's probably their best recourse to cut costs.

    With Kane, Toews, Byfuglien, Hossa, Bolland, Sharp they'd still have a healthy group of forwards. There's also Bickell and Skillie and possibly Beach ready to step in too.

    Sharp is such a useful player for them being able to play centre and wing, kill penalties or play the point on the PP.

    I think the Leafs could land Ladd relatively cheap. He is a good player, who is solid defensively but can chip in 20 goals. i think in a more offensive role, he could get 25ish goals a year. He has the size to be a decent PF.

    If they took a run at Colby Armstrong and maybe traded for a bigger checking centre like a Boyd Gordon or David Steckel in Washington, that would accomplish the needs for more truculence up front and be a much bigger team that is harder to play against. 

  40. albertateams says:

    I just think its a bad move not to trade Kaberle, of course its possible to make the numbers work, but bringing in a young forward is more important to the team than signing an aging D-man to a large contract. resigning kaberle would be a very short sighted move when a decent return is on the table.

  41. HABSSTAR says:

    a) I'm not sure NJ is all about Kovy.  I think they just got him to take one last kick at the can for a SC before they go into rebuild

    b) Lupul can not be traded unless it involves Pronger.

  42. HABSSTAR says:

    I think you're bang on with what the Leafs could get for him.  Only thing is they do have the option of resigning him if this "I love Toronto" stuff isn't just smoke an mirrors. 

  43. Boston_Bruins says:

    I really don't think anyone's deserving of the Conn Smythe besides Pronger. Toews looked like he was a lock but has completely disappeared in the Finals. I guess Keith somewhat deserves it, but this is one of the toughest years to hand it out that I can remember.

  44. 93killer93 says:

    Exactly Imagine the Leafs with
    Carter. 1st(John Carlsson)
    Kesler, 1st(Tyler Myers)

  45. palindrom says:

    Brassard, Filatov and Voracek and a 2nd ?

    I told this to a friend of mine who is penguin fan, and he told me he would consider trading Crosby for this package (Crosby have 3 years remaning at 8.7 milliond before being UFA). This package could give them younger, quality and more affordable players. And everybody know they are already strong in the middle.

    So if you are Columbus would you prefer crosby or karberle and grabovski?

  46. KingCanada says:

    Buffalo: Tomas Kaberle
    Toronto: Zack Kassian, Luke Adam, late pick

    Colombus: Kaberle, Mikhail Grabovski
    Toronto: Nikita Filatov, 2nd round (CLM), 2nd round (BUF)

    Anaheim: Kaberle
    Toronto: 1st round (Ana, 12th), 3rd round, Kyle Palmieri

    New Jersey: Kaberle, Christian Hanson
    Toronto: David Clarkson, Matt Corrente, 2nd round (ATL, 38th)

    I really think those trades are all fair.  They can be tweaked a little bit with the draft picks and stuff but those are the prospects Id like to receive back from those 4 teams.  All those prospects are tough aggressive players with the exception of Filatov so there Burke types.  With Filatov he just has too much skill to ignore and Im sure Burke knows that too and would gladly trade for him.

  47. Mapleleaves says:

    although he was talking about aulie in the chicago deal i just wanted to pooint out that sjostom (from what i herd) was a essential part of this deal.

    Nonis told burke he had to get him as a part of this deal.

  48. KingVilly91 says:

    no mapleleaves fletcher told burke to get him cause he had him with the yotes

  49. Mapleleaves says:

    well i knew it was someone, either way he wasnt excactly interchangable

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