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Since the most recent survey posted by Micki, I’ve noticed a major conflict in opinion among the members. Who are the top 10 players who would have the best chance to lead the league in scoring after the first 10 games of the season?? Many members seem to think that Mats Sundin should have been part of the list. Others lean toward the likes of Fedorov, Kovalev, and Lemieux.

Here’s my opinion for what it’s worth:

10. Sergei Samsonov – With Guerin gone, the Bruins will look for Samsonov to carry the load. He has incredible hands and a tremendously bright future. If last year wasn’t a breakout year, this one will be.

9. Joe Sakic – With Forsberg back it should open up some room for Sakic and his lethal wrister.

8. Mike Modano – With Guerin now in Dallas I don’t think that Modano will put up quite the same numbers as in the past, but I think that he is still the best sniper in the league.

7. Eric Lindros – Looked like he was playing with LeClair again, once the Rangers picked up Bure. He’s another player who may not make it past the 10th game, but should put up outstanding numbers while he lasts.

6. Paul Kariya – With Adam Oates feeding him, and with Peter Sykora on the wing, Kariya finally has a pair of talented linemates. That line could easily be this years top line.

5. Mats Sundin – He has to set the tone for the Leafs early on this season to avoid a possible disaster. The controversy surrounding Pat Quinn and the rest of the team(Belfour) could be very detrimental to their season. We’ll see how good of a captain Sundin is this year.

4. Peter Forsberg – Unbelievable playoff performance after sitting out the entire season. It will be great to have him back in the game. A truely dominating player.

3. Todd Bertuzzi – At 6’3″ 225, Bertuzzi has taken the title as premier power forward away from players like Tkachuk and LeClair. His line remains in tact from last seaon, which was one of if not the best line in the NHL. Should start the season the same way he finished.

2. Jaromir Jagr – He was injured a bit last year which hurt his point total, but he wasn’t a total bust, 79 points in 69 games. Third in PPG behind Bertuzzi and Iginla. Playing with a talented center in Lang again, should pay off for Jagr and the Caps.

1. Mario Lemieux – The guy made Kevin Stevens look good. Unfortunately his body can’t handle the rigors of an 82 game season anymore. But he’ll be around for the first 10. When at only 75 % Mario is hands down the most feared player in the league.

-Snubbed –







-Please notice that this is not a “biased” opinion. I want to know what everyone else thinks about this. Feel free to rip me apart.

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  1. lander45 says:


    This guy puts up the numbers with no help from his wingers. If Isbister ( and company )gets going look out. More open ice should help too…if refs do their job.

  2. BabyLeaf says:

    I like your list, but I would have to add Naslund and Iginla. As well I do think Pavel Bure has a definite shot at being in the leading scorer race.

    Also the biggest suprises would be:

    Alyn McCauley and Alex Mogilny (not like to happen, but hey stranger things have happened 😉


  3. infoengine says:

    I am not an Igilna fan, but i don’t think it is right to leave out the number one goal scorer in the league.

    Also I think Jason Allison will put up great numbers with the Kings. Especially with Palffy and Deadmarsh at his side.

  4. infoengine says:

    I am not an Igilna fan, but i don’t think it is right to leave out the number one goal scorer in the league.

    Also I think Jason Allison will put up great numbers with the Kings. Especially with Palffy and Deadmarsh at his side.

  5. JClark87 says:

    Here’s how I see it.

    10. Jeremy Roenick- There is just too much talent on this team for one of them not to hit the top ten. J. R. has arguably the best all-around game on the team, so I’ll pick him off of the Flyers.

    9.Jason Allison- Plays a great all around game, can score and is a physical playmaker. He has great tools, and having quality linemates like Palffy and Deadmarsh won’t hurt either.

    8. Sergei Fedorov- Some people might think that with Yzerman out it would hurt Sergei’s numbers, but he plays out of his mind when Stevie is out of the lineup. Add the fact that Shanahan and Zetterburg are set to play on a line with him, he can have the kind of year that people have expected of him throughout his career.

    7.Paul Kariya-A rejuvinated Ducks roster will help him out. He will be in the top ten, barring injury.

    6.Joe Sakic- Won’t be keyed on as much, if you can say that. His wrist shot is still crazy, so you can bank on him being at the top of the league.

    5.Peter Forsberg-He and Sakic will go toe to toe. There’s just too much talent for these two not to make the top of league. You can bank on them doing it.

    4.Jarome Iginla- He actually has a supporting cast this year, with the additions of Gelinas and Drury. He could go either way, up or down. But he should still be up there.

    3.Jaromir Jagr- I can’t stand this guy, but he can play. If he’s healthy this year. he should be a good one. I can’t see him not with Bondra and Lang in town.

    2. Todd Bertuzzi- I was very tempted to put this beast at number 1, because he is justa monster. I’ve been a fan of his for a while, always knew he was gonna be a stud. He and Naslund are a great tandem, both should have great years.

    1. Markus Naslund- I am a Red Wings fan, but I can’t help but put these 2 at the top. They are the most dominating line in hockey, it seems they score at will. These guys are the real deal.

    Close Calls:

    Brendan Shanhan- My favorite player will be close, but I think Sergei’s bigger role will put him on top. Bowman being gone should help him though.

    Mario-Won’t be healthy enough to crack the top ten, but will probably be the top in points per game.

    Pavol Demitra/Doug Weight/Keith Tkachuk: All of these guys should be in the race, but they’ll fall a little short.

  6. Glen says:

    I know that Iginla led the league in scoring but when you are the only half decent player on your team, you’re going to get the puck all the time. Now that Chris Drury is in Calgary I don’t see Iginla being top ten in the first 10 games or throughout the rest of the season.

    Being on the east coast I don’t get to see much of Bertuzzi and Naslund. I know that they make a great pair, but am sticking with what I know. In the handful of times that I’ve seen the two, Bertuzzi has seemed like a more dominating presence on the ice.

    I left loaded teams like the Wings, Blues, Stars (-Modano), and my Flyers off the list. Loaded teams tend to spread the scoring across the board. Teams just don’t have 5 players produce 80 points a season, scoring is down.

  7. Glen says:

    I thought about putting him on the snubbed list but wanted to keep it short. There are about 20 players who I could have put 8-10. He’s one of em.

  8. Glen says:

    Thanks. I hope for Sundin’s sake that Mogilny steps up because I think he’s going to need all the help he can get. I think Bure will miss the first few games, that’s why I didn’t pick him. No comment about McCauley…..

  9. opiatedsherpa says:

    Best 10 players to lead the league in scoring after 10 games?!? Ummmmm… this ranks as one of the top 10 worst topics 10 days before the season actually begins.

    You can stamp a great big ‘who cares’ on this one. Unless of course your hockey pool gives out prizes for the top scorer every 10 games.

  10. MossRocks says:

    Only half decent player in Calgary??? I am sworn to hate the Calgary Flames but I can’t agree with you there. That team had some quality players last year and will again this year. By the way Drury and Iginla are going to be on the same line, how will Drury steal the spotlight? This guy played with Sakic and Forsberg his whole career and he’s never scored 30 goals. Anybody who thinks he’s stealing Jarome’s thunder hasn’t watched the Flames, nor have they seen Drury play in the regular season.

    Naslund is a better player than Bertuzzi and he has produced on many occasions. Bertuzzi has the benefit of playing with the best player north of the 49th. Iginla had much better production than Bertuzzi before last year, he’s younger, and yet Bertuzzi gets the respect. Why? Bertuzzi has more to prove this year than Iginla. He’s had one decent year, at least Iginla’s had 30 before. I’m an Oiler fan who gets to watch (and hate) these guys a lot, I am being objective in saying that Naslund is the best, Iginla second and Bertuzzi third.

  11. hockeywhore says:

    You just can’t win with a list like this. Absolutely everyone has completely different views, but for the most part I agree with your list. Iginla won’t repeat as leading scorer, especially now that he’s got a shared work load. Drury could actually decrease Iginla’s totals. I think Iginla scored a lot cuz he had to. The only single player I believe you left out was Bure. He’s my fave as far as scorers go, so there may be some bias there, but I still think he’ll be the leading goal scorer. He’s one of the most explosive skaters and surest shots in the league.

  12. saiklo says:

    Now this is a legitimate list, but Kovalev should be above Samsonov, especially since the Pens have moved him to 2nd line center.

  13. Glen says:

    It was in response to the poll that was setup a few days ago. What’s so tremendous about the Mike Grier trade? He may score a whole 15 goals, unbelievable.

  14. guinsfan4life says:

    Jagr is not going to play with Lang. Why does everyone think Jagr played with Lang in Pittsburgh? He didn’t. THey were on separate lines and Washington coaching staff has said they will not play together.

    With that said, here is my top 10-

    1. Alex Kovalev

    2. Mario Lemieux(or anyone on his line)

    3. Bill Guerin

    4. Mike Modano

    5. Peter Forsberg

    6. Jakomir Jakr

    7. Peter Bondra

    8. Joe Sakic

    9. Markus Naslund

    10. Paul Kariya

  15. guinsfan4life says:

    Why do you think they moved him from second line wing to second line center?

  16. guinsfan4life says:

    Even though I replied, I agree with you. This topic is totally irrelevant to the whole season.

  17. TheDevil says:

    Ten first games?? Does it really matter??

  18. -Swizz- says:

    its not gonna be all superstars…

    the top 10 scorers in the first 10 games ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS has some surprise players……its never all your usual all-stars….your list looks more like the top 10 scrorers after 50 games….

    look for some surprise players (in the past, parrish, savage, carter, etc)

    maybe kvasha will be up there! or langkow….or hrdina/morozov (whoever is playing with lemieux)…

  19. -Swizz- says:

    when lang got 80pts 2 years ago, who was on his line?

    was it lang/straka/kovie ?

    and where will he play in washington then?

    if not jagr, gotta be bondra…

  20. aaron says:

    I’m going to go for the 10 likely strange players to jump towards the top out of nowhere, instead of babble off a bunch of established superstars.

    1. Anson Carter

    2. Ryan Smyth

    3. Henrik Zetterburg

    4. Daniel Briere

    5. Daymond Langkow

    6. Alyn McCauley

    7. Steve Reinprecht

    8. Geoff Sanderson

    9. Martin Rucinsky

    10. Scott Mellanby

    Will any of these guys do any good? Who knows? Probably some will. Mostly just educated guesses.

  21. Glen says:

    Andy Delmore was on fire before his injury last season.

  22. mikster says:

    too biased….

  23. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Scott Young, always starts off good. My pick is Scotty

    ~Jeff P.

    JFB DK57

  24. JClark87 says:

    Jesus, I didn’t see the first ten games thing. THat’s a horrible topic. This was for the season everyone

  25. lander45 says:

    Mark Parrish

  26. TheDevil says:

    …anywat, try Brian “Mr. October” Savage.

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