NHL Top 10

Since the most recent survey posted by Micki, I’ve noticed a major conflict in opinion among the members. Who are the top 10 players who would have the best chance to lead the league in scoring after the first 10 games of the season?? Many members seem to think that Mats Sundin should have been part of the list. Others lean toward the likes of Fedorov, Kovalev, and Lemieux.

Here’s my opinion for what it’s worth:

10. Sergei Samsonov – With Guerin gone, the Bruins will look for Samsonov to carry the load. He has incredible hands and a tremendously bright future. If last year wasn’t a breakout year, this one will be.

9. Joe Sakic – With Forsberg back it should open up some room for Sakic and his lethal wrister.

8. Mike Modano – With Guerin now in Dallas I don’t think that Modano will put up quite the same numbers as in the past, but I think that he is still the best sniper in the league.

7. Eric Lindros – Looked like he was playing with LeClair again, once the Rangers picked up Bure. He’s another player who may not make it past the 10th game, but should put up outstanding numbers while he lasts.

6. Paul Kariya – With Adam Oates feeding him, and with Peter Sykora on the wing, Kariya finally has a pair of talented linemates. That line could easily be this years top line.

5. Mats Sundin – He has to set the tone for the Leafs early on this season to avoid a possible disaster. The controversy surrounding Pat Quinn and the rest of the team(Belfour) could be very detrimental to their season. We’ll see how good of a captain Sundin is this year.

4. Peter Forsberg – Unbelievable playoff performance after sitting out the entire season. It will be great to have him back in the game. A truely dominating player.

3. Todd Bertuzzi – At 6’3″ 225, Bertuzzi has taken the title as premier power forward away from players like Tkachuk and LeClair. His line remains in tact from last seaon, which was one of if not the best line in the NHL. Should start the season the same way he finished.

2. Jaromir Jagr – He was injured a bit last year which hurt his point total, but he wasn’t a total bust, 79 points in 69 games. Third in PPG behind Bertuzzi and Iginla. Playing with a talented center in Lang again, should pay off for Jagr and the Caps.

1. Mario Lemieux – The guy made Kevin Stevens look good. Unfortunately his body can’t handle the rigors of an 82 game season anymore. But he’ll be around for the first 10. When at only 75 % Mario is hands down the most feared player in the league.

-Snubbed –







-Please notice that this is not a “biased” opinion. I want to know what everyone else thinks about this. Feel free to rip me apart.