NHL Top 20 Contracts

Check out who are included in the top 20 salary list in the NHL.

1. Luongo, Roberto $10,000,000
2. Lecavalier, Vincent $10,000,000
3. Ovechkin, Alexander $9,000,000
4. Crosby, Sidney $9,000,000
5. Malkin, Evgeni $9,000,000
6. Gomez, Scott $8,000,000
7. Keith, Duncan
8. Heatley, Dany
9. Spezza, Jason
10. Drury, Chris $8,000,000
11. Hossa, Marian
12. Richards, Brad
13. Zetterberg, Henrik $7,750,000
14. Lundqvist, Henrik $7,750,000
15. Pronger, Chris $7,600,000
16. Chara, Zdeno
17. Gaborik, Marian $7,500,000
18. Nash, Rick
19. Staal, Eric $7,500,000
20. Thornton, Joe

4 Responses to NHL Top 20 Contracts

  1. number15 says:

    There are alot worse player than him who are paid crazy money (Gomes, Drury, etc…), but in my opinion Roberto Luongo is the most overpaid player in the NHL, just because I think no goalie should be paid that much

    The guy is not the next Brodoeur or Roy. There are much better goalies in the league…… i can name 6-7 right off my head that I rather have over Luongo, he is OVER-RATED

    even at the Olympics, he seemed very shaky. He just got lucky

  2. Tachmo says:

    Heatley is a bum. He was standing still on the OT goal in game 3. Embarassing!


     Gomez is really overpaid, sure the Habs made it to the quarter finals but what about after this season??? The Habs have only about 11 millions of cap space and have yet to resign Metropolite, Moore, Lapierre, SK,Plekanec, Pyatt, Bergeron, Price and Halak, It really shows how much Gomez's contract will hurt the Habs in the long run and therefor the Habs will have to make a trade to accommodate that big contract.

     But besides Gomez Drury and Luongo I don't think that the rest of that list is overpaid.

     As for todays game I wish the Habs would win but they play terrible in the afternoon and the Flyers are going to come out strong as they don't want to go back to Philly in a 2-2 series. Regardless of what happens I think the Habs did really great this year but due to that Gomezs contract I doubt the Habs will be that competitive in the next 4 years as they will probably lose a few pieces of that puzzle this off-season!

  4. zackman13 says:

    i hope chicago is f***ed over seriously by the cap this summer, just because they beat the sharks.

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