list of the NHL top 5 from most improved teams to best players.

Anaheim Ducks
Althoguh the team seams to be at a loss with neidermayer and selanne on the brink of retirement consider two things A) they havent retired yet and B) the additions of Bertuzzi and schneider with fill those gaps no completly but quit nicely

Pittsburg Penguins
The kid can only get better and with sykora and sydor in the mix this team seems to be the perfect mix of young talent like syd malkin and stall and veterens like Recci and Roberts

Ottawa Senators
I am a leafs fans but even though this team did basically nothing in the offseason they still have the most intreaging line in all of hockey with heatly spezza and alfredson

Detroit Redwings
its seems to me that thhis team hasnt missed the playoffs since the dawn of time. They always seem to be in the running for thr pres and are one of the current NHL dynasties. it may seem that the losses of Bertuzzi, Lang and schneider but bertuzzi did next to nothing on the wings and Rafalski and drake will fill the schneider and lang gap.

New York Rangers
The reason these guys are 5 and not 2 is because although they seem to have the most pottent offence im not to set on there defence. Dont get my wrong lundvist is an excelent tender but i dont think hes quit ready to carry a team.

Sindey Crosby
Im not 100% impressed with this guy only because of his whinning and because everything he does is blown way out of proportion. Dont get me wrong tho he does have a Crap load of talent and i expect him to have a 150+ point season.

Alexander Ovechkin
the most exciting play to watch period. From hit highlight goals to his hitting. with nylander now in the mix alexander the great is going to have an amazing year i say he reaches the 55 goal mark easily.

Joe Thornton
The Best play making player in the league. he has to have eyes in the back of his head to make the plays he does. this guy could get an 8 year old school girl a 50 goal season. i expect him to break the 100 point mark next season

Jaromire Jagr
the most natural scorer in the nhl and now with drury and gomes in the line up goal will come even more natural might be another rocket season for jagr

Dany Heatly
the key to Ottawa’s succsess. this guy has had 3 consecutive 50 goal seasons and is a scoring threat everytime he steps on the ice. im predicting yet another 50 goal season for dany heatly

Roberto Luango
Basically a brick wall he was great with florida hes AMAZING with vancouver he was the player that carried that team all the way to the playoffs and then some. he is the best goalie in the NHLno question and he got a taste of his own medicine at the NHL awards when he was robbed of the hart and vezina

Marty Broduer
A very good goalie and the reason he is not number one is because his team plays the trap there for he doesnt need to be spectacular, that and he lets in alot of softies. never the less he sits at number two. has the record for most wins in a season and a definet hall of famer worthy of a #2 spot

Miika Kiprusoff
Highlight saves, vezina and a jennings winner(lowers G.A.A) inches from a stanley cup this guy will be a great goalie and a possible hall of famer.

Marty Turco
Great Canadian goal tender. USUALLY and under acheveiver in the playoffs but this year prooved otherwise the best save% in the playoffs but a first round agains luango, turco came out on the bottom but now is prooven in both season and playoffs

Henrik Lundqvist
A vezina Candadit in both his rookie season and his sophmoore season, his low butterfly stance makes him impossible to beat down low and now with some offence this could be the year the king henrik goes deep into the post season,

Flordida Panthers
With the additios of Vokoun, Zednick and Devorak the not so bad florida panthers may now have what it take to play into later april.

Los Angeles Kings
Handzus, Calder, Nagy, preissing and stuart make this team about 70% better then they were last year. Not what they wanted, as they were looking to land a big name free agent but this might do. may not be enough to push them into the play offs but they will sure make some noise.

S.t. Louis Blues
a team that got the right coaching a little to late in the season hat climbed there way into the 9, 10 spot in the west from the floor, if johnson plays this year and the addition of paul karyia and bringing back kieth tkachuk this team should finish 7,8 this season.

Colorado Avalanche
They added Heart and grit with smyth and they added a great stay at home defencemen in hannan, This team missed the playoffs by a hair but im still unsure as to where they could finish. goaltending is still i big area of question.

Boston Bruins
One work Manny. This team has LOADS and LOADS of talent and skill all they needed was a goalie until there gift tuuka was ready and now they have him Manny Fernandez this guy has been in the top ten almost every year as a part of the wild.

Edmonton Oilers
the main reason i put them here is because NO ONE wants to play there. it beat me why but the nylander situation, smyth being traded and the pronger thing just makes me feel bad for kevin lowe

Buffalo Sabers
They lost the best two players. Drury and briere were the best players on the team last year and a huge chunk of the reason they made it to the playoffs, and with vaneks contract now this team got a real kcik in the butt this off season.

New York Islannders
basically its there own fault that they aren’t as good they bought out yashin, and they were spending so much time on yashin they forgot to offer a contract to jason blake so no pitty for snow here. why not offer everyone in the nhl a 15 year contract then you’ll have a killer team… for 15 years.

New Jersey Devils
they lost there top center and there top D-man i don’t expect the devils to have as good a season as previouse ones. broduer is getting up there in ages i don’t think he’ll play as many games as he usually does.

Nashville Preditors
the speculation that the team is moving has driven players away and now that they are starting to re-build means that there wont be n e playoffs for the preds this year. part of it was there fault. trading away there star tender and d-man along with hartnall

so those are my lists IMO what are you opinions

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  1. dcz28 says:

    Rafalski is an upgrade over Schneider and Lang was useless and a defensive liability last season so bringing in Grigorenko (not Drake who will play the 3rd or 4th line) is also an improvement heck giving Filppula Lang's minutes is still an improvement for the Wings. Markov is the main player they haven't replaced yet but they have lots of youngsters like Meech, Quincey and others to give it a shot and if they don't work out the Wings can always trade for a defenseman since they still have about 5 million in cap space to spend.

  2. JuicemaN says:

    Too bad this is a hockey site and not a spelling bee site….I'm sure there's plenty of people who give a sh!t about spelling mistakes at http://www.spellingbee.com take your spelling corrections there.

    This is a hockey site, where they spell Ruwaaa – Roy and Shetan – Satan…

    please, unless you have something relevant to say…keep your immature spelling corrections to yourself.

  3. JuicemaN says:

    no it wasn't, I read it fine….they're just spelling mistakes….nothing to complain about…he's posting hockey thoughts not spelling qualifications.

  4. JuicemaN says:

    Ottawa will easily be a better team this year…unless somehow the leafs click in every magical way possible and become one of those mystery teams that play ridiculously well all season Ottawa will easily win the division with a minimum of 105 points.

  5. dcz28 says:

    For the Wings i agree that Rafalski is an upgrade over Schneider but the loss of Lang i think is a big plus for the Wings since he was the laziest player on the Wings and a turnover machine especially on the powerplay. give some of Lang's minutes to Hudler and Filppula and the Wings will get about the same amount of offense production without all the turnovers and the team will be better defensively not to mention better on faceoffs because Lang was the Wings worst faceoff guy.

    The kid you are thinking about that might be on the Wings this season is Igor Grigorenko.

  6. RealisticLeaf says:

    Thanks for clearing that up as i thought Pronger slept with another players wife. That is what I heard.

    Do you think nobody wants to play for the oilers is because of how they handled Smyth? Like played hardball with their best player? Cause if i was a player and was a free agent and seen how Lowe handled the smyth negotiations I too would stay clear of Edmonton. Do you think others looked at this the same way?

  7. MR40 says:


    Biased? Yes.

  8. Bacon077 says:

    What does this article tell anybody that they didn’t know before?

  9. MR40 says:

    Best teams:

    1). Pittsburgh
    2). Anahiem
    3). San Jose (if the rookies don't step up, they'll struggle)
    4). Calgary
    5). New York Rangers

    Dark horse: Vancouver Canucks, Philadelphia Flyers, Toronto Maple Leafs

    Best forwards:

    1). Sidney Crosby
    2). Jason Spezza
    3). Joe Thornton
    4). Alexander Ovechkin
    5). Dany Heatley

    Dark horse: Kristion Huselius, Rick Nash, Brad Richards

    Best defensemen:

    1). Chris Pronger
    2). Nicklas Lidstrom
    3). Scott Niedermayer
    4). Tomas Kaberle
    5). Dion Phanuef

    Dark horse: Dan Boyle, Kevin Bieksa, Francois Beachuimin

    Best goalie:

    1). Roberto Luongo (I flipped a coin between him and Broduer)
    2). Martin Broduer (I think Broduer will be good, I just don't think he will be outstanding again, he'll be good, but his age has to catch up a bit sooner or later)
    3). Mikka Kiprusoff
    4). Henrik Lundqvist
    5). Rick Dipietro

    Dark horse: Nikolai Khabibulin, Ray Emery

  10. bernie1parent says:

    well, hes only played a couple full seasons which were on a bad sabres team, so i think with a good defense, he can get the job done and become a pretty good goalie (stat wise).  Alright, the way it seems, your source is better, mine doesn't account for guys like price (i dont think he'll be on the team though, thats probably his entry level contract, so it wont go into effect until he plays 10 games). 
    Thats what we would hope, that they wont take into account other peoples salaries, but it always happens.  I dont think anyone will want to take on kovalevs contract, and he is an under performer. 
    Richards isn't going to score many points in his career, hes going to be a defensive player with shades of brilliance in the offensive zone (set ups).  lupul i dont know much about, so i wont make an argument, but from what ive read, his plays hard and has great talent.  Upshall showed a great upside last year when paired with carter, given a chance, i think he can prove to be a quality player.
    We'll see how the cards play.

  11. bernie1parent says:

    if he goes to the flyers, expect the salary to be small, but loaded with incentives, sort of like shanny and NY.  I expect guathier to be moved anyways, so that frees up 2 mill, we'd still have to move one more player.

  12. bernie1parent says:

    no, 18, but i dont really feel like typing out my emotions, so i'll settle for "lol" and "lmao".  You know, go with the online lingo. 

  13. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    How bout instead of whinning next to crosby you take away the h. The kid is the best player in the league BY FAR…. as in there is no one close to him. What he did at 19 has only been as special as 2 players in NHL history, Gretzky and Lemieux. The kid is a winner and is still the best player despite gaining an unwarranted reputation as some kind of diver or whiner. Its riduculous…. what more does he have to do to shed any doubt that he isnt those things.  Sean Avery is a diver… Sean Avery has to dive and whine to be good in the NHL… Crosby DOES NOT!

  14. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    hey buddy i was just responding to ace who was correcting the original poster's spelling and I was pointing out the stupidity of what he had just said. I was being an ass cuz i hate when people correct others' spelling.

  15. I_hate_LA says:

    I'd put Colorado at the top of the list of most improved teams ahead of LA especially. Budaj is young, still has potential, and could definitely be able to bounce back from a so-so season. In addition to that, the Avs didn't really have a good defensive unit. But, now that they've added Hannan I think that's a plus. Smyth is the total package and he could single-handedly do things to improve the team. They've also got great young talent in Wolski, Stastny, and Svatos. I can't wait to see Colorado play next season.

    GO DUCKS!!!

  16. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    I don't know too much about komisarek but I can't see him being a top 10 nhl defenseman considering the following d men that you left off… lubomir visnovski, schneider, timmonen, mccabe, whitney, boyle, gonchar, boucher. Halak might be a little bit of a stretch as well but you gotta be optimistic for your own players.

  17. nyrhockey094 says:

    Its such a ridiculous generalization about the Rangers having a bad defense. Just because they are filled with a bunch of no names, does not mean they are bad. Rozival is a phenomenal defender. He shows sparks of offensive brillance while holding very steady defensively. Fedor Tyutin a very solid young defender. Hits like a freight train. Daniel Girardi a very solid young defender who stepped into his role quietly. Always makes the safe play. Paul mara, a defender who was i think minus 22 with Boston, but was a + when he played with the Rangers. He scored more goals in 22 games with the Rangers then he did in 60 somethign with boston. Rachunek was ok, he is gone now, enter Marc Staal, well enough said there. Marek Malik. He does not have the best +- over the last three years for no reason. He does make some stupid moves, but also clear bodies in front of the net and get the puck to JJ and co. to let them do their job. Tomas Pock, a still young defender who will make mistakes, but has tremendous offensive upside.

    The Rangers all in all finshed second best in the eastern conference in GAA for a reason. Solid defense that made smart plays, and a world class goaltender in Henrik Lundqvist.

    They added more then 13 goals in Scott Gomez, they added arguably the fastest skater in the league, and proven set up man.

    They also added Drury who will score 30+ and provide leadership. They should be higher then 5th.

  18. nyrhockey094 says:

    Lol, what a tool. The Isles had no choice but to let Blake go. Garth was smart in not giving a 35 year old a 4 year contract, or was it 5.

    Imo, there really was not much else the Isles could do. They signed a proven player in Guerin, although up there in age, still will perform well. They may not be an offensive force, but they have a solid defense and a world class netminder in DP. And remember, this is coming from a Rangers fan, if the Isles flopped id be the first to jump on it. They did the best they could, and I think the fans should be some what happy that they didnt overpay for Smyth to have him return.

  19. brianc689 says:

    "I can't agree with your top 5 completely beacuse I hate people who think Europeans are in the top 5. It bothers me so much."

    a little racist, don't you think? why can't europeans be in the top 5? alex ovechkin is one of the most exciting players to watch in the league and puts up big numbers with absolutely nobody playing with him.

  20. senators101 says:

    The part about Heatley vs. Hossa.  Hossa is fantastic.  He's prob got more speed and more shifty.  However, I completely disagree with your arugment about Heatley not wanting to improve or that he's poor defensively. He's actually improved a hell of a lot defensively and he is on Ottawa's penalty killing which was pretty damn good in the playoffs.

  21. JuicemaN says:

    LOL – sorry dude, as soon as I see spelling corrections I emmidiately post something like that every time…..totally my fault for not reading the initial response that you were directing it at.

    Sorry man.

  22. intelligentscorpio says:

    The Pittsburgh Penguins have to be near the top of the Top 5 list in teams.
    I would include Ottawa, Anaheim, Detroit and the Rangers.

    The best player in the league will be Crosby, with Thornton, Heatly, Ovechkin, and Malkin behind him.

    The top goalies as usual will be Kiprosoff, Luongo, Giguere, Hasek and Brodeur.

    Pittsburgh has the best chance to win it all in the next two years due to the young guns, the speed and the stacked offensive minded defence in Gonchar, Whitney, Sydor and Letang.

  23. bernie1parent says:

    yet he still does it.  He can't take the hits, so he complains out his ass so that when someone touches him, they get a penalty.  His reputation is not unwarranted, its because he is a little *****, he complains anytime something doesn't go his way, and then if you flick the guy, he goes crumbling to the ground.  If he wants to shed those names, he should shut up, play the game, and play the game hard.  Do you hear any people in here say anything like that about ovechkin?  No, because he goes out every night, plays hard, plays to win, and doesn't complain when shit doesn't go his way, he just makes sure that the next time, he gets his man.
    Now, i have one more that you can add to the list of 2 players in the nhl, selanne, granted, he might not of had the career he should have, but what he did his rookie year will probably never be matched.  76 goals, 132 points, ridiculous.

  24. leafmeister says:

    You were right on most of the things but Brodeur is the best goalie in the league. I only have on small edit to your top 5 players.


    Then you get into the Heatley's and the Kovalchuk's

  25. zenator says:

    The reasons are many.  First, with a ton of injuries, the Panthers had a winning record in 2006, but went to overtime 16 times, of which they lost about 13 due to bad goal tending. Second, despite key injuries on offense, the young panthers finished 11th in scoring.  Third,  in the last two monthsof the season,  its young players on defense led by J Bo and Allen really improved cutting down the number of quality shots on goal.  Fourth, Vokoun solves their goalie problem.

    The Panthers still have a number of holes to fill.  They need a scoring left wing, an experienced No. 3-4 defender, and a gritty agitator. 

  26. Atomic_Wedgy says:

    Did some teacher ridicule and embarrass you for spelling as a child or something?  You freak out every time someone says something about spelling.

  27. mundus80 says:

    he wont, getting rick under contract was important. they now can build from within and also through signings, that are not crazy milbury deals.

  28. leafmeister says:

    The top ten of the players would be…

    1. Crosby
    2. Thornton
    3. Ovechkin
    4. Lecavalier
    5. Iginla
    6. Jagr
    7. Heatley
    8. Lidstrom
    9. St. Louis
    10. Kaberle

  29. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    lol u must be a leaf fan
    u put them as a dark horse because of jason blake right?
    you know a 40 goal scorer once out of how many years?
    give me a break

  30. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    after the year he had last year
    throw sakic and take off kaberle.

  31. MR40 says:

    First of all i'm a Canucks fan.

    Second a dark horse is not an honorable mention, it's  a surprise team. Edmonton in 2006 wasn't top 5 playoffs team, but a dark horse. You don't have to finish last place to be a dark horse, but pretty much you have to be around 10th-16th.

    Third, last year they were injured the entire season. Sure everyone gets injuries, but they got more major injuries then everyone. Let's say they still lost Wellwood (most teams get this big of an injury atleast) and they get Tucker and Peca back they finish 7th place in the East. They lose in the 1st round, but they make it closer then expected, like the Islanders did against Buffalo. Add Jason Blake who will score 20+ goals, Vesa Toskela will provided at the very least above average goaltending, and refresh Raycroft. Mark Bell atleast will score the odd goal, addthe development of Wellwood, Steen and Stajan you have a playoff team, but probably a 6th-8th seed.

  32. brianc689 says:

    I agree that the Panthers are a decent team with a solid core of young players but they need a proven NHL winger with experience that can lead the young guys, like you said. They need a top 2 d-man, not a three or four. Bouwmeester, Allen, Salei, Van Ryn i think is their top 4, correct me if im wrong, but i think thats it. I just dont think thats good enough. If they added an experienced d-man to play with J Bo, Allen and Van Ryn could be the second pairing, Salei and whoever else they have (I can't think of their other guys right now) could be the third pairing. They could be a playoff team if they just added those two players.

  33. leaffansareajoke says:


    Dude, i had too.  All that talk about spelling and what not, you know i had too!

    But i agree, enough with the spelling corrections.

  34. leaffansareajoke says:

    I don't think i said Ottawa will be worse, but how can you get better without addings any players?  Experience, i'll give you that.

    Still don't have a leader on the team.  Not to mention a Goalie.  Despite how you feel about him, he's not a top 25 goalie in the league. 

    Like all the other haters on the site, you're the first to point out that Brodour and Luongo play on defensive teams blah blah blah.  Emery played on a solid friggin team.  Put him in Florida and he's a circus freak that has to start fights to get fans to care about him.

    Not to mention, did you hear that Emery turned down a 4m a year offer?

  35. zenator says:

    We pretty much agree, except that, based upon his play the second half of the season, I believe that Allen can be a top 2-d man.  Van Ryn had injuries to both wrists resulting in off-season surgery, and his play suffered as a result, but he has a ton of upside as part of a second pairing.  Salei is way too inconsistent and takes too many dumb penalties to be a top 4 d-man, which is why I suggested the Panthers need another 3-4 d-man.  Obviously, a top 2 d-man would be even better and allow Allen to create a really strong second pairing.

  36. zenator says:

    We pretty much agree, except that, based upon his play the second half of the season, I believe that Allen can be a top 2-d man.  Van Ryn had injuries to both wrists resulting in off-season surgery, and his play suffered as a result, but he has a ton of upside as part of a second pairing.  Salei is way too inconsistent and takes too many dumb penalties to be a top 4 d-man, which is why I suggested the Panthers need another 3-4 d-man.  Obviously, a top 2 d-man would be even better and allow Allen to create a really strong second pairing.

  37. JuicemaN says:

    LOL – I knew better too, I was typing too quick…meh, it'll happen sometimes.

    No worries.

  38. next_year says:

    this was my first article so cut me some slack and yes i can see the hundreds of spelling errors I made, i did spell check my article i'll keep that in mind.. as for philly… you guys are right i skipped over them and i have no idea why, sry my bad

  39. 40grulingyears says:

    1) Vincent Lecavalier
    2) Sidney Crosby
    3) Ilya Kovalchuk
    4) Henrik Zetterburg
    5) Daniel Alfredson (I hate to say it, cause im a leafs fan!)

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