NHL Trade Rumors and News Rumor Roundup – June26, 2009

Panthers: Four teams vying for Bouwmeester

Peter Chiarelli stays calm amid active trade talk

Luongo’s agent denies report that the goalie has an extension, says it will take some time

Ducks expect answers from Niedermayer, Selanne before draft
Panthers: Four teams vying for Bouwmeester

Steve Gorten | South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Panthers assistant general manager Randy Sexton said late Thursday afternoon there are “still four teams in the hunt” to

acquire exclusive negotiating right to defenseman Jay Bouwmeester, who will soon become unrestricted free agent.

Sexton wouldn’t identify the teams or discuss details of negotiations, but he didn’t rule out a trade being made tonight.

Asked if he felt a need to get a deal done before the end of this week’s draft in Montreal, Sexton said ” We don’t set

timetables; we don’t set timeframes. We have a plan and we work at it until we get what’s best for our franchise. “

Sexton also said he expects to meet with leading scored David Booth’s agent in the next 48 hours to further discuss

re-signing him.

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Peter Chiarelli stays calm amid active trade talk

Steve Conroy

Dany Heatley very well could have a new employer before tonight is over. Unrestricted free agent Jay Bouwmeester could be

part of a trade-and-sign scenario. And the rumors about Vincent Lecavalier being dealt just won’t go away.

But will Phil Kessel or any other high-profile Bruin be on the move?

Keep in mind that, once the NHL draft begins tonight at 7 at the Bell Centre and feverish play for talent kicks in, things

tend to happen. But as of yesterday, B’s general manager Peter Chiarelli didn’t think he’d be involved in anything big, at

least not this weekend.

“My sense is no,” said Chiarelli. “I don’t have any imminent trades. I just don’t.”

Chiarelli also said he hasn’t asked his players with no-trade clauses – Marc Savard and Marco Sturm – if they would waive

them. However, both players are represented by Larry Kelly, with whom Chiarelli once worked during his player agent days.

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Luongo’s agent denies report that the goalie has an extension, says it will take some time


Roberto Luongo’s agent quickly, and decisively, shot down a report he had reached an agreement with the Canucks on an

extension which will be announced on July 1.
“I have six players in the draft, I haven’t had any time to talk to anyone about this,” Gilles Lupien said from Montreal. “I

was hoping to talk to (Canucks GM Mike) Gillis Friday morning.
“I haven’t talked to Roberto in more than a month. He told me he wanted to sit down with his wife and spend some time

thinking about all of this.”

In an interview on TEAM 1040, ESPN reporter John Buccigross claimed he heard that an agreement with Luongo and the Canucks

had been reached and there would be an announcement on July 1.

Buccigross oddly said he was reporting the extension himself, and it was not an ESPN report.
“It seems like everyone in the media wants something done yesterday,” Lupien said. “Everybody wants to push. Everybody wants

a scoop. Well, there is no scoop here. This is something that is going to take some time. The media needs to relax and let us

take our time on this.

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Ducks expect answers from Niedermayer, Selanne before draft

DAN WOOD -The Orange County Register

Still with no word from veterans Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne regarding their plans for next season, Ducks general manager Bob Murray went about his business Thursday preparing for the NHL entry draft at the Bell Center in Montreal.

The Ducks own the 15th selection in Friday’s first round and four picks Saturday, when festivities conclude with the final six rounds.

In the wake of the club’s seven-game loss to the Detroit Red Wings in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, Murray requested answers from Niedermayer and Selanne “before the draft.” Technically, that means by 4 p.m. (PDT) .

“I’ll know when I get to the draft,” Murray said. “If I don’t, I’m going to be upset. I’ll hear from Scotty. He’s supposed to tell me — that’s all I know. Then I’ll call Teemu.”

Selanne has a contract set to pay him $2 million next season but could choose to retire, and Niedermayer stands to become an unrestricted free agent Wednesday.

Nidermayer pondered retirement each of the past two offseasons and sat out the opening 34 games of the 2007-08 campaign after leading the Ducks to the 2007 Stanley Cup championship. He could retire, re-sign with the Ducks or play elsewhere.

Murray has grown weary of fielding repeated questions from the media about Niedermayer and Selanne, and some Ducks fans also have become frustrated by the annual uncertainty regarding the team captain and the club’s all-time leading scorer.

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3 Responses to NHL Trade Rumors and News Rumor Roundup – June26, 2009

  1. JoelJoel says:

    I don't know, ever since the Canucks gave Luongo (not loo-long-oh) the C, I've had a feeling Roberto and the Vancouver organization haven't gotten along perfectly.

    I'm not saying he is unhappy, but I would think that signing the biggest star on the team would be top priority. And If they can't squeeze a medium-to-long term deal with their superstar goalie, how long can he really last?

    I mean, with a short contract he could be lost to an offer sheet in the coming years. Although that is highly unlikely, due to the size of any contract he would sign.

    One thing is for sure, (although I'm not suggesting this, just putting it forward), if Luongo isn't happy in Van City, he can go pretty much anywhere.

    … They could always try and get Cloutier out of retirement… 😛

  2. intelligentscorpio says:

    If as reported in the Toronto media, Boston has offered rfa Phil Kessel for Kaberle and the 7th pick, I am not sure what Peter Chiarelli is smoking. Kaberle is not as healthy in the last two years and is soft on defence, although good on offense. Kessel may be worth same as Jordan Staal or .5 mil less than him. So the salaries match up to the same number. Why Chiarelli has soured on Kessel is unknown, to say the least, even though he got 60+ points and is a sharp shooter with a lot of upside still.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Kessel is asking for over $5 million per season, Boston could never fit it.

    Besides, Burke isn't an idiot. He's not going to trade a top end D-man and the 7th overall pick for Phil Kessel. Not knocking Kessel, just not a good trade for the Leafs.

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