NHL2004 Demo / UPP 03-04 news…

To all hockey gamers out there, the NHL2004 demo is now available at the following link: ftp://ftp.ea.com/pub/easports/demos/

I’ve played it and it is an AMAZING upgrade from last year!!


As for my ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW 03-04, Thanx to Trademan, Mikster & DG it is now officially available on the HTR frontpage.

I’d just like to let you know that it will be updated frequently so you’ll just have to update your version right before your pool for an even better accuracy. (an updated version is already available right now!)

Thanx to all of the 200+ members of the site who already requested it, I would never have thought of a reaction that big! I was honestly hoping for a 20-25 person asking for it, no more..

It all started out 3 years ago because I wanted to have something more accurate to help me out with my pools (cause I’m a pool/statistics maniac!) but I would never have thought I could help so much people at the same time.

thank you very much for all the great comments you’ve all sent to me so far, they mean alot to me!


UPP 03-04