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Should Blues Consider Stastny ?

There’s some talk of Colorado maybe looking to move center Paul Stastny. Reports suggest he could be expendable with the addition of Ryan O’Reilly.

We’ve asked this question for several years, how would Stastny look in St. Louis?

Obviously he comes with a contract that pays him $6.6 million for one more season. That’s a lot for a budget team like the Blues and obviously some dollars would need to be shipped out to make room for this type of contract.

With Ryan O’Reilly back, is it time to move Paul Stastny?

I think Stastny is the guy they need to seriously consider moving. No offense to him either, but if I’m the GM of this team, I go with Duchene and O’Reilly as my top two centers and try to get something for Stastny while I still can.


The Calgary Flames have filed an offer-sheet on Colorado Avalanche forward Ryan O’Reilly according to TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger.

Caps working the phones


Trying to stave off unemployment, Washington Capitals GM George McPhee is working the phones. Three names to watch are wingers Troy Brouwer ($2.35 million cap hit through 2015-16), Joel Ward ($3 million, 2014-15) and Jason Chimera ($1.75 million, 2013-14). All are available because the Caps want to clear cash. McPhee would like to free up money and then reap the rewards of futility with a high draft pick …

Is Shane O’Brien on the Trade Block?

Do you think Shane O’Brien is on the trading block?
— Chantal Rouleau, Canada

Chantal – Yeah, I kind of do think so. Now that Tyson Barrie and Stefan Elliott are back up with the team, it seems like they are getting

Given that you’ve missed the past few weeks because of a concussion, Gabe Landeskog, will you consider changing the way you play when you come back? “Absolutely not,” said Landeskog. (Getty Images file)

a foothold on top-six spots. One would have thought O’Brien would have gained a top-six job with the injuries to Erik Johnson and Ryan Wilson, but even then he hasn’t been able to stay in the lineup.

He simply seemed to fall out of favor with Joe Sacco coming out of training camp, and things haven’t changed much since. So, yeah, it makes some sense that he could be possible trade bait.

Rangers and Avs talking trade for OReilly

As mentioned on Hotstove Tonight, Colorado began the process of approaching teams it considers possible trade partners. One was definitely the New York Rangers. I had originally thought the deal involved Michael del Zotto and Derek Stepan for O’Reilly and another defenceman. However, it was strongly denied that Stepan was ever discussed, so I think I was wrong. The Denver Post’s Adrian Dater has reported the Avalanche are not as interested in getting a centre back.

More Ryan O’Reilly Talk

Leafs would love to get O’Reilly

Ryan O’Reilly’s days as an Av look to be over

Darren Dreger of TSN reported tonight the Avs are asking for a “roster player and a top prospect.” That sounds about right. The Avs will not confirm that’s what they are asking for. They won’t confirm much of anything right now. They have gone into bunker mentality mode on the Factor.

There is a lot more to this story, but until O’Reilly is traded, I’m kind of bound by an agreement not to report anything until then. Sorry. Really, I’m amazed this all happened. A 22-year-old heart-and-soul, two-way center, an absolute rink rat who loved Denver and loved the Avalanche wound up being the final unsigned big-name restricted free agent in the NHL. Really, it’s unbelievable.

Avs finally looking to move O’Reilly

The Latest in the O’Reilly saga in Colorado

O’Reilly could sign a one-year deal with Colorado, then take the team to arbitration over the summer and hope to score a big contract of the kind he wants now. If the arbitrator sides with the player, the Avs would either have to pay it or they could “walk away” from the deal, which would make O’Reilly an unrestricted free agent and lose him for nothing. And that is something they obviously wouldn’t want.

Ryan O’Reilly saga could see offer sheet come from Avalanche rival

Hopes were raised Tuesday night among Avalanche fans about the Ryan O’Reilly contract standoff with the team, when it was reported by your humble correspondent that talks still were ongoing after a period of inactivity. Could a resolution finally be at hand?

Sorry, but it doesn’t look like it from what I’m hearing. Neither side appears willing to budge.

Ryan O’Reilly Contract Update

In asking the proper authorities tonight, it is confirmed: talks are still ongoing with Ryan O’Reilly. There was little to no contact for several days, but O’Reilly’s agents – Mark Guy and Pat Morris of the Newport Sports Agency in Ontario – did speak with Avalanche management today – presumably Greg Sherman.

That’s all I have for now. Don’t know if it was positive or negative, the talks. But I don’t think there’s any question that it’s a positive that talks are still happening at all. By my accounts, they had been very chilly previously. They still may be. Obviously, there is no deal yet.