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Filling Roles Should be Canadiens Focus At the Deadline

The Montreal Canadiens have enjoyed an excellent season so far, a strong revival after missing the playoffs last season. They are merely 3 points from first overall in the Eastern Conference and with that have come thoughts of the team possibly challenging for the Stanley Cup.
Many have felt that the Habs are a top forward away from truly being cup contenders and are really hoping GM Bob Gainey makes a big splash at the trade deadline.

Leaf rumors: Vultures reported at the ACC, fire sale coming

Alfredson would like Sundin in Ottawa

It’s Groundhog Day, again, and the trade deadline is 25 days away.

And since the Maple Leafs hired Cliff “let’s make a deal” Fletcher as their new interim GM, you can bet your grand-daddy’s gold watch that significant roster moves are going to be made.

As such, we can expect an assortment of trade rumors up until February 26th. Here are the latest ones.

Recent Rumors from a variety of different Sources

Mats Sundin, Rob Blake, Red Wings rumors and HTR’s Saku Koivu Rant

Recent Speculation Tid bits

- Stall for Hossa ??
- Jackets and Ranger to make a swap?
- What’s in store for Kolzig?

Trade Rumors from a variety of different sources

Selanne Skating

Senators to move a goalie?

Teams inquiring about Glen Murray?

Dan Boyle on the move?

Rucinsky on the move?

Rumor Updates from the past week or so — Jagr, Nagy, Hossa and more

A collection of rumors and tidbits from the past week or so from a wide variety of different sources.

Stoll on the move? Rangers want another All-Star? Penguin Veteran on the block?

- The Detroit News mentions Oilers C Jarret Stoll as being on the trade market and after being a healthy scratch Friday night for the Oilers is only further evidence he’s on his way out of Oilerville given he don’t start producing SOON.

Sourced Trade Rumours 11

In light of the recent suspension of Flyers forward Scott Hartnall, I decided to make Trade Rumours 11 to lighten the mood on the HTR Main Page. So, here it is.

Sourced Trade Rumours 10

Well, here is the 10th Trade Rumour article.

Sourced Trade Rumours 9

Well, here is Version #9 of Trade Rumours.

Sourced Trade Rumours 8

Here is Sourced Trade Rumours 8. A lot of speculation about in the Hockey World.

Sourced Trade Rumours 4

I was just looking through a few sites and all of a sudden, a lot of rumours started popping up and I decided to make Trade Rumours 4 a few days before I intended too. So, here it goes.

A Collection of Stories

Rangers, Thrashers, Leafs looking for defensemen

How far will this team go ..!!!!!1

“Brodeur shows his true colors”

EA Sports, whats wrong?

Team By Team Analysis Through October 25, 2007

So far the 2007-08 NHL season has been quite surprising through the first 8-10 games. Just doing a quick analysis of all 30 teams.

Major Hockey Talk

Hello hockey fans. I hope you are enjoying the season thus far even if it has been a bit whacky. A bunch of topics to talk about for the teams I have seen thus far.

Some rumors: Boston, Minnesota, NYR, Toronto

GMs assessing their roster

A number of interesting trade rumors have arisen as GMs around the NHL evaluate their roster. I’ll try not to repeat the rumors covered in the preceding post.

2008 Upcoming Free Agents

These are the player’s who have still not re-signed with there club and will become free agents come July 1st 2008. These are the players on the starting roster for NHL teams.


To everyone who posted to join: CHECK YOUR PM’s


Once again, the best tool to dominate your pool is back!

Go inside for all the details

Drafting and Development Part 2: Western Conference

Here is part 2 on the importance of drafting and developing with the focus on the organizations in the Western Conference.

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