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Western Conference Playoffs

With many of us missing Nhl hockey and want the olympics to be over, heres a little something to think on. I already hit the Eastern Conference playoff teams, now its time for me to be fair and take up the west side.

HockeyTradeRumors In Northern Italy Part I

Hello hockey fans! Welcome to HTR’s Olympic coverage in Torino, Italy.

This is mikster, and as I promised you…. I will be giving you all the good information about Torino and Italy. This is Part I, and it’s all about ice hockey.

2006 Olympic Hockey Preview Part 3: Team Canada

Here is Part 3 of the 3 part preview of the 2006 Olympics. This part is All Canada and is pretty much all you need to know about the gold medal favorites.

HTR HOCKEY POOL: Trade Deadline!

Many of you folks emailed me during the season asking if there would be any trades allowed in the HTR Hockey Pool and because it would’ve been too much time consuming at that time I unfortunately couldn’t allow it.

HOWEVER, I found a way to allow everyone to make 1 trade during the olympic break.

Go inside for all the details.

Conference battles in full force midway through Season

A cursory glance of the NHL Conferences reveals some interesting trends and sets up the 2nd half for what will be some amazing hockey. As always…it is time for the cream to rise to the top. Here are my opinions on who is rising up and who is going down.

Mario Lemieux Retires!

Mario Lemieux’s retirement means Pittsburgh is now officially Sidney Crosby’s team. — The ‘Magnificent’ mantle has been passed.

Best Goalie in the NHL?

Who’s better than a goaltender to judge another goalie? Here are the best goalies in the league, according to 65 NHL goaltenders…

Atlanta Thrashers Mid Season Report

Atlanta has had what could delicately be called a roller coaster season thus far. Blockbuster trade, goaltending merry-go-round, a spark from unexpected sources, a less than cordial homecoming and giving someone “the finger”.

Beer Edition: It's #11 All Over in Manhattan, Media Plays GM, New CBA Issues, Pe

Welcome to Challenging Mikster Beer Edition. Some good beer talk is needed on

It’s Mark Messier night in the Big Apple….. but are Rangers fans really glad to see #11 hanging from the ceiling in the world’s most famous arena?

The media once again thinks it can play general manager….. that’s a no-no for me.

The Penguins soap opera continues.

The Crosby Show, My Calder Picks, Sykora Trade, and More

The Crosby Show is becoming quite a soap opera.

My Calder picks of the first half of the season and who won….

Petr Sykora is finally dealt to the team he wanted to play for back in December.

Does that trade open the doors for other ones? Most likely.

Also… hope you all had a happy Hockey Day up there in Canada, but I’d like to share one quote from Larry Brooks with the Canadians on here.

Full Listing of 2006 Free Agents

A complete listing of the 2006 Free Agents. See who is going to be unrestricted this July.

Roberto Not So Luongone, Are Teams Tanking? More on the Devs and… HTR Mid-Seas

It is the season to be jolly. How depressing was last year’s Christmas without NHL hockey. But, we got it this year and the Holiday and Christmas season have felt so good thus far.

Will Luongo’s 53 saves finally silence the media? I keep hearing and reading journalist say Luongo is gone and that the Panthers are trying to deal him. But, that ain’t true. Panthers hockey needs to be discussed so all of you HTR members and readers will know what exactly is going on here in Sunrise, Florida.

Are teams tanking the season? Frankly I am getting sick of it and I will revisit a point I made during the 2005 Draft Lottery.

The Devils are in a state of emergency. Is this the beginning of the end? will have Mid-Season Reviews.

Latest Rumor Roundup – Bertuzzi, Sykora, Zhamnov

Is Sykora on the verge of being traded to the Canadiens? Are the Canucks really about to deal Todd Bertuzzi? Are the San Jose Sharks done dealing? The Hawks are shopping a few players so this week’s edition of Hockey Trade Rumors is bound to be a good one.

No Mario, No Stevie, No Problem

Steve Yzerman, with the upmost class has stepped aside from playing for Team Canada at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

The Debut of Ranger Fans Rankings

Welcome to the premier of my “power” rankings! A lot has happened since predictions made to start the year, and now we have played over a quarter of the season. Let’s see how your team is faring, and do I think your team has a chance to improve?

An Embarassment to Bruins Hockey, Sharks Not Done Dealing, Same with Other Teams

GM Mike O’Connell should be fired.

A forward and an “offensive” defenseman missing in San Jose.

More trades to come?

Rookie Watch, Free Agents Progress, Fedorov Trade, GM's Panic?

It is all about the Sid Kid, the next Russian Star, two solid defensemen and the next wave of young goalies.

How have the 2005 Summer free agents performed thus far in the Eastern Conference?

The Fedorov trade, plus Scatchard…. more trades to come?

Leading to…… general managers panicking?



Some things really need to change

Like most of us, I was growing weary of the old NHL. I disliked the blatant holding, hooking, grabbing, clogging up the neutral zone, the left wing lock, the trap, goalies who are so adept at playing the puck that they all but eliminate the forecheck… perpetuating the trap.

CHL- November Edition

The main headline in the CHL for October was unfortunately not the amazing play of London Knights forwards Robbie Schremp and David Bolland but an ominous hazing incident that involved Windsor Spitfire’s coach Moe Mantha. On the brighter side, the OHL has become the premier offensive league in the CHL with some great talent both emerging and confirming their status as top prospects. We will also have the International Scouting Service top 15 prospects for the upcoming 2006 NHL entry draft.

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