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Olczyk needs shuffle lines, or he has got to go

If I were Eddie Olczyk (which I wish I was….having all that talent)

My Top 3 Lines would be as follows:

Line 1 : Lemieux, Crosby, Palffy

Line 2 : Recchi, Malone, Leclair

Line 3 : Fata, Talbot, Koltsov

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

I’m back and I’m loving this game!

On 2nd thought….

Yes, its only been a little more then the week since the NHL started up but it is still a decent time to examine a few teams and players who are either playing above or below expectations and whether or not these trends will continue.

The New Found Importance of Special Teams

Under the new rules of the NHL special teams (Penalty killing and powerplays) will a greater importance to team success than ever before. With officials consistantly cracking down on obstruction and calling penalties there were an abundance of powerplays in every game during the preseason. While, yes this was preseason and they’ve said they were cracking down on obstruction years ago and stopped calling it, I think this year they will stick with it.

Latest Hockey News

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Battaglia getting Career back on track – Read More…

Kovalchuk flying to Atlanta – Read More…

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The Forgotten & Restricted Class of Free agents

There are still free agents available for teams who have the cap room or trade bait.

Potential Stars in the

The rule changes to the NHL will largely benefit some of the faster, more agile players.

by Bardia Sinaee

Update on HTR Season Preview: We’re behind schedule, though not much to worry about as I am positive it will be released in time.

I know many of you sent applications, and the number was overwhelming. So, after selecting some writers there are still a number of positions left and I am willing to re-take applications.

Team positions available: New Jersey, Boston, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo, Carolina, Washington, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas, Tampa Bay and Anaheim. Any questions PM me, thank you, Micki Peroni.

Recent News, Robert Long-gone from Florida? Teams Still Looking to Trade

Big changes in the East.

Iron Mike ready to deal Luongo?

Teams that will have to make trades.

Winter Olympic hockey to be celebrated Italian Style.


Wow what a trade – HOSSA FOR HEATLEY

Top 25 Free Agents Left

Here are the top 25 free agents that remain. I have added my thoughts on where they might go, why, and a pure guess on how much it would take to sign these remaining players. Pickings are slim but still some decent guys left who can help.

Rumors, Rumors… and More Rumors!

Redden on the move?!

Some Leafs talk…

Red Wings want to add a defenseman…

Sabres looking for a trade….

HTR Team Rosters & Stats Collection

HTR is in the process of adding a NHL player index and team roster collection. In order to do this we need your help to do two things.

1. Enter in updated team rosters.

2. Enter in 2003-2004 player stats.

Please includate in this posting if you are interested and which team you would like to claim.

We’re now done the secection of teams. I would like to thank everyone who grabbed a team.

Negative Nany — Coaches on the go? Part Two

Excitement has stormed the NHL!

Free agents signings, new rule changes, a salary cap. So many diffrent and new ideas entering this league.

But why focus on the positive when one can just as easily focus on the negative.

That’s right, I’m talking about the annual predictions of which NHL coach will lose his job first

Leafs Hockey, What's Goin on in the Big Apple, and more…

Well, some of you asked me “why not the Rangers?”, so alright. I’ll give you my take on them.

How about some Leafs hockey? Hey, it’s the hot topic in the NHL world on here, and this time it’s not about who the Leafs should get and other things that have been talked about. I’m taking the discussions in a different direction in regards to John Ferguson Jr.

Plus, extra tid bits on another team, and my other attack on another media outlet.

Umm, Yeah…

So, yeah…. I could not come up with a headline title, so……..just deal with it.

Pretty much it’s all hockey talk in here as so many moves were made, fantesticles moves! From Edmonton to Philadelphia, then to Pittsburgh, then to China….

….. yeah….. China…. forget it….. just read.