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Younger team, new approach

As a Leaf fan I am excited to see what could happen in tonight’s game against Ottawa. Its great to see that the Leafs are committed to playing younger players and how Head Coach Paul Maurice will handle this new Leafs team. With Paul Maurice behind the bench, the team will work hard and be more accountable for their actions unlike last year’s team.
I hope the Leafs make the playoffs but I more relieved that Quinn is gone as Head Coach. Quinn was a huge reason why the Leafs underachieved. I am ready to go, bring on the 82 game schedule.

Go Leafs Go

How I could have built the Leafs better

I submitted an article about the mistakes I think the Leafs have made in building their team. After that, I wanted to take a look at what they had, and what they needed and how I could have done it better.

Kubina suspended

Pavel Kubina will sit out Toronto’s season-opener against Ottawa on Wednesday after the NHL suspended the Maple Leafs defenceman one game for his cross-check on Detroit Red Wings forward Juri Hudler.

Pre-Season Review Season Line-up

Pre-Season Review

Record: 3-4-1

The Leafs seemed to struggle still 5 on 5. The signings of Kubina, Gill and Peca was supposed to improve Toronto’s even strength play, yet it seems this isn’t the case.

Badnews for Bell

I was up set when i read this beacause Heatly might be getting away with it.He’s is taking chances away of possibly futur stars, he should be punished!

Updated Leafs Roster

The leafs roster currently has the following 33 players:

Sent Down

Today it was announced that Forwards John Mitchell, Robbie Earl, Jiri Tlusty, Kris Newbury and Jeremy Williams were sent to the Marlies.

Aubin or Tellqvist?

Who is gonna be Raycroft’s back up?

My Leafs Healthy Line-up

From what i’ve seen so far, this is what my Leafs line up wwould be:

The Death of the Fourth Line ?

The Day and Time have come when Hockey Minds should start to think outside the box….

There were alot of improvements last year in the game…

My Maple Leafs

Following two preseason games I have made my lines of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Peca looking exceptional

Two assists and a few big hits was all it took for me to love Mike Peca. Of course it is still not known whether the peca we got is the 8 goal peca who played for the oilers last season or the peca who scored 6 goals, got 34 hits and blocked 24 shots in 24 playoff games. I personally think we got the playoff peca because he is comeing off of a terrific post season and because he is playing in his hometown where he will presumeably play with a great deal of heart trying to get his favourite team to the playoffs.

Mikael Telqvist!!!

Wow what a performance he put in net last night, is it possible for him to be our starter and for Rayroft to be back up?

Sundin's line

Who do you think is going to be on Sundin’s line?

Leafs Sgn Rookie Prospect

Leafs announced Friday that they have signed rookie prospect Brent Aubin to an entry-level contract.

Colaiacovo Not Ready for Maurice!

Carlo Colaiacovo was forced to leave practice today; the first day of training camp.

Gilmour Back in the Fold

According to TSN, Doug ‘Killer’ Gilmour is back in the fold of the Leafs as the player personel advisor.

Leafs resign Stajan is reporting

The Toronto Maple Leafs and forward Matt Stajan have agreed on a two-year deal worth $1.75 million.

Leafs Repeat As Rookie Champs

First round draft pick Jiri Tlusty had the winner as the Leafs defeated the Canadiens 3-2 in the rookie tournament final at Ricoh Coliseum. Justin Pogge made 34 saves for the win. The Maple Leafs main training camp opens on Friday. Earlier on Tuesday, in the 3rd vs. 4th game, Florida defeated York University 9-1.

Sundin looking like Iginla

Everyone knows the troubles Calgary had last season putting the puck in the net. It seemed Iginla was he only big scorer the Flames had last season. The situation looks similiar for the Leafs.