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Win Win Situation For JFJ.

Its the day after the NHL trade deadline and many members of Leafs Nation (corny term for Leaf fans, hate it) may be ready to serve up John Ferguson Jr.’s head up on a silver platter, but lets look at it from another perspective. In listening to JFJ speak after the deadline passed yesterday I got the feeling that he did want to pull the trigger on a couple of deals, but was unable to do so. Is it possible that Ottawa outbid Toronto for Arnason? Yes. Is it possible that the JFJ laid the ground work for a deal involving Ryan Malone in the off-season? Yes. But most fans are upset at JFJ for either not buying or not selling; when in fact this was possibly the best move the Leafs could make pretty much standing pat, pardon the pun.

The Leafs Roster/Salary situation next season

I don’t know exactly where people get the idea that the Leafs have 20-25 million to throw around on free agents. I have taken a look at their situation, made a few reasonable guesses, and assessed their salary and what they likely have to spend. IN some cases, I am not positive about salaries or whether the player is under contract (Kronwall, Tellqvist?). My estimates on re-signings may be a bit high or low, but OVERALL, this should give a pretty accurate picture:

My initial reaction to what the Leafs did.

What the hell happened there? John Ferguson didn’t get younger, he didn’t load up to make a playoff push/run, he didn’t cut ties with bad players, and kinda semi-rebuild. He did nothing.

JFJ Has a 'Plan'

JFJ Has a Plan

Mar 9, 2006.

Beating the Habs Wednesday night must have inflated JFJ’s renewed optimism leading him to believe that his struggling Leafs can make the playoffs. A noble attempt. Here we see the organization behind the decisions at Deadline 2006. Restructure – as opposed to rebuild – or make a bid for the playoffs. Fans cried for the former. MLSE called for profits … oops, I meant, playoffs.

Enter Luke Richardson. Bye Ken Klee.

This must have been part of the ‘plan’ JFJ spoke about prior to the season’s onset. This was where the Leafs were to have a plan in place to be competitive. Not only this year, oh no, but into the future as well. He expressed, said sentiment, of long term moves in recent interviews at Deadline 2006. Then, turned around and picked up a veteran.


Quinn has had to go for 3 years now

I hear a lot of people hopping on the “get rid of Quinn” bandwagon. Well it’s about time. I have been saying this for at least 3 years now. The Leafs have had some marked success in the last few years, but it has had nothing to do with Pat Quinn. Only in Toronto will one of the greatest players in the game get the same ice time as the average Joe on most teams. And only in Toronto will he be lined up with the worst and most average players on the team. Mats Sundin is a potential 90-point getter, even more, but he doesn’t get the ice time, and he doesn’t get the linemates, and he hasn’t for almost 4 years now.

McCabe Information to fuel the fire –

Bryan McCabe did OFFICIALLY reject a contract:

4 years at $16.5 million.

Watters and Kypreos claim that no new offer sheet was ever sent to him, but that part is speculation.

Toronto and Phoenix close?

Okay, take this for exactly what it is, a rumour.

Phoenix has been knocking on Toronto’s door recently, and now seems to be stepping up into the Ed Belfour talk. It appears as though Phoenix is seriously trying to get Ed Belfour from Toronto, and has a package of players that they would be willing to move, in exchange for the right pieces from the Maple Leafs. Reports out of Phoenix are indicating that the Coyotes would ship Mike Comrie, Curtis Joseph, and one of either Paul Mara or Derek Morris to Toronto, but their list of demands is high. In return, the ‘Yotes want Belfour, along with two young bright spots in Toronto’s depth charts, Kyle Wellwood and Andy Wozniewski.

Leafs Deadline Shopping List

There are two scenarios that the Leafs could be in by the NHL trade deadline on March 9th. If they beat Montreal on Tuesday, they will be 5 points out of the final playoffs spot. They will be buyers, if they lose to Montreal on Tuesday they will be 9 points out of the last playoff spot, then they will be sellers.

Lindros needs wrist surgery!


TORONTO (AP) – Maple Leafs forward Eric Lindros will undergo surgery after tearing a ligament in his right wrist Saturday against the Ottawa Senators.

Montreal game will be HUGE!!

If we beat Montreal we are 5 points out, and then Ferguson will likely be a buyer, if we lose and fall 9 points out, then theres going to be an auction selling McCabe, Belfour, and Allison

State of Panic: Leaf Edition

There are a few teams in a state of panic. I’m going to try to show how I’d build each of those teams to be champions if I were the GM, I’d like to start with my favorite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Time for a change

I’ll start by stating that I am a leafs fan, and, as such have accepted the fact that times have changed and this means the Leafs need to be overhauled for the ‘New NHL’.

A Factual Case for Rebuilding the LEAFS

If Toronto kept their draft picks -

It is NOT the time to rebuild

People are saying that the Leafs should blow it up, and start again. Total bull shit. If the Leafs don’t win the Stanley Cup this year, which is just about impossible, it will be the third longest droubt in NHL history, and if Chicago wins before 2017 and we don’t, it will be the longest.

Leafs must seiz the Oppurtunity

The Toronto Maple Leafs go into tonights game knowing they are in 11th, they’re only a point back from nineth, and they’ve got a game in hand on the teams in 9th and 10th, but 5 points back of Montreal, who has a game in hand. My belief, tonights game will be great.

Time To Make a Choice!

The Leafs have fallen to eleventh place in the Eastern conference and are 5 points out of the last and final playoff spot (note: I am writing this article the night of the loss to the Sabers). The Leafs haven’t won a cup since 1967, and at the rate their going it’ll remain that way for the next few decades.

Leafs Getting Ready to Trade McCabe?

The Toronto Star today brings up (yet again) the possibility that McCabe will be traded before the March 9th trade deadline.

Assessing JFJ now

This summer, JFJ had a lot of work to do and decisions to make. He could not afford to sign the FA’s out there for big bucks and long term contracts. So, he did the only thing he could. He took some chances with some big upside and tried to keep the comm

In the long run would the Leafs be better off missing the playoff this year?

I feel if that the Leafs were not to make the playoffs, major changes would be made to the organization. Some of those changes would be a new coach, different player personnel and a different attitude.

Unsettling Times for Leafs

With a full lineup last night the Leafs did not look impressive. What needs to be done? Is this a playoff bound team? Is making the playoffs and probably being defeated in the first round of prime importance or is positioning yourself for next year and beyond the proper focus?