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Second Half, Second Wind

Since New Years Eve, one word could describe the Phoenix Coyotes: Dismal. Four games, four losses and four spots away from the coveted 8th and final playoff spot. Only six goals for and a staggering 21 goals against.

A season proformance tonight in Buffalo changed all that.

So Many Players, So Little Time!

This year could be the most interesting of any Trade Deadline of past years, mainly because of the new Salary Cap regulations. Plenty of players will be available for teams pickings mainly because of their salary or their lack of performance.

Push for the Playoffs or Begin the Re-Building Mode?

I`m sure everybody saw the firing of, head coach, Steve Stirling coming and many even predicted it would happen sometimes this week…

More Montreal trade talk

La Presse is reporting in an article today that Bob Gainey is very close to a trade. Unlike other rumours, however, the Montreal newspaper believes that the Canadiens are in talks with the Chicago Blackhawks.

SensfanV-One's Power Ranking's

The Top Ten Forward’s(THIS POST)

The Top Ten D-Men(NEXT POST)

The Top Five Goaltender’s(3rd POST)

This Post Will Go Through The Three Best At The Forward Positions:

3 Centers

3 Right Wingers

3 Left Winger

And Then The Best Overall Player By Week:

(sources:research through player rankings:TSN,CBS Sports,ESPN, average along with current play)

Mike Milbury to Step Down

According to TSN.CA, Mike Milbury will be stepping down as GM of the New York Islanders:

“Owner Charles Wang announced at a new conference Thursday that Milbury would step down as GM once a replacement for him was found.

Barnaby to the Senators?……..And More

Chicago and Ottawa have reportedly (Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun) been in talks……

Phoenix Coyotes Mid Season Report

Phoenix Coyotes


12th Place in Western Confrence

5th in Pacific Division

Stirling Fired as Isles Coach

According to several sources, NYIslanders’ coach Steve Stirling has just been fired.

The big surprises in the NHL

With the new speedy NHL and the one year break some players have been able to recuperate into the stars they once were while others have seized the opprutinity and stunned the rest of the hockey nation. Here’s my top ten……..

Within the next hours…

According to Montreal’s sports channel RDS, a trade could be done within the next few hours between Montreal and Colorado. Usually, they don’t report rumors on their site but this time they put it and took it off right away… However no names were mentionned.

Pittsburgh Penguins Mid-Season Report

TEAM: Pittsburgh Penguins


Place in Conference: 15th

The Montreal Canadiens Mid-Season Report…

The Montreal Canadiens are pretty much where everybody thought they would be after 40 games, however, the path they followed to get there took a lot of fans by surprise.


19-15-06 (44pts)

Division Rank

29-09-03 – Ottawa Senators

27-13-02 – Buffalo Sabres

24-15-03 – Toronto Maple Leafs

19-15-06 – Montreal Canadiens

16-20-06 – Boston Bruins

Conference Rank

Currently ranked 10th in the Eastern Conference, 1 point away from the 8th spot, with 3 games in hands on Tampa Bay (8th) and New Jersey (9th).