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Junior Update — Canada 1-0

The Canadian entry at the World Junior Championships opened yesterday with a win over Finland. The game was played in Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum in front of a crowd firmly in the host’s favour.

Who Should've made it 1998 Edition

I do this for fun, and decide who I would’ve picked for the Olympic team in certain years. I believe the 2002 team was perfect, and I submitted my 2006 team already, so I skipped those two. I often say it would’ve taken a monkey or Bobby Clarke for Canada to lose in the Olympics. It’s true, the only person not to pick a winning team with professionals in the Olympics is Bobby Clarke. Although considering Wayne Gretzky is the only person to win, that’s not saying much.

A Christmas gift for your favorite team

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone out there. We have a great second half to the season to look forward to!

Underrated signing : Yanic Perreault

Slipping through the cracks of the so-called “new NHL,” Yanic Perreault was passed over by many teams for his lack of speed, and I say thank you to those teams.

Gainey moving after the freeze ?

The question is… The Habs are they correct to go to the playoff with this team?

The answer is … No! And Gainey knows it.

With Koivu, Plekanec and Theodore on the injury list… The Habs need a little boost.

Complete 2006 Hockey Olympic Rosters

I realize LeafyMcLeaf already posted something similar, but he couldn’t find all the rosters, so i’m just adding on to it. Here are the complete rosters…

Boom or Bust with Small Men

By Darryl Dobbs

Do you ever see any small men have a successful career spent entirely on the fourth line as a grinder? Of course not. Even Stu Barnes had his offensive years where he was an upper-tier pool pick! The small hockey player does not get a second look unless he forces scouts to take a second look. His defensive checking abilities aren’t what grabs the attention. It’s his dazzling moves, his brilliant hockey sense, and his off-the-charts offensive numbers. Even then, it doesn’t guarantee a shot at the big time. When you draft a smaller player, and by that I mean a player that weighs in at under 185 pounds and stands less than 5’9, there are three certainties.

Roster Freeze Not Freezing the GM's of the League

The roster freeze is on, but the minds of NHL general managers are still functioning.

Sweden's Olympic team named

Here’s Team SWEDEN Olympic squad.


Here’s the 26 players of the 2006 edition of Team CANADA.

Penguins Find Arena Funds

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ partner in a proposed $1 billion development at the site of Mellon Arena is willing to put up $290 million to pay for a new, 18,000-seat home for the National Hockey League team.

Keith Primeau done for season. Doug Weight a Flyer?

Rumors are flying around Philadelphia that Keith Primeau will soon be shelved for the rest of the season due to lingering concussion symptoms that he cannot shake off. Similar to the symptoms Primeau suffered with almost a full year after the Flyers were eliminated from the Playoffs in 2003 by Tampa Bay.

My Olympic Team!

St Louis? Doan? Regehr?? DRAPER??!!??! What the hell are people talking about these guys for, this is my 2006 Olympic hockey team.