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Flyers Finished: What Does it Mean?

Now the only mystery left in the Flyers season is how the Philadelphia Daily News will sum up the season. Many weary Philadelphians will drop their sixty cents tomorrow morning, glance at another tacky tabloid headline and skip to the Signe Wilkinson cartoon.

Is it possible??? Ah, It Can't Be…

There are three big events that we can count on every year in sports…

1) Tiger Woods wins a major.

2) The Atlanta Braves win their division title in the National League.

3) There are one or two upsets in the NHL playoffs.

Let’s focus on #3 shall we?

Islander/Leaf game disgraceful

The Islander & Leaf game on April 23rd, 2002 was one of the most disgraceful games I have ever witnessed.

What I miss….

Name some of things you miss…

Further News About the Rangers & Keenan Situation

This story just got more interesting. It is not sure who is telling the truth, but it certainly seems like Mike Keenan is the weisel in this mystery.

Conspiracy in the NHL

Yes, there may be a conspiracy in the NHL. I am admittedly a New York Islanders fan. I’m sure many of you have heard the news of General Manager Mike Milbury blasting the refs yesterday. I’m sure many of you were also thinking, “there goes Mad Mike again”. In my opinion, the NHL doesn’t want the Islanders to do too well this year. In no way am I knocking the Toronto Maple Leafs. They have played an excellent series, especially Cujo in the last game.

Is it time to panic yet?

The flyers have now been shut out in 2 consecutive games, and have not scored a regulation goal against the Senators. The flyers are playing mediocre at best and are being out classed by a team that they should be built to beat. What follows are my observations of the series so far.

Fischler's Top 10 Candidates to Replace Low

Stan Fischler is a hockey analyst and is a commentator during New Jersey Devils intermissions on Fox Sports, sometimes on MSG the channel. Fischler also wrote books and has tons of hockey history knowledge and knows tons about many things in the NHL. Here he talks about the 10 top candidates to coach the New York Rangers next season.

Cechmanek might miss game 3 in Ottowa

ESPN is reporting that there is a chance Philadelphia Flyers goalie Roman Cechmanek might miss Monday nights game three playoff start because of an ankle injury. Cechmanek re-agrivated the sprained right ankle that kept him out of 13 games at the end of the season in last nights pathetic 3-0 loss to the Senators. If Cechmanek can’t go Brian Boucher would be the starter. Flyers coach Bill Barber was quoted as saying “Boucher has done a great job for us, If it comes to that I’m comfortable with it and so is the team” Cechmanek did not practice with the team Sunday.

Washington Capitals 2001-2002 Regular Season Review

Was Jagr that big of a good deal, or was Monica Lewinsky found in the Capitals GM’s office? Key players, the staff, and what is to be expected in the off-season for the Washington Capitals.

Ducks fire Gauthier has reported that the Mighty Ducks of Anahiem has fired GM and President Pierre Gauthier. Here is the link to the story.

Hurricane Warning in New Jersey

The New Jersey Devils are down 2-0 in the 1st round playoff series against the Carolina Hurricanes. How can this be? What is going wrong? Are the Devils in a bad position?

What Went Wrong?

What went wrong? We all ask that at the end of the regular season. I’d like to give my opinion on a few teams. Anyone is welcome to leave their opinion of “What Went Wrong”.

Edmonton Oilers 2001-2002 Regular Season Review

The key players. The coach, general manager. In what kind of po$ition is this team in? A review of the Edmonton Oilers’ 2001-2002 regular season as the missed the playoffs, finishing the season with 92 points.

Hockey Trade Rumors' 2002 Playoff Preview

Which is the most exciting series to watch in the playoffs? How far can THN’s Stanley Cup winner favorite Flyers go? Can the Canucks ‘eh’ the Wings? This is HTR’s 2002 Playoff match-up preview.

Forsberg's Back!!!!!!!!!!

Flyers go with Cechmanek for the playoffs


Forsberg’s Back!!!!!!!


Thrashers Willing To Trade…

The Atlanta Thrashers earlier told a local newspaper they were ready to give up their first pick overall (they had the best % of winning-25%) for immediate help on the ice. They will probably be more than willing to give up the 2nd pick now that we know the order of the draft. Maybe the Florida Panthers that have 2 picks in the first 10 are preparing a big trade involving the 1st pick overall as well…




Low Fired as Ranger's Head Coach

Head coach Ron Low has been fired after two seasons with Rangers

Vancouver Poised At Right Time

After a first half of the season whereby even some of their die-hard fans were writing them off as a team unable to make the playoffs, the Vancouver team has somehow managed to salvage their season, and is turning it on at the critical point…right before the playoffs begin.

New York Rangers 2001-2002 Season Preview; Oilers are Next

The Rangers marked a career high of 5 straight seasons without entering the playoffs. Although this was a very disappointing and very frustrating season, it was different than the previous seasons where the Rangers never accomplished anything good. This is the review of the Rangers 2001-2002 season as there will be the reviews of the other non-playoff teams. A review of the players, coaches, GMs’ transactions, the positives and negatives that came out of this season, and what the team should do in the off-season.