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Salary Cap Rising… is reporting that due to how successful the New NHL has been, the salary cap will be rising to somewhere between $40-$45M.

Something To Think About….

Among the topics on tap for the NHL board of governors meeting that happened this week was the possibility of adding a “play-in” round to the playoffs to expand the field from 16 teams to 20.

Mario Brings down the axe!!! Ed Olczyk FIRED

Sportsnet has learned the Pittsburgh Penguins have fired head coach Ed Olczyk along with his entire coaching staff and replaced him with the Penguins AHL coach and former Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien… Should be officialized by thursday morning!

Sykora may soon be boarding a plane…

The ongoing Petr Sykora saga continues. Now it appears that it’s down to four. is reporting that the New York Rangers appear to be the front runners.

Fantasy 2006 All Star Game

As we all know, due to implications in the new CBA the players asked that there not be an All Star Game in years that the NHL participates in the Olympics.

Bertuzzi Stays, Jovanovski Goes

The Vancouver Canucks will not be parting ways with Todd Bertuzzi any time soon.

The NHL Owners Meet To Discuss

The new NHL is posting attendance and revenues higher than expected in most cities.

When the NHL owners meet Wednesday they will have many things to talk about, both negative and positive.

Cloutier Out 4 Months!

According to, Vancouver Canucks’ goaltender Dan Cloutier will undergo knee surgery and will be out for up to four months…

Let the speculation begin!

Skid Salvation: The Professor Returns.

At least an incredible two weeks ahead of schedule, Alex Kovalev practiced with the team on Monday with “no pain whatsoever”. He will accompany the team on the road this week and will almost certainly start on Saturday in Minnesota.

Observations from the Couch

I have been away from HTR for a while now, basically just soaking in the new NHL and figuring out where I stand on everything. The past month or so, I have noticed an increase in the trade rumors floating around the net, and on tv. Here are a few observations and speculations that I see.

The Biggest Waste of Money in the League

I’ve watched alot of hockey games so far this season, and I can’t find another player in the league that is as much of a waste of money as Sergei Gonchar.

Lalime To be Waived

According to the St. Louis Blues are about to place struggling netminder Patrick Lalime on waivers.


Alright it’s getting to that time of year. The New Year will soon be upon us and the Trade deadline will be hitting us before we even know it.

What I want is some Trade Predictions for the trade deadline coming up. Who is going to trade what and where 2 weeks before it happens or less?