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Observations from the Couch

I have been away from HTR for a while now, basically just soaking in the new NHL and figuring out where I stand on everything. The past month or so, I have noticed an increase in the trade rumors floating around the net, and on tv. Here are a few observations and speculations that I see.

The Biggest Waste of Money in the League

I’ve watched alot of hockey games so far this season, and I can’t find another player in the league that is as much of a waste of money as Sergei Gonchar.

Lalime To be Waived

According to the St. Louis Blues are about to place struggling netminder Patrick Lalime on waivers.


Alright it’s getting to that time of year. The New Year will soon be upon us and the Trade deadline will be hitting us before we even know it.

What I want is some Trade Predictions for the trade deadline coming up. Who is going to trade what and where 2 weeks before it happens or less?

What will happen to Big Bert?

Being a fan of Canadian hockey, it is hard not to like a player of Todd Bertuzzi’s calibur. He is the total package, he scores, he hits, he is THE proto-typical power-forward that alot of young Canadian talent will look up to for years to come.

Penguins out of Pittsburgh?

TSN is reporting that Lemiuex and company are unhappy with the progression of getting a new arena in Pittsburgh for the Penguins and is eluding to possibly moving the team.

Time To Get Some Offense Back…..

With the Senators recent offensive struggles expect changes to be made…..



Mario Lemieux has pulled out of the Olympics.

Lemieux said Saturday that he informed Team Canada staff, including Wayne Gretzky, that he has withdrawn his name from consideration for the team.

Wendel Still Rules!!!

Remember when Chris Osgood beat the crap out of Patrick Roy?

Around the NHL in 80 Minutes

No, not really 80 minutes. But, I liked the title so I used it.

It’s all the latest talk that is going around the NHL….. All for you to read and comment on.

And the hits just keep coming for the Flyers!

Gagne Sidelined for Two Weeks

Games Goalies Play

After paying close attention to Luongo’s play this year, it is obvious that he is trying to force a trade.

Sykora closer to being voted off the pond

A story in the Mercury News and in many other papers has made it clear that Petr Sykora was left out of last night’s game against the Sabres because a deal was close with “multiple teams.” Rumors have Sykora being a “perfect fit” in New York with the Rangers but no teams have been mentioned as of yet. The Ducks play Saturday in Montreal then Monday in Toronto. Brian Burke declined to comment on the rumors, but Sykora is VERY unhappy the way he is being treated and I am very unhappy having him in my Yahoo Fantasy Pool. TRADE HIM ALREADY!