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Thrashers 1 from franchise win #50

Thrashers are closing in on franchise win number 50. Doesn’t seem all that great considering a few teams almost got that many last year alone, the Avs being the only team to actually cross that 50 win point last year with 52.

Hitch***** fired, Gainey reassigned

Just announced on Rick Wilson, assistant coach, to take on coaching in the interim.

Roman Cechmanek Opens His Mouth!

It was reported on Headline Sports in Toronto tonight, that Roman Cechmanek made a comment in a European paper stating that the Flyers managment, and the reporters in Philly, pushed the European players there to the side, and treat them like crap in Philly. I don’ t remember the exact quote, but that is the most of it! Kind of funny to hear that from a mouth of a guy who just signed a nice multi-million dollar deal!

Rangers Youth = Wins

With Mark Messier and Andreas Johansson out, the Rangers have finally made the right decision and allowed the young guys like Manny Malhotra and Jeff Toms to have more ice time. And they’ve proven their worth in these last two victories against the Bruins and Isles…

Red Wings: If Dom retires, is CuJo the target?

I just thought I would pass this along. I read it on’s message board.

Fleury to the Penguins?

According to Larry Brooks (New York Daily News writer), New York Rangers’ star Theo Fleury could be shipped to the Pittsburgh Penguins for defenseman Darius Kaspuritus and a 2003 2nd round draft pick before the NHL trade deadline. Fleury, said he is unhappy playing in Broadway and wants out. Many other teams such as the Kings, Blues, Coyotes, Senators, and even his former team, the Calgary Flames are showing interest in the troubled star. Rangers GM, Glen Sather could not be reached for comment.

Thing are looking brighter

Well, we have all awaited the return of Mario Lemieux. Whether it be beacuse we are Pens fans or you have him on your fantasy hockey teams.

Follow Up to Previous Trade Rumors Discussion

Does Boucher feel unloved in the City of Brotherly Love? Will the Bruins trade Guerin or Dafoe and become the Boston Ruins? Are the Devils and GM Lamoriello on the Highway to Hell? Hackett to become a Leaf?

Erikkson on waivers

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. Sports net reported last night that Erikkson was put on waivers by the Leafs last night and will not be accompanying them on their western road trip, starting in Calgary.

Not suprising really, given his horrid performance lately, and all season. I’m wondering if they are starting a bit of a “Fire sale” to clear the way for some new additions before the trade deadline.

Key Players to watch/forget in the second half

Well, I’m due for an article so I decided to post one on players to watch or forget in the second half of the season.

Discussion on Latest Trade Rumors

Will Cechmanek stare at the Stars? Should the Rangers trade Richter to the Blues or Sharks? Jordan came out of retirement, Lemieux came out of retirement, Bourque coming out of retirement…oh no ho ho no don’t think ssSO! Poti done digging for the Oil, going fishing on the Isle? ….read more.

Then and Now for the Dallas Stars

Grab a large scientific telescope and take a look at the Stars.

Players Mid Term Grades

It took me a long time to post these but i did not receive as many as i expected to receive, a bit disappointed. I would like to thank all those who put their effort and took the time to e-mail me the grades. All were great, unfortunately I had to make a decision for the Flyers and it was tough to make, but I managed. This is based right when teams started ot hit the half way of the season. My computer also crashed so it took longer to post this.

Thank you

Micki Peroni

Kamesky dealt to Devils

Valeri Kamensky was traded to the New Jersey Devils for a 22 year old minor league defenceman named Andre Lakos.

Kariya to Montreal

One of the most credible sources (TSN) have said that the Montreal Canadiens is very interested in receiving Anaheim Might Duck captain Paul Kariya in a package deal. The Canadiens would give up one of their back-up goaltenders, Jeff Hackett or Mathieu Garon (probably Garon), left winger Brian Savage, and defencemen Andrei Markov and Sheldon Souray.

Quarterly Report: Underachievers and Overachievers in today's NHL

Now that the National Hockey League has reached the half-way mark, I thought I’d update my earlier “Quarterly Report: Underachievers and Overachievers in today’s NHL.” Keep in mind these are my picks, and they might be different than yours. Anyhow, here’s my list:

Devils Stuck in Hell

What is the situation of the Devils? Have they improved? Will they improve? Will they jump up and down the .500 mark? Did GM Lamoriello make any attempts to help his team to climb back to their usual place?

Trade Rumour Request

For the past two months, I’ve regularly done an article called “A different look on trade rumours.” Now, I’m still continuing it- don’t worry hockey fans- but I have to say the only rumours I seem to be getting are from the same teams. Not to say that the Canadian teams or the Detroit Red Wings or any other of the major contenders are not interesting, it’s just that I don’t think the little teams get much recognition.

Will Mario Make A Difference?

He didn’t against the St. Louis Blues, who along with captain Chris Pronger are starting to find their stride now, but the question is can Mario Lemieux inspire his struggling Pittsburgh Penguins towards the playoffs, just how Pronger is doing with St. Louis?


Ok, after reading thru all the crap about Darren McCarty, Kirk Maltby and Drapes (Kris Draper) all being considered for trades to get “Kasper” (Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman Darius Kasparitus) to Hockeytown (the Detroit Red Wings), I should not have to remind you that the ‘Grind Line” no matter if they play together every night or not, is a killer marketing idea that the Wings will ride till those guys quit