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Who are the best available coaches?

As an Islanders fan I believe they are about to make a coaching change. I would say if things continue like this, Stirling is gone just after the new year. That got me thinking about who might be some of the better available coaches for Milbury to go to.

Disgraceful Display By Kings

The December 2nd game between the Ottawa Senators and LA Kings turned into a fight-fest, ending with a disgraceful display by the Los Angeles Kings. As a Sens fan, I know I might be called biased, but what Sean Avery and Co. did is unacceptable.

Zhitnik, Sopel & Niinimaa on the block?

the is reporting that Mike Millbury is displeased with the performance of Alexei Zhitnik, Brent Sopel & Janne Niinimaa and he is looking to upgrade his roster.

CHL- December Edition

Some familiar teams remain at the top of their respective leagues and those teams were well represented at the ADT Canada-Russia Challenge. Unfortunately for the Russians, they were completely dominated and it was a great display of some of the key players you should see on Team Canada’s world junior team. The ADT challenge consisted of 2 games for the Russians against each of the three league’s top Canadians for a total of six games. I will profile the future of Toronto goaltending in Justin Pogge, Montreal’s top OHL prospect, rookie Sergei Kostitsyn and the Quebec’s Rempart’s rookie sensation, Angelo Esposito.

Referee Overrules Replay Judge

Something is seriously wrong with the honesty of the referees.

My Olympic Rosters: Big 7 teams

Here are my rosters as of now for 7 countries playing the olympics…

Avery coming to Montreal

Sean Avery is finally coming to Montreal, after making his smart comments back in October. What kind of reception will he get from the Montreal fans?

Bruins/ Sharks, the other side of the coin

My first post on this site, on any site to be honest. I just have to…I sit here and read all of your opinions on the Thornton trade and just cant resist. Is it really that bad for Boston???

Something Up Patrick's Sleeve?

After dropping four straight and struggling with consistency on what was supposed to be an offensively explosive team, something has to be up GM Craig Patrick’s sleeve. Anybody remember the good ole days in the 90’s when Patrick would pull off a blockbuster trade at unexpected times, most of which the Pens would benefit greatly (please exclude Marcus Naslund to the Canucks for Alex Stojanov and a decade of regret, enough said) Pittsburgh seemed to always bring in players with a lot of potential or who were struggling, either way simply in need of a new home where more opportunity lay ahead of them. I’m talking about guys like Francis, Tocchet, Kovalev, etc.

Panthers Trade Huselius to Flames reports that the Florida Panthers have traded Kristian Huselius to the Calgary Flames.

What Ever Happened to

With the addition of two marquee defensman, and one of the top three players in hockey, the Flyers were the early favorite to win the Stanley Cup this season, but injuries, poor special teams, and lack of a Captain has tarnished that early vision of success

Team…. Quebec!!

The crazy sepratist party of Canada who is holding the goverment hostage for it’s laughable cause has made another suggestion. This isn’t about my political views on the Bloc Quebecois threatening to leave until we give them more money. This is about Gilles Duceppe, local genius, and loon, proposing that Quebec have it’s own National Hockey team…

Pilar Out For The Season

According to and, Karel Pilar has had another set back with his heart, and will not play this season in Toronto. He hopes to return to Europe and play in a few months, and hopes to return to the Leafs for next season.