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Best player in the NHL

As we all know the NHL is loaded with stars but I would like to start a debate on who is the best of them all Best D-man Best RW best LW best C best Goalie…… This should be intresting!!!!!!!

Habs looking to move a Defenseman

According to RDS, Bob Gainey is looking to trade a defenseman to get an other offensive defenseman.

Fighting will survive

Recently tsn hockey analyst Bob Mckenzie posted an article saying that soon enough goons will be an extinct species in the NHL.

Rangers to move Poti?

Tom Poti has been a healthy scratch the last couple of games, and there are rumblings of a possible trade….

Ronnie Franchise's Number to be Retired… but not the way it should be…

The Carolina Hurricanes have announced they will retire the number of one of the best players ever. Ron Francis will have his number retired in a game against Atlanta, but that’s what I have to take an issue with.

Burke shopping Sergei?

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun is reporting that Brian Burke may be interested in moving Sergei Fedorov once he returns from injury.

help re-instate The Instigator

The Instigator needs your help. The feature, which has run for the last four years at CBC ( ) and three years before that at, is an involuntary holding pattern. After the NHL  and the CBC lockouts ended all appeared well until the author Charlie Teljeur was informed the cartoons would not return “until/unless the CBC found another sponsor” to make it work. In the past CBC usually proceeded knowing that acquiring an advertiser would only be a matter of time. This year, apparently with stricter corporate guidelines, is different.

Has Anyone Seen 'The Cat'?

Chicoutimi, St. John’s, Toronto, New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Boston, I lost Felix Potvin somewhere between these places on my radar screen. Someone tell me where The Cat is? How is it possible that Potvin is out of work in this new NHL?

Some Not so Hot prospects

Some people out there have a really limited view on the NHL, and mostly all they see is their team, and how crappy the Toronto Maple Leafs are. Well, I decided to compile a list of “hot” prospects they have who really have amounted to absolutely nothing thus far.

If the Awards Were Handed Out Today

This is just a personal and opinionated speculation on NHL Awards, and if they were to be handed out today.

Havlat On His Way Out? and are both reporting that Martin Havlat could be dealt by Ottawa when he returns from his suspension. Hockeyleaks listed Carolina and St.Louis as two teams that are interested. Erik Cole and Barrett Jackman are two player names mentioned

Antropov on the block, again!!!!

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Nik Antropov for Brendan Witt rumor is heating up again and a deal could be done as soon as Nik’s healthy.

TexCan's Weekly Slap Shots Vol. 1 Issue 3 *New*

There are 3 un-winnable arguments in this world:

1. Gender Equality – Why is it always the woman who could pass as the love child of Rik O’ Casek and Olive Oyl that wants to protest by baring her breasts in public. Why is it never the lithe, underwear models with low self esteem that want to show their Casey and Finegans’s in public. . (Hey! It’s my first Mr. Dressup reference! Question: Would a middle age, single dude with something called a tickle trunk in his closet be allowed to keep a little kid with creepy rosy cheeks in this day and age?)

2. Politics – Your white, privileged, corporate whore, who’s drunk and fat on campaign contributions who has his best interests at heart is a an unwashed heathen but my white privileged, corporate whore, who’s drunk and fat on campaign contributions who has his best interests at heart is a man of great conviction. (These guys are on extended warranty sale away from working at Best Buy)

3. My Team is better then your team.