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TexCan's Weekly Slap Shots Vol. 1 Issue 3 *New*

There are 3 un-winnable arguments in this world:

1. Gender Equality – Why is it always the woman who could pass as the love child of Rik O’ Casek and Olive Oyl that wants to protest by baring her breasts in public. Why is it never the lithe, underwear models with low self esteem that want to show their Casey and Finegans’s in public. . (Hey! It’s my first Mr. Dressup reference! Question: Would a middle age, single dude with something called a tickle trunk in his closet be allowed to keep a little kid with creepy rosy cheeks in this day and age?)

2. Politics – Your white, privileged, corporate whore, who’s drunk and fat on campaign contributions who has his best interests at heart is a an unwashed heathen but my white privileged, corporate whore, who’s drunk and fat on campaign contributions who has his best interests at heart is a man of great conviction. (These guys are on extended warranty sale away from working at Best Buy)

3. My Team is better then your team.

Penguins to fire coach?

Rumor has it that Penguins coach Eddie Olczyk will be the first head coach to be fired this season.

Bourque, again Bruins savior?

Bruins fans, 8 games into the season, I would say are a little disappointed.

The free agent period offered many signs of optimism. Joe Thornton was signed to a three year deal and Sergie Samsonov will have a year to prove he should stay long term. The blue line was bolstered with a future hall of famer in Brian Leetch. They also signed former fan favorites in Travis Green and Shawn McEachern. Finally, an abundance of youth were ready to make their mark in the new NHL.

Your say: who's the worst player in the league

Now I know what you are thinking, not another rant.. but this time, everyone would like to hear your opinion!!

Janne Niinimaa on the block, Habs moving ?

Janne Niinimaa is rumored to be on the trading block since he is unable to get a point with the Islanders yet.

Crosby on Team Canada's long Olympic list

Mr. Gretzky and his crew have compiled a list of 81 potential players for the upcoming games.

Coyotes, Rangers Swap Centers

According the the Coyotes official site, Phoenix has traded center Jeff Taffe to the New York Rangers in exchange for center Jamie Lundmark.

Shields To Atlanta? is reporting that the Atlanta Thrashers have signed veteran goaltender Steve Shields to a tryout contract with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL.

Havlat gets 5

According to the Score, Martin Havlat is suspended 5 games for the kicking incident that occured Saturday night against the Bruins.

Where Are the Doubters? Biting Their Tongues

October 16, 2005

by Bardia Sinaee ( –

(TORONTO, ON) – There are two things in common between, Jason Allison, Eric Lindros, Jeff O’Neill, and the Toronto Maple Leafs: they all had some serious doubters, and, they have all proved them wrong in this past week.

Atlanta looking to add a goalie?

With injuries to their top 3 goalies so early in the season, there are whispers in Atlanta about Potvin, or Biron coming to the Thrashers.

Havlat has to be SUSPENDED. is reporting

Sources say the NHL is reviewing a kicking incident last night in the Ottawa-Boston game at the Corel Centre. Havlat, after being knocked into the back of the net, kicked Boston defenceman Hal Gill. A suspension is expected.

Should Turin 06 Mark the Changing of the Guard for Canada

Everyone is making the early opinion on how the season is going to go. So I figured I would start the debate for who could be playing for team Canada in Turin, Italy. I am going to limit my selection to younger players, cause I feel that this is the Olympics where we leave behind the likes of Lemieux, Sakic, Yzerman, Blake. Take a younger team and show the world that we will continue to dominate our sport for years to come.