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Brett Hull to retire

Brett Hull will announce his retirement from the Coyotes at a press conference in Phoenix this evening.



Most Beat Up Person In The NHL

Who do you think is the most beat up person in the NHL?????

Legendary London Knights

The London Knights have developed alot of legendary players, here’s some of the best ever to don the green and white.

Respecting the #12

A prior article mentioned that the historic Montreal Canadiens organization will be retiring three more jerseys this year. In my opinion the three jerseys could represent four players. Why? Because you have to the respect the number twelve. Two great hall of fame Habs wore this number with pride and distinction. Even if they are glossed over this time fans shouldn’t forget the #12.

Salo in Sweden's Olympic plans

By Alan Adams,

Tommy Salo may have retired from the NHL but he is a part of Sweden’s plans for the 2006 Winter Olympic tournament in Italy in February.

Salo was one of five goaltenders and 65 players named to Sweden’s preliminary Olympic roster. Salo retired after last season but he changed his mind and joined Frolunda of Sweden’s Elite League after the team lost Henrik Lundqvist to the New York Rangers.

TexCan's Weekly Slap Shots Vol. 1 Issue 2

There are 3 undeniable truths that I live by:

1. Never let the hot girl in front of you in the exit lane. She will rarely pull over and make out with you.

2. Order the soup or the salad, never both. That’s how they get’cha!

3. The more things change the more you’re going to hear a Jennifer Capriatiesque meltdown inducing complaint from some windsucker hanging out in his parent’ basement…. (ok, it’s me)

Who will be the next number retired?

Many players who are around the league now or recently retired players could be eligible to have their numbers retired with their respective teams or former teams. Here’s a list of each team and the player who will have their numbers retired next……

B's sign Boynton!

As speculated by, the Boston Bruins have signed one of their top defensemen, Nick Boynton, to a one year contract.

It is my opinion that the injuries to Bruins centers had caused some urgency in the front office prompting them to get this done.

Avery could be in hot water again — Depending on whether Edmonton Oilers forward Georges Laraque chooses to make it an issue, Los Angeles Kings winger Sean Avery could be in hot water again.

It's the penalties, stupid

Yesterday I wrote that scoring is up 25% over the first hundred games. Today, I will examine the reasons why. I looked at shots per game, shooting percentage, penalties per game and powerplay efficiency. Each is up. However, not surprisingly it is penalties per game that seems to be having the greatest effect on the game. Amazingly, even strength goals per game are up only 3% this year.

What the Devil? A fans rant

The current 24 man roster of the New Jersey Devils has a collective salary of $43,579,929, more than $4.5 million over the $39 million salary-cap. Now, I fully understand that we are merely in the beginning stages of capology, and that there is much learning to be done by us fans about how it works. So how exactly is it that the Devils continue to bounce along playing in NHL games, seemingly unpunished? What is going on?

Scoring up 25% in the new NHL

The 2005-06 season is now 100 games old and the initial results are positive. The multiple initiatives to increase scoring are working. At this point, teams are combining to score 6.4 goals per game, up from 5.1 goals in 03 and 5.3 goals in 02. This is a 25% increase over the 2003 seaosn. However this is still down from the 24 team early 90’s 7.5 goals per game.

Waivers or Trades await two more 2000 first round picks

The Fourth Period is reporting that Phoenix Coyotes centers Jeff Taffe and Krys Kolanos are on the trading block. At least one player will have to be moved to make room for Petr Nedved who may return midweek. Both players would have to clear waivers to return to the minors.