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Cap Crunch – NJ Devils Trade Friesen

The Washington Capitals have acquired left wing Jeff Friesen from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for a conditional pick in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft. The Devils are over the league salary cap and needed to shed some money. The Capitals, on the other hand, have plenty of cap space and are happy to have a veteran to help their young players.

The ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW 2005-06 (Beta Version)

Here it is, finally!


CHL Season Preview

It is no secret that the Canadian Hockey League is the foremost breeding ground for NHL talent. In the 2005 NHL Entry draft, 17 players from the CHL were taken in the 1st round alone. In the top ten draft selections, 7 came from the CHL including the top prospect in the world, Sidney Crosby. Thankfully, the NHL and hockey fans will see more great talent to come from this very entertaining league.

NHL ads

So guys, I’m sure plenty of you have seen the my NHL ad that was on the other day.

Some like it, some hate it. But I highly doubt those of you that hate it were saying to yourself, “man, I can’t believe it, that woman is a sex object, I’m calling my local government represenative! I’m steemed!”

Well, here we are.

Sabres shopping Biron

Sabres look to move Martin Biron before season opener.

Owen Nolan Good fit for Red Wings

Owen Nolan’s disputed contract buyout should finally go through within the next few weeks making him an unrestricted free agent around the time the season starts.

Despite his health and age, Nolan could still be a strong winger that a number of teams should be looking at, and (when hes finally bought out) he’ll be the last of the big name free agents.

Alexander Semin won't report to training camp

According to, left winger Alexander Semin has not reported to Washington’s training camp despite being under contract. What is strange though, is that the Russian media is reporting that Semin would likely remain in Russia for all year.

If He can play like he did as a Flyer…. what Can Eric Lindros do?

Eric Lindros’s season will be an interesting one to follow, without a doubt, he’s saying he can play without getting hurt, he’s finally playing for the hometown Leafs, and he’s had a great training camp/preseason so far. What really is his potential, 100 pts? 40 goals? 50 goals? MVP? Olympic team? An all star appearance? A Stanley Cup? Well… aside from the cup, and fifty goals, he’s done it all. The cup he’s lost by flukes a time or two, and the fifty goals… well… he once scored 47 in 65 games, is it really his fault?

Its That Time of the Season – Fantasy Sleepers

After more than a year of waiting that included practically no news about hockey players – now the most hardcore of hockey fans must prepare to draft the best of the best for our respective fantasy leagues.

Deadmarsh to announce retirement

According to the Fourth period Adam Deadmarsh has decided to retire from the NHL. Deadmarsh has been suffering from post concussion syndrome since 2002.

Osgood out with groin injury

According to Chris Osgood will miss the start of the season with a groin injury.

Leaving the Red Wings with Legace has their goaltender.

Here is the article:

Colorado, are they in trouble?

There were a lot of big free agent signings in the Northwest and a lot of big names moving out of Colorado this summer. They have a much different look than the team that could last year ice three very potent offensive lines and had one of the better defensive cores in the NHL. With the dramatic loses and with little in the way of replacements it will be interesting to see just how much the mighty will fall this year.

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