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Habs Movie reports that the Montreal Canadiens organisation will be making a movie for the team’s 100th anniversary, in co-operation with the National Hockey League and Cité-Amérique productions.

What will be a 5 million$ production will be hitting theaters sometime during Fall 2008.

An introspective look at the Oiler's

A new season is coming up. Hockey scribes all over the land are writing of doom and gloom for the upcoming Oilers hockey season. Here is a realistic look at what to expect from this team, and who to watch.

Update. Malkin's parents now fleeing Russia!

I thought since we haven’t had any Malkin news in a while and since this story brings more evidence to light about the shady ongoings in Russia, that I may as well post it, in hopes to silence some critics who thought we were exagerating about (some aspects of) Russia’s corruptness. One of the speculations was that there was immense pressure being put on his family, that forced him to sign the 3am contract reworking.

Who to Watch at the N.Y. Islander Training Camp

Now the dust has settled in Islanderland, the team can focus on the season ahead. By the same token, fantasy owners can focus on what changes this team has undergone and which players will be the most affected.

Devils Sign Lachance

The issue of a 7th defenceman for NJ has been seemingly resolved. With Matvichuk out and Malakhov all but retired the 5 shoe-ins for NJ right now is Rafalski, White, Lukowich and RFA’s Hale and Martin (will be signed somehow).

Keenan Resigns is reporting that Mike Keenan has resigned after one full season as boss of the cats and days before the start of training camp.

Dvorak not Leetch, back on broadway???

In Ranger news today the NY post is reporting that Dvorak one time 30 goal scorer for the Rangers may make his return.

According to

Dvorak has been talking to St. Louis, and Detroit as well….

Fatal Crash..

I just wanted to post something for Stefan Blaho, who died in a fatal car accident tuesday night at age 21.

He was drafted by the Islanders, i just find it really sad, he could have been a big star. I am posting this in memory of Stefan Blaho..

Philly interested in Allison?

According to This is an Eklund like site so I wouldnt take this to the bank. However, it goes on to say that Allison has talked to 2-3 teams and one of them is Philly because of the primeau situation along with forsberg’s injury issues.

Pronger & Staios Do Wrestling Interview?

Ever witness a hockey interview that makes you want to reach in and choke the athlete? If interviews are going to be fake and somewhat scripted, then they should be done just like in wrestling.