Nick Kypreos says … trade Kessel for Domi

“Could you trade Phil and bring back a Max Domi? That’s the type of thing that I would be looking at.

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  1. doorman says:

    Kypreos is a tool, seriously, this “insider” makes me laugh. Nt sure what they could get for Kessel TBH, but no way Arizona is making that trade when they are in cost cutting mode, lol.

    • nordiques100 says:

      I think this is just an example of the type of player they should target for Kessel, not necessarily get Domi.

      I think the point he was trying to make is that, you wont be able to trade Kessel for Doughty or Kopitar, or Toews or other high end stars. It may have to be a high end, but yet unproven prospect.

      Not really what Leaf Nation wants to hear, considering he scores a lot of goals and points. But it may come to that if the team decides, its best to move forward without him and start fresh.

      • doorman says:

        I actually have zero problem with a rebuild. I would want more then that, but that’s just me. I think the Leafs if they are going to move him need to get a contending team that would givwe that +. Kypreos is still a tool, lol.

        • Gambo says:

          I liked the idea of getting Forsberg + Jones/Josi for Kessel. I’d imagind the leafs would have to add and take back some salary. Really dont want the team to miss the playoffs and get a shitty draft pick, which is what will probably happen if they dont move some of the core.

          • doorman says:

            I think Poile would be more interested than people assume, but not sure he would pay that. one would guess it becomes if he thinks they have a legit shot this year playing well and want to add firepower?

          • Steven_Leafs0 says:

            I think if we were going after Forsberg / Jones not only would we have to take on Stalberg’s contract but also give up some other pieces. As long as those pieces aren’t Nylander or a first then I would give them anything they ask for (within reason of course).

            Sad thing is I think Forsberg played himself into a unmovable position. The year he had should make Polie ask for the moon which most teams won’t pay based on the chance he can’t repeat.

        • leafy says:

          I like Kypreos. He always gives an honest perspective on things despite risking ridicule. I like that and respect his motives, even if I don’t always agree with him.

  2. leafy says:

    Everybody sems to have reached a conclusion that the Leafs can’t score because Carlyle left and are playing a system that reduces goal production. I don’t buy it.

    The new coach just came in for 1-2 games and then they started this tough road trip. The sample size is tiny and it’s a biased sample of tough games. The better defensive play is a positive sign and let’s see what they can do after this tough stretch.

  3. leafy says:

    Jake Gardiner sucks. If they put him on waivers, nobody will pick him up.

    • nordiques100 says:

      he was probably their 2nd best player last night after Reimer.

      but when Gardiner is your best player, you have problems. Big, big problems.

      • doorman says:

        I think he is lacking some serious confidence and that’s half his problem. This is a guy who needs a fresh start.

        I am not about tanking as I don’t like the thought of losing on purpose. That being said, I am not sure I care if they win another game all year. This team is in desperate need of a top pick to pan out. If they can secure a top centre and some other nice pieces to go with Rielly and to a lesser extent Nylander as we don’t know what he will be yet.

      • leafy says:

        Are you serious Nords? I thought he was horrible. That first San Jose goal especially was vintage Gardiner. What a waste of space.

        • nordiques100 says:

          he is an adventure. but no worse than anyone else on that team.

          unfortunately better teams would be able to hide his deficiencies. In Toronto, his are much too exposed.

          However, the way he can jump into the play and join the rush or lead it, there is definitely something good there. It just won’t be truly shown here in Toronto, with this particular group.

          • leafy says:

            I have him rated a little bit differently. I see Gardiner as awful, and his offensive game (supposedly his strength) is almost as awful as his defensive game. Double whammy!

            I’m telling you, if they put him on waivers right now, nobody would claim him.

  4. leafy says:

    I’m going to put this put there and apply some unconventional thinking.

    Roman Polak is the Leafs’ MVP. Don’t laugh, he’s my pick.

    • doorman says:

      I won’t laugh, I myself have thought that the role players are the MVP’s for sure, throwing Winnik and Santorelli into the mix as well. You could lso make a case for Franson, as is it is with Polak seems to be brutally honest when assessing the teams play.

      • leafy says:

        Yeah Polak is honest, but he’s also a damn good player. Big, strong and solid stay at home defenceman. The Leafs need 2 or 3 more like him.

        Funny thing is that when the Leafs got him for Gunnarsson, I thought he’d be awful. That was a really good trade, but a moot point as it turned out.

  5. doorman says:

    If I am Nonis, I am calling Cheveldayoff and Poile to asses interest in Kessel. The jets badly need to make the playoffs and some noise. Both teams have the cap space to take Kessel. They posess young players or prospects that we need.

    • nordiques100 says:

      I’d be surprised if Kessel is moved before season’s end. I think its just hard to get a player, of that calibre, at the fairest value, for the dollars he is getting. Usually at the draft or in the off-season, teams have a better sense of their cap situation.

      But, there is a chance because goal scoring can be at a premium and in the right place, Kessel could be a decent fit.

      The team receiving him will just have to accept, he just scores and does absolutely nothing else. Teams will definitely have reservations due to him maybe not fitting the true team concept.

      I will be even more surprised though if Kessel is a Leaf to start 2015-16 season.

      I can see Lupul and Franson being the 2 higher end Leafs who move at the deadline. Lupul needs to be healthier first.

      I think Gardiner and Phaneuf will be moved in the off-season and that goes for Kadri as well. Actually you could probably put Bozak and Reimer in this group as well. It is telling that these 5 guys combined for over $20 million in cap hit.

      I think Clarkson should be bought out. I think they’ll find a way to send Robidas back to Dallas.

      They have a lot of guys on 1 year deals. Winnik, Santorelli etc. Whether they are back or not really makes no difference.

      The only returnees i would pencil in for 2015-16 are Komarov, JVR, Bernier, Holland, Polak and Reilly. Nylander may make the team. Percy will probably be on the team.

      then somehow hope to win the lottery and select McDavid 1st overall.

  6. doorman says:

    I agree easier to move a contract at the draft. I was only stating that with those two teams playing well and having young talent, add that to their lack of proven pure scorers that they may want to roll the dice now? Kessel doesn’t seem a fit and it’s really to bad. We searched for a guy like this to play with Sundin and never had it, hope it doesn’t become that all over again?

    • nordiques100 says:

      The issue was JFJ left the Leafs with nothing.

      So instead of doing this 6 years ago, Burke traded for Kessel to have at least something and here we are.

      Granted, he had no clue the Leafs were going to be that bad and finish 2nd last, but, that too is on Burke for not trying hard enough to salvage that season and finish as high as possible.

      The egg is still on the faces of the Leafs and its fans.

      • LN91 says:

        JFJ is still the worst GM the Leafs ever had. When the team was handed down to Cliff Fletcher/Brian Burke, the only real prospect/young player to build around was Luke Schenn, I think Dale Mitchell was our second prospect.

        In terms of trading players, the Leafs major trade pieces were Kaberle, Stajan, & Antropov. You were never getting major picks/prospects for those pieces. Also, no goaltending.

        Now, a rebuild is not completely hopeless…The Leafs atleast have promising pieces in Nylander & Reilly, good second-line/pairing prospects like Brown/Leivo/Johnson & Matt Finn/Stuart Percy. Not to mention a goaltender in Bernier that should stay.

        Also, current roster players will get you something…Santorelli/Winnik/Booth/Franson should fetch you the same as an Antropov.

        Not to mention, the bigger pieces…Lupul, Kessel, & Phaneuf will get you alot more.

        Also, the Leafs still have young & interesting pieces in Kadri/Gardiner.

        The Leafs are not completely hopeless as they were when Burke came…But it’s up to management if they want to build this the right way, or try to take a shortcut like every other GM has.

        • lafleur10 says:

          LUPULwill get you abolutely nothing teams wont touch him because of theinjury history and the cap hit the money he’s being paid doesn’t equal the outp ut from him your stuck with him

          • LN91 says:

            If Lupul returns, and starts playing well heading into the deadline…Someone will bite.

            $5 million a year for top-six player is affordable for what he produces Lafleur. What output are you talking about? The only issue he has is games played.

            • lafleur10 says:

              he’s payed like a 70 point guy at this stage of his career and he’s likely a 50 pint forward in a injury free year his in jury history and cxap hit are too much teams are going to take a chance on him

            • lafleur10 says:

              NO ONE WILL BITE SORRY LN91but he’s paid to much and can’t stay healhty your stuck with him …if a gm takes on that contract he’ll soon be unemployed it’s those deals that cost gm’s their jobs

              • leafy says:

                With Lupul, injuries are the issue. If he’s playing, someone will bite, but injuries are the wild card. So very hard to predict what will happen with Lupul.

                • lafleur10 says:

                  it’s that contract too leafy there are better options out there for teams tha they can get either ufa’s or younger guys with the same contract or similar ..because if some gm picks u that contract it won’t be long and he’ll be unemployed

  7. doorman says:

    Phaneuf, is more moveable then most think and has value.

    Kessel, as said is an elite scorer will most likely be top 10 again this year, that is a wanted commodity don’t kid yourself. He is young and some GM will pay to get him.

    This team needs to trade Reimer for his own sake playing well enough to get a decent return, deserves a fresh start.

    Gardiner, may be in the same boat as Reimer, need of change but value has diminished.

    Franson, should be kept, I think he wants to stay TBH. They need to figure this out.

    Other trade chips will most likely move even for cap space. I only see Reilly, Bernier, JVR and Nylander truly surviving this.

    • lafleur10 says:

      jvr is the leafs best trade chip as he’d garner the most in a trad i know you guys lie him but if it means geting a premium for him in a deal you’d think the leafs would look at it

    • 93killer93 says:

      I agree. At this point I would look to move Lupul, Franson and the rest of our UFA’s at the trade deadline. Then at the draft once we’ve seen how the season plays out look to move Kessel, Bozak and Phaneuf. I would also explore the interest in Kadri and Gardiner, but unless we’re getting comparable young players I’d hold on to them for now.

  8. TmLeafan says:

    Kypreos ( He’s an idiot I know) is reporting that the Avs are sending out feelers for ROR and the Leafs are interested. Exactly what we need in my opinion. He is responsible defensively, can put up points and is the right age for building for the future.

    Maybe trade Gardiner for him and ship out Phaneuf for futures in a seperate deal. In this scenario we would need to resign Franson otherwise we would have no defence left.

    Trade Lupul for futures at the deadline.

    Trade Bozak for futures at the deadline.

    Trade Riemer for picks too.

    Sign A. Sekera in offseason

    Our team would be weakened hopefully we are able to draft Dylan Strome, going down the middle moving forward would look like this:


    With all that salary moving out we should also kick tires on Evander Kane. He would give us much needed size and a great forechecker. Seems like he is not fitting in Winnipeg.

    Our biggest need moving forward would then be a good RD to play with Rielly.

    E. Kane-Kadri-Nylander


    T. Griess

    Thats a pretty promising lineup, especially if Nylander progresses and Evander Kane revives his career in Toronto. Defence still sucks but at least its cheaper.

    • TmLeafan says:

      Think we could use Frederik Gauthier as a trade chip too. I hate to say it but seems to me like hes on his way to being the next David Steckel. Big Centre who can win faceoffs, great can find those in free agency.

      • TmLeafan says:

        In terms of a RD to target for a trade maybe Tyler Myers or Zach Bogosian. Both mobile big dmen would be good with Rielly

      • LN91 says:

        Except Gauthier can actually play some great defence, Gauthier is also a pretty good cycle players…Sucks about the offensive output though, but he will most likely be a two-way defensive C whereas Steckel is a 4th-line/AHL Center.

        Looking at that draft, the only players that enticed me after Gauthier in the first round was Burakovsky and Marko Dano. The rest look at the same level.

        But then, we would hear from Cherry about how were losers because of the European content (which, has actually worked better for the Leafs) and not Canadians.

    • leafy says:

      Agreed with the general plan, but 2 points to add. Firstly, Jake Gardiner is worth absolutely nothing right now, in my opinion.
      Secondly, Kessel would have to be the major piece to kickstart a much needed rebuild.

      • TmLeafan says:

        I disagree about Gardiner but regardless of what you think young promosing dmen are worth a lot in this league. They rarely ever get traded but can get a good return especially if it is with a team desperate for defence like Colorado.

        Recall what Luke Schenn and Alex Goligoski returned. Young dmen hardly ever get traded GM’s go nuts over them.

    • lafleur10 says:

      you ot to have pieces to move to get kane and right now the leafs have every little to trade for kane same with ror gardiner wouldn’t even get the talks started sakic would have a good laugh and hang up

  9. leafy says:

    The way I see it, the Leafs almost certainly have to move Kadri and Franson at the deadline. Take a look at the contracts below. The Leafs will be hard pressed to move most of these.

    Phil Kessel ($8M)
    Dion Phaneuf ($7M)
    Joffrey Lupul ($5.25M)
    David Clarkson ($5.25M)
    Tyler Bozak ($4.2M)
    Jake Gardiner ($4M)

    Remember they need to resign Rielly in 2016, and Bernier this year if they plan to keep him.
    It almost make no sense at this point to resign Kadri and Franson.

    • LN91 says:

      According to LeBrun today, teams have already made it known (a market available) for both Kessel & Phaneuf. Not surprised by that though.

      David Clarkson, well, we all know were stuck with him.

      I will assume there is a market for Bozak, a great price-hit for a two-way second-line center. In fact, I prefer to keep him for a rebuild with JVR.

      Gardiner & Kadri are most likely dealt, but these might be more hockey deals or part of something bigger.

      • leafy says:

        If Kessel and Phaneuf are moved, that would be a huge start to a rebuild obviously.

        Bozak is one of those guys where, you’re not getting anything huge, and yet he’s also not a bad player, so okay to keep him.

        I don’t know what we’ll get for Kadri, but it likely won’t be earth shattering.

  10. TmLeafan says:

    Also ESPN just ranked the top 50 prospects in hockey and William Nylander is ranked number 1.

  11. leafy says:

    The Leafs are Horachek-ing, but can’t score.

    • LN91 says:

      I know you went against this theory…But Carlyle got the team playing the only way they can win games. He really hated this roster and he will be a head coach again.

      • leafy says:

        We’ll see. They just played 4 straight games against teams that play extremely well defensively, PLUS they’re learning a new system. Let’s see what they do until the end of the year and then debate again.

        • LN91 says:

          Extremely well defensively or not…The more alarming fact is they barely had chances. Most were easy saves.

          And really, the 1 win since Horacek came in, was a huge night by Kessel, JVR, & Bozak…Typical.

          • leafy says:

            But they also had some tough luck around the net. Goal posts and wild scrambles. Should heave beaten LA and should have been up in the 1st against San Jose. But again I want to see much more before drawing conclusions. Everyone wants to jump to conclusions. They’ve sucked for 3 years under Carlyle so what’s a few games?

            • LN91 says:

              Well, technically, it has been 5 years, and now 3 coaches with most of this core…

              So, really, a long time. If Shanahan has half a brain, then he should not be beating a dead horse.

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