Niedermayer gets 7 million is reporting that Scott Niedermayer was awarded 7 million dollars by an arbitraitor today. The 7 million dollars ties the highest ever ruling by an arbitraitor.

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  1. Devilsmann says:

    He is worth it. He can score in clutch situations and has no problem playing phisical. The devils are by far my favorite team but they should be giving more money to him and a couple other players. Stevens still has his contract but with his age and his injury he is worth 5 million not 6.2.

  2. koolcory77 says:

    I find that Devils fans don’t give Stevens the respect he deserves. This guy is an absolute rock and is definately worth a lot more to the team right now besides Niedermayer.

  3. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    He’s worth it but if you look at his numbers (as my buddy Kevin at Inside Hockey says) he has only had two big scoring years.

    Ironically, the award was based on the 2000 arbitration with John LeClair. He got injured many times and is hardly worth his money. Is that a jinx?


  4. WinterLynx says:

    I am a diehard Devils fan, and I do think Scott Stevens is by far the best defenseman we have. I think Niedermayer is Number 1 D-man on any other team, except the Devils (Stevens), Leafs (Leetch) and St. Louis (Pronger).

    You are right though, most Devils fans don’t give him the respect he deserves. He’s the beast of the east, captain crunch, etc. He’s done it all, racking up points in the earlier part of his career, and now the best Defensive-defenseman in the league (there needs to be an award made for that, like the Norris, which focuses too much on offensive numbers)

    And just to add my extra 2 cents… I think that Stevens being the best Defensive-Dman in the league, and Martin Brodeur being the best goalie in the league, that only the BEST (i.e. best offensive-dman, best forward) should be paid as much as them, at about $6.9 million…

    Niedermayer wanting $9mill when the Devils offered $8mill, that’s being beyond selfish, and I lost a lot of respect for him…

  5. WinterLynx says:

    You’re right, LeClair’s goal production has taken a turn for the worse after the $7 award… Let’s hope the injuries and slowing of production aren’t part of a $7mill arbitration curse.

    Nieds has had only two big scoring years, but if you look at the Devils prospects, especially Parise, they may help his numbers from now on, along with the Elias-Gomez connection.

  6. nj814 says:

    awsome he is worth it. they will need him if stevens doesnt come back

  7. ranger_fan says:

    With a potential cap, not even Forsberg is worth 7 million

  8. dkball7 says:

    Is Jagr worth 11? :p

  9. chevykurt says:

    I don’t pay a ton of attention to the Devils, but someone answer this one question…

    Exactly how well did New Jersey fair after they lost Stevens….? Even having one of the best goalies in the league still showed the huuuuuge hole that was left with Stevens out of their lineup.

  10. Pens4Ever says:

    Is any player worth 3 or more ?

  11. NJDKev47 says:

    yeah, great, 7-mil in arbritration… too bad now he’s *****ING about because he’s a greedy little bastard and couldnt handle not getting an extra million per year. After this season he wont be a Devil, Lou will go after him of course, but he keeps saying how he and his wife have to make a “decision.” Hey Scott, thanks for showing us who wears the pants in that relationship you greedy little shit. I loved Scott Neidermayer with a passion, he’s why i wear number 27 in hockey, but now hes just being a greedy little ***** and being ordered around by his wife. Now Lou can trade you for anything under the sun, goodbye Scott.

  12. WinterLynx says:

    They did pretty well without Stevens… I mean, it was a major factor in a handful of losses, but we still managed to set a league record low goals against as a team. Without a doubt things would have been better by far with Stevens.

  13. ranger_fan says:

    no one is worth over 5, and five should be the limit

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