Nieuwendyk for Bondra

SportsRadio 1310 KTCK, Dallas, has reported that there have been discussions regarding a trade of Dallas Stars centre Joe Nieuwendyk straight up for Washington Capital Peter Bondra.
As a Stars fan, Nieuwendyk has become a bit of a hero to me; but a deal like this would make sense, and would probably be good for the team in many ways.

The Stars would get a SLIGHTLY younger player. They would clear up the glut at center and provide a scoring winger besides just Jere Lehtinen (wouldn’t Brett Hull have been able to do that?) And I’m not positive, but isn’t Bondra a little faster than Joe?

What would this do for the Caps, though? I know they could use a good center, but they still need Bondra, too.

All in all, I’d hate to see Joe go, but that’s going to happen someday soon regardless, and I’d be on board with the trade. I just can’t see how this trade truly benefits the Caps.

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  1. roto_this says:

    who comes up with this crap… Bondra for Newy straight up? and what 7 first rounders?

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