Niinimaa On His Way Out?

According to Newsday, Coach Stirling Kicked veteran defenseman Janne Niinimaa off the ice during practice. This could reinforce the rumors concerning the defenseman. Read the article here…,0,2389508.story?coll=ny-sports-headlines

From a die hard Islanders’ fan perspective, Stirling needs to go. He has no business coaching at this level. He got their AHL team to the finals, BIG DEAL. He switches the lines every five minutes and he put Oleg Kvasha between Yashin and Satan. The problem with the Isles during the last decade has been their lack of consistency. They got great picks and within a year, they were shipped away. If Milbury had some patience, the Isles would still have Luongo, Bertuzzi, Palffy and you know what, they’d be a force to be reckoned with. Patience is the key and unfortunately Our GM and Coach have none, and the patience of their fans is on thin ice