Nik Antropov playing like an MVP

Nik Antropov if finally trying to play like everyone predicted him to play. THis is his 8th season with the leafs and he is truly fo rthe first time, making a name for himself throughout the NHL. He has 31 points in 31 games, on pace for 82. Although, the past few seasons, some would say he was injury prone, he looks as if he is starting to control that. He is more physical, he is working harder and he tries every second that he is on the ice. I think we all owe him a pat on the back for a job well done so far this season.

Nik Antropov has been named a potential all star gamer this year and he could use all the support he has. SO if you believe that Nik has been playing great lately or even if you are just a great leafs fan, you should go and vote for one of the leafs best performers so far this year!!

Go Leafs Go!!! Go NIK Go!!!

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  1. curtman96 says:

    If fans truly like Antropov and would like to keep him around then do not vote for him for the all star game. When it comes time to resign him he can use the all star game as leverage to increase his salary, and yes the all star game will make a difference.

  2. leafy says:

    Antropov has been excellent all season.  He and Sundin are carrying this team right now.

    Too bad the smaller guys like Wellwood, Blake and Tucker aren't playing as effectively.  If the second line played better, the Leafs would be a force.

  3. curtman96 says:

    the line is too small. Tucker should be replaced with Bell and thrown on the 4th line untill he picks up his play

  4. leafy says:

    Completely agreed.  Also, they could put Poni on the 2nd line (even though he's doing well on the 1st) and move Wellwood to the 1st line.

    The 2nd line could be Blake-Poni-Bell or Devereaux.

  5. hemsky79 says:

    yes he is that why they should trade him now and get a couple great players with the top line

     antropov,sundin,1st rounder
    to florida for

  6. curtman96 says:

    I think Blake wants to stay with Wellwood tho because of his play making capabilities, thats what I heard on TV anyway. They just need a guy like Poni or Bell who can grind it out in the corners and give that line more room to work.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Great article. I love Nik Antropov. He's the best. When I got my Antropov jersey a couple years ago everyone chirped me, but not I get lots of compliments, people are still coming around to him but the more he plays great, the more everyone realizes how talented this guy really is.

  8. GoLeafs13 says:

    florida is the last place i'd sundin,antropov and a first rounder.  Why would you do that trade because of jokinen?  not worth all of that and horton and zednik are crap.  i'd send it to san jose for thornton and carle.

  9. frosty says:

    yeah…. maybe instead of zednik olesz.but i dont think sanjose would give thornton up that easy maybe marleau

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