No Cup, Unless They Step Up

It was reported earlier today by the Calgary Sun, that the Toronto Maple Leafs will no be acquiring Joe Nieuwendyk or Bryan Marchment. The Leafs feel that anyone that contacts the Leafs for a position on their team should not be welcome.

Also update on Wesley…

Quinn takes a vacation…

Other Leaf possible signings…While Pat Quinn is in Vancouver enjoying his regular summer vacation free agents are knocking on the door of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Richard Peddie (the man in charge while Quinn is taking a break from doing absolutely nothing) has reported telling Joe Nieuwendyk not to ask the Leafs for a position if they want him they will come to him. Is this the way to treat a vetren with 3 championships and a gold medal. Joe is willing to take a pay cut and stay for a swan song as they want him so therefore it’s no lose for the Maple Leafs. Also Peddie has been reported saying that Roberts has to much power in the dressing room and bringing in Joe would add to that power. If Gary has that much power give him the “C” maybe people would listen to him instead of that so called captain Sundin. Sundin is a good player but not a good leader give him an “A”.

Bryan Marchment has reported many times and in many places that he will do anything to become a Maple Leaf. With that kind of attitude and heart you would think that Bryan would be a shoe in. But not with the Leafs. They don’t see Bryan playing for them in the future. If the hard hitting d-man wants to play 1 year for $900,000 then whatrs the problem if he sucks give him the boot next year. When you have a d-core that consists of Bryan McCabe Tomas Kaberle ans Aki Berg you should take any defence right now that you can get a hold of. The Leafs are probably looking for another Lumme just yonger.

Glen Wesley has not listened to any other offers from any other teams because he wants to play for Toronto. He is reportedly seeking 2 year 3 million per year with a third year option. Wesley being by far their best d-man in the playoffs was told that the Leafs can’t offer him anything until Svelha decides to remain or retire. Again Wesley is cheaper then Svelha and better and can make up his mind, so why not bring Wesley in and maybe lose a couple of bucks with Svelha the Leafs can afford it. As of right now all negociations between Wesley agent Rick Curran and the Torotno Maple Leafs have stopped. Nice going you stupid Leafs.

Possible signings:

Oleg Tverdovsky

Greg De Vries

Ken Klee (leaning towrds Carolina)

There are holes in the offence as well leafs

Who else are they after?

It looks like the Leafs are going to let another year slip by with no Cup!