No Cup, Unless They Step Up

It was reported earlier today by the Calgary Sun, that the Toronto Maple Leafs will no be acquiring Joe Nieuwendyk or Bryan Marchment. The Leafs feel that anyone that contacts the Leafs for a position on their team should not be welcome.

Also update on Wesley…

Quinn takes a vacation…

Other Leaf possible signings…While Pat Quinn is in Vancouver enjoying his regular summer vacation free agents are knocking on the door of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Richard Peddie (the man in charge while Quinn is taking a break from doing absolutely nothing) has reported telling Joe Nieuwendyk not to ask the Leafs for a position if they want him they will come to him. Is this the way to treat a vetren with 3 championships and a gold medal. Joe is willing to take a pay cut and stay for a swan song as they want him so therefore it’s no lose for the Maple Leafs. Also Peddie has been reported saying that Roberts has to much power in the dressing room and bringing in Joe would add to that power. If Gary has that much power give him the “C” maybe people would listen to him instead of that so called captain Sundin. Sundin is a good player but not a good leader give him an “A”.

Bryan Marchment has reported many times and in many places that he will do anything to become a Maple Leaf. With that kind of attitude and heart you would think that Bryan would be a shoe in. But not with the Leafs. They don’t see Bryan playing for them in the future. If the hard hitting d-man wants to play 1 year for $900,000 then whatrs the problem if he sucks give him the boot next year. When you have a d-core that consists of Bryan McCabe Tomas Kaberle ans Aki Berg you should take any defence right now that you can get a hold of. The Leafs are probably looking for another Lumme just yonger.

Glen Wesley has not listened to any other offers from any other teams because he wants to play for Toronto. He is reportedly seeking 2 year 3 million per year with a third year option. Wesley being by far their best d-man in the playoffs was told that the Leafs can’t offer him anything until Svelha decides to remain or retire. Again Wesley is cheaper then Svelha and better and can make up his mind, so why not bring Wesley in and maybe lose a couple of bucks with Svelha the Leafs can afford it. As of right now all negociations between Wesley agent Rick Curran and the Torotno Maple Leafs have stopped. Nice going you stupid Leafs.

Possible signings:

Oleg Tverdovsky

Greg De Vries

Ken Klee (leaning towrds Carolina)

There are holes in the offence as well leafs

Who else are they after?

It looks like the Leafs are going to let another year slip by with no Cup!

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  1. MantaRay says:

    I think Quinn is waking up to the fact, that you can’t win by signing free agents. Teams have to establish a chemistry and rhythm over an extended period of time. Adding foreign parts dilutes the mix.

    If I were a Leaf fan, I would applaud Quinn for building with what he has.

  2. G_Money says:

    I couldnt disagree with you more. Pat Quinn deserves to be fired for what he is planing and what he has done. Me being a Leaf fan, I am extremely ticked at the Leafs right now. Pat Quinn, someone should shoot. He thinks the team doesnt need anyone, anyone at all! This is a one time oppurtunity for the Leafs to get Niewendyk. You’ve got an a skilled, three time stanley cup champ right in front of you, desprately wanting to sign for your team!!! It’s insane they wont take him. This franchise, I am afraid to say, is never going to win a cup. They have no one on their staff that cares if they win or lose. The following sounds like a Quinn quote: “If we lose, hey! We get a longer vacation to sit around on our lazy a$$’s and do a whole lot of nothing!”

    If i was a player on the Leafs, even if I loved toronto, I would never remain with the Leafs until they got new management, management that wants to win. And to all of Niewendyk, Marchment, and whoever else wants to be a Leaf, DONT! Find another young team that is interested in you (definitely not a problem with Niewendyk) and develop the team, and win the cup!

    All Leaf fans, what to you have to say in response to this, I would like to hear your thoughts.

  3. Aetherial says:

    *key* free agents are still good signings. Going nuts on the market is not generally a good idea.

    This is all about the budget.

    The Leafs are primarily owned by the Ontario Teacher’s Pension fund (as well as one other significant partner).

    You have to remember that this is an organization that is used to 10’s of millions of profit each year. In fact, I believe the Leafs are the most profitable franhcise in the NHL… DESPITE the large currency difference.

    This is an organization that has a responsbility to a huge group of teachers. It is not the same as a private owner whose hockey team is his/her hobby and who is thus dedicated to winning.

    With the Leafs it is ALL about money and the investment. In 2004 there is very likely going to be no money earned. So… it is ALL about the money for the Leafs.

    Do not ever believe, for even one second, that the Leafs are commited to winning the cup. That is a very secondary concern and will be until such a day comes as they change owners.

    Nothing could be less relevant to the Leaf ownership than winning the cup. The increase in revenues is only equal to a few more playoff dates. The risk in dollars to get there is far too high.

    The Leafs will be decent, probably pretty decent for the next couple year. Forget about a cup Leaf fans. I would be surprised if it happens in my life time.

  4. VACCAAD185 says:

    Sorry to say, but I can’t agree with G_money any more!

    The Leafs have a vetran, experienced, smart foward who has won 3 Stanley Cups and a Gold Medal for Canada wanting to end his career as a Leaf (which is kinda like an honour) and thier tossing him because they can’t give two shits! (excuse the language)

    They want to get a younger Lumme…Lumme’s not even that good. Sure, Marchment is a bit of a cheap shot artist but he can hit and help out during powerplays, and put some needed points on the scoreboard.

    I have to say the only right desicion the Leafs made so far in the Off-season is talking to Buffalo managment about trading that goon Tucker for an exellent defenceman like Zhitnik. Other than that…they’ve made stupid desicions that they will regret!

    So I say get ur damn act together Quinn and sign some good free agents and stop lounging ur fat ass on some beach in Vancouver…..!

  5. Aetherial says:

    What I have to say is twofold:

    Joe Nieuwendyk won’t bring you a cup. The Leafs are FAR FAR away from contending. If they even make the playoffs, look for another first round exit.

    The ownership could not care less about winning a championship. You cannot imagine how little it means to them.

    The Leafs are doing everything they can to save every cent they can and still make the playoffs. That is the ONLY goal. The fact is 2004 will bring no revenue.

    The only bright spots for the Leafs are that they do not have much salary commitment beyond this coming year and that there is grumblings of the ONtario Teachers Pension Fund not wanting to hold on to their share.

    Basically, give it up. Without an ownership commited to winning… you are not going to win in Today’s NHL.

    I don’t want them to try and buy a championship anyway so I hope they sign no one. I would far rather have an organization like the Minnesota Wild.

  6. Aetherial says:

    Do you really think Pat Quinn would be lounging around if he had the freedom to spend money.

    It is not Quinn’s fault. It is a problem with owners that don’t care. Quinn’s hands are tied.

  7. zoo_rosario says:

    G_Money I totally agree with you…. sure the Leafs have been active in the free agent pool in the past this year when players actually want to play for the Leafs ( Joe, Bryan) there saying no!!! And not only do they want to play for them they are willing to take a pay cut. As long as they have this managment they will never sip from Lord Stanley. I do believe they should build from their system but when there are players like the ones mentioned above wanting to play for your team while taking a pay cut and by the way one of the most if not the most profitable team in the leauge, I’m outraged at there stupidity!!!!

  8. SkilledCenter9 says:

    Im glad to be moving to Windsor in the fall, im gonna have the pleasure of watching a team that knows how to win. LETS GO REDWINGS!!!!!!!

    Enough of this Toronto Bullshit!!!!

    the only good thing about Toronto is that we produce the best young talent in the world.

    But its gonna be good to be a Wings fan finally!!!

    Shanny is gonna rip it up next season!!!

  9. MantaRay says:

    Forty years without a Cup has certainly had an impact on Leaf fans. Every comment is a cry of frustration and alot of short sightedness of what it takes to become a champion in the NHL.

    The just add (water) a UFA to your roster approach isn’t a recipe for winning (ask the Ranger$, Flyers and the Stars of recent).

    If you looked at the final 4 teams this season only 2 of 80 players on the rosters was acquired via UFA. The Sens, Devils, Ducks, and Wild all built their teams through the draft and through trades.

    Is Toronto’s Farm system that bad that you have to take the band-aid approach to look competitive????

  10. G_Money says:

    he does have the freedom to spend money, but he choses not to!

  11. leafscooper4 says:

    I hate Quinn and think that he should go and coach ottawa or detroit because I hate them to and he’ll make them a loser team like the leafs will be

  12. Aetherial says:

    No, I do not believe this is true. What you say makes no sense. What possible motivation could he have for not wanting to spend the money?

    It is the nature of the ownership that they must be fiscally responsible and accountable. The Leafs are a business, perhaps moreso than any other pro sports franchise.

  13. Aetherial says:

    >>Is Toronto’s Farm system that bad that you have to take the band-aid approach to look competitive????

    Yes, it is.

    I do not believe any team has drafted worse than the Leafs have in the past 20 years.

    It is pathetic.

  14. FlyHigh says:

    ah, does detroit winning the cup in 2002 ring a bell? Sign Hull, Robitaille, basically sign Hasek except they had to give back some crap in return. worked for them. but the FA’s that are still left won’t bring a cup.

  15. FlyHigh says:

    YAWN. same old leaf crap.

  16. jofa says:

    I don’t know what the solution is for the Leafs. If they are suddenly deciding they won’t sign UFAs and are now building from within, they have a long ways to go. Trading away their best youth and draft picks over the past few seasons never helps a rebuilding process either… Obviously this is a fairly new plan, given the “success” of the previous plan, whatever it was.

    If they truly want to rebuild the team, there’s a lot of excess weight to be shed – Gilmour, Roberts, Lumme, Renberg, Housley, Reichel, Domi, Fitzgerald, Green, Belak, Kidd… I think a couple of these are slated to go already, but they are all pretty much filler character guys at this point, most of which have pretty bloated salaries.

    Say what you will about small market Canadian teams like the Oilers, Canucks or Senators, but at least fiscal restraint ensures management makes smart moves and avoids these aging veterans. None of these teams could survive if they were run like the Leafs. With the salary and reputation of the Maple Leafs, Toronto has the potential for greatness, but poor management decisions and an apparent complete lack of vision or plan for this team has left the team a shadow of what it could be.

  17. MantaRay says:

    “the only good thing about Toronto is that we produce the best young talent in the world”

    So this comment isn’t valid?

  18. MAGNUM says:

    Skilled Center9 – take it from a guy who made the move to Windsor in the middle of last season, you are going to love the hockey coverage down here. Amazingly enough the media here doesn’t speculate that the Wings are involved in every possible signing or trade, as the Leafs media and fans do. They are able to dicern between fact and fiction far better and you won’t have to listen to another rumour along the lines of “Hoglund, Green and the Leafs first rounder to Colorado for Blake and Tanguay.

  19. OilersRush says:

    I think they mean the area, not the team.

  20. OilersRush says:

    Slava Kolzov was not crap last year for Atlanta, he may have been for Buffalo. But not anymore.

  21. Aetherial says:

    Toronto, as a city (the Greater Toronto Area) has produced fantastic hockey talent…

    That is not the same as the Leafs drafting it 🙂

  22. Aetherial says:

    Well, it really was only last year that they traded away prospects and picks.

    Your last paragraph is right on the money. They are not competitive because they are a good organization. They are only competitive because they have money.

    Now, they are not going to spend the money and watch the team crumble.

  23. MantaRay says:

    OK. That makes sense. But how have the Leafs recent draft picks been doing in the past few years of developing players?

  24. sluggo says:

    Wrong, Quinn is a moron and should be fired.

    I have no problem with building from within, but you don’t trade 5 of your draft picks (including the first round pick in one of the deepest drafts ever) and your best offensive prospect for 4 players over 30 years old (30,34,39 and 39) then 3 months later say that your rebuilding from within.

    Most of the leafs players are over 30 years old, a lot of them are skilled, but they are older. THe Leafs should be going for the cup this year and players like Hatcher would only help do that.

  25. sluggo says:

    Your mis-quoting the Leafs about Niewendyk. They have NEVER said they are interested, they have said that right now they are only worried about fixing the D (talking wtih de Vries and trying to trade for Zhitnek) and after that is done they will consider wehre Niewendyk can fit in. This is still brainless (Niewendyk = second line center, duh) but they havn’t said no to him yet.

    Wesleys agent hasn’t said talks have stoped, they just aren’t going anywhere fast thats all.

  26. sluggo says:

    I think once Quinn and Penny are gone we’ll finally get some managment that doesn’t have its head up its ass (Quinn blocked Dryden being Gainy to the Leafs) and will make some good moves. Quinn and Penny made just as many bad moves with Vancouver as they have with the Leafs, these are two guys who shouldn’t be in charge of a hockey team.

    I’ve seen many reports that the new owner (cant’ spell his name) wants to bring in a lot of young guys, like Healy so that once Quinn leaves (and he hopes maybe he’ll quit rather then deal with the young guys) the leafs will have a new managment staff with new, fresh ideas and a different way of looking at things.

  27. jofa says:

    The Leafs have drafted a few decent prospects. Check out to see how they are lining up. The Leafs are ranked 16th out of the 30 teams in terms of the quality of their prospects.

    The site ranks Colaiacovo, Steen, Tellqvist, Stajan and Bell as the top 5 prospects. I think all of these guys were drafted in the past two or three years. Ponikarovsky should be a good player as well. The Leafs may have traded their best prospect away when they traded Boyes to San Jose.

    I think the Leafs have been drafting a lot better in the last few years, as the only highlights from 1992-1997 were guys like VandenBussche, Dempsey, Kenny Jonsson, Landon Wilson, Frederik Modin, Sergei Berezin, Danny Markov, and Kaberle – almost all of which have been traded away.

    Since 1998, they seem to have drafted a little smarter, although none of their draftees have really made any sort of impact in the NHL, with the possible exception of Antropov.

    Overall, I’d have to think that scouting and development in the Maple Leafs organization hasn’t been that successful. In comparison, over the same period from 1998 – 2002, some other teams have drafted NHL players like:

    Edmonton: Horcoff, Semenov, Comrie, Hemsky, Markkanen

    Ottawa: Shastlivy, Havlat, Neil, Prusek, Volchenkov, Spezza

    San Jose: Stuart, Mikael Samuelsson, Jillson, Levesque

    Detroit: Jiri Fischer, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall

    Colorado: Tanguay, Skoula, Regehr, Parker, Abid, Hahl, Vrbata, Nedorost, Kurt Sauer

  28. sluggo says:

    A lof the reason Quinn doesn’t have money to spend IS Quinn’s fault because he over pays bad players, a lot.

    Kidd – 2 mil

    Reichel – 3.75

    Hoglund – 1.4

    Green – 1.4

    Lumme – 1.165

    Eriksson – 1.25

    All over paid, and now they’ve tied up 4 million with Svehla, who may not even play and may of hte players are upset with what Svehla is doing. Quinn has mad a lot of stupid moves with the teams money, he pays bad players a lot of money so theres no money left to get good players.

  29. jofa says:

    “They are not competitive because they are a good organization. They are only competitive because they have money.”

    That perfectly sums up what I’ve been thinking. Its not necessarily the content or management of the team that has resulted in their limited success (i.e. second/third round exits), but more likely the result of the “war chest”.

    Its too bad, as the Leafs do have such a great history and the dollars and fan base for greatness, but it looks like they are content with mediocracy.

  30. TML51 says:

    I must admit that I was quite frustrated with the Leafs lack of action so far, but now that I look over just what has transpired since July 1, perhaps I’m getting a little too hasty.

    With the exception of Hatcher, Kariya and Selanne, there have been no really big splashes on the UFA market. Federov is still available, de Vries is still available, and the list goes on. It’s not just the Leafs who are being cautious…EVERYONE is. While I’m a little pi$$ed that Quinn is in Vancouver not appearing to be working to hard on UFA signings or trades…no one else is either. This UFA season is, I think, clearly sending a message that teams are concerned about the impending 2004 CBA dispute.

    On the Fan 590 radio, it has been reported that the Leafs have been “very aggressive” in attempting to obtain de Vries, according to his agent Pat Morris. In a taped interview, he stated that they Leafs had better “hurry up” or his client would be forced to entertain offers from other clubs. While that type of pressure usually works, I’m thinking that the current UFA’s are going to find it to be a very long summer.

    Guess I’ll just have to be patient and see what the Leafs do.

  31. sluggo says:

    Fan reported about an hour ago that the rumors about Leafs talking to the Sabers about making a trade for Zhitnik are false, the Leafs have not talked to the Sabers since the trade dealine.

    However the Leafs ARE talking to the Flames about getting defenseman Bob Boughtner

  32. G_Money says:

    Bougher, who the hell wants Boughner

  33. jofa says:

    Although he’s not exactly going to light it up, I think a lot of teams would like a guy like Boughner. Adds character, grit and toughness to the defense. Personally, I don’t know if he’s worth $2+ million for a small market team, but he could be a good fit for the Leafs.

    the bob boughner home page:

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