No Goalies Safe this Trade Deadline

By the sounds of things the trade deadline this year may involve a lot of trades involving goaltenders. Goaltenders such as Martin Biron, Dominik Hasek, Curtis Joseph, Dwayne Roloson, Manny Fernandez, Mike Dunham, Jeff Hackett, Sean Burke, Nikolai Khabibuilin, Trevor Kidd and Olaf Kolzig have been rumored to be on the move.Teams that will probably spending their most time seeking for help between the pipes will probably include Atlanta, Colorado, the Rangers, possibly the Islanders, Philadelphia, St. Louis and maybe even Boston.

Colorado, the Rangers and Philadelphia will most likely be the teams spending most of their time wheeling and dealing to find the best goaltender available. Although Colorado fans feel David Aebischer could lead them to the Stanley cup this year I feel they still need a bonified number 2 goalie if Aebischer runs into troubles. Phillipe Sauve should be a great goalie someday but just not this year. Colorado would be taking a risk if they had these two youngsters as their goaltenders for the playoffs. Although Rangers GM Glen Sather has made it clear that his team will be looking for defenceman during the trade deadline you have to wonder if they actually trust Mike Dunham between the pipes. Bobby Clarke has said publicly that he will not be looking for a goalie on deadline day. I feel that is a lie. How could you trust a goalie who has never started a playoff game to lead you to the Stanley cup. If Bobby Clarke had brains he would go out and find the best goalie he could.

Possible candidates to be dealt to the Colorado Avalanche include Khabibuilin, Kolzig or Burke if Colorado is looking for a starter. If Colorado is looking just for a backup however possible candidates would probably be Roloson, Fernandez or Kidd.

As for New york they will probably be looking for a number 1 goalie. Possible candidates for NY include Hasek, Joseph, Burke, Kolzig and Khabibuilin. As for what will happen to Mike Dunham, he may end up playing for teams such as Atlanta, Boston, possibly Colorado as a backup, St. Louis or Washington.

The most likely candidates to land in Philly may be Kolzig, Dunham, Burke, or possibly Biron. If Philly were to try to pick up Kolzig they would probably have to give up a player such as Michael Handzus and possibly Jeff Hackett. If they wanted to land Dunham they would have to give up Handzus and a defenceman. If they wanted Burke he would probably be the cheapest, most likely draft picks and prospects would have to be given up. As for the long shot Biron Philly would have to give up some young players and possibly Handzus.

The most expensive goaltenders available would be Joseph, Hasek and Khabilbuilin. These goaltenders will either stay where they are or be involved in some blockbuster deals. If a team like Colorado wanted these goalies they would have to probably give up Tanguay and Skoula. Philly would have to give up a player such as Recchi or Roenick if they wanted CUJO or Hasek and give up Handzus and prspects for The Bulin wall. NY would have to give up players such as Petr Nedved and Matthew Barnaby.

Goalies better start packing up their bags because it doesn’t seem like anyone is safe this trade deadline. Well gotta go, Rumor with you later

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  1. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    Nah Boston just needs a backup that can help raycroft mainly because Potvin sucks

  2. nocuphere says:

    You’re on drugs! No way the oil will trade Smyth and Brewer for those two, not a chance.

    As far as Dunham for Gill, thats even worse. The bruins are set in goal, they have Raycroft playing well, and Felix Potvin as their backup.

    Poti and 10 picks for Khabibulin still isn’t enough for the liability Poti brings.

  3. montrealbruinsfan says:

    Gill is not available and Dunham is useless!! As I said above and you just reinforced “THE BRUINS ARE SET IN GOAL!!!!

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  5. LondonK says:

    Kidd was put in some early “rumours” when Tellan played well with the leafs when Kidd was hurt. But to trade him would make no sense. While Belfour is a true #1, Tellqvist isn’t ready for prime-time. If Eddie got hurt the leafs would be sunk in the playoffs and they wouldn’t risk that just to get a mid to late pick for Trevor Kidd. Especially when the teams that would get him would be in the top 10 (as in 20-30) so the pick would be even worse.

  6. matteo says:

    He was a tasteful fellow. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti…..

  7. Murtman says:

    Sorry to let you know but Dwayne Roloson is not the starting goalie for the western all star team. The starting goalie for the western team is Marty Turco. You never know what kind of season Roloson will have. He’s an up and down goaltender. He’s more of a very good back-up but just not a playoff starter. He proved that last year when Minnesota had to go back to Fernandez all the time.

  8. KCMDux88 says:

    i think potvin has played very well. He is as good as any other backup we could possibly get

  9. mojo19 says:

    The season is almost over. Detroit has already paid most of Hasek’s salary. Might as well keep him as a back-up now.

  10. mojo19 says:

    They won’t take salary, but they could get a guy who’s contract is up at the end of this year who has already been pretty much paid for, if they want a better guy for the playoffs.

  11. mojo19 says:

    ” (It’s) all that semen you are getting pumped up your ass and it is starting to come out of your mouth.” You stole that from Reservoir Dogs. Good movie though.

  12. matteo says:

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  13. Murtman says:

    The reason why Philly would trade Recchi or Roenick is because they have two great youngsters in the minors. These youngsters are ready to play in the NHL. These youngsters are team Canada Junior Team superstars Jeff Carter and Mike Richards. These youngsters play the way Philly likes to play. Trading Roenick or Recchi would make room for Richards and Carter. Plus Philly is fed up Roenicks mouth. Roenick is always in trouble with the league. Philly feels he is too vocal. These are the reasons Roenick or Recchi or both may be traded.

  14. defenestrate says:

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  15. defenestrate says:

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  16. Leaf_Expert_hater says:

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  17. mojo19 says:

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  18. kidhenry1 says:

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