No money for Smyth…but lots of money for Vanek…

This should be short and sweet.

So last season Kevin claims he doesn’t have the funds to offer Smyth what he wants…they can’t afford to keep him….then the off-season happens and suddenly Kevin Lowe is Mr.Moneybags, he offers Vanek 7+ million and then offers Dustin Penner just over 4 million a season…both very young and hardly fully proven players (although we’re all pretty sure they’ll be decent) that he’s offering way more than what Smyth asked and just under what Smyth asked, both for players who have no ties to Edmonton, no ties to the community and no relationship with the team.

So I ask this….if the Oiler’s “couldn’t afford” to pay Smyth what he asked for, a player who is supposedly “Captain Canada” and “the heart and soul of the Oilers” then why is it that they are suddenly able to offer Vanek a ridiculous contract AND being fully willing to pay the mass amount of draft picks they would’ve had to give up had they got him?

Kevin Lowe is officially (in my books) panicking and doing everything he can to save his job (as said by Brian Burke)…in my opinion he’s made himself the laughing stock of the NHL GM’s and to beat JFJ of the Leafs for that title is quite an accomplishment.

I hate to see you Edmonton fans in this situation, you’ve got an extremely storied franchise with a proud history and Kevin Lowe is destroying your team. When you made the finals a couple of years ago it wasn’t because he “put the pieces together” the team simply just clicked at the right time and road the wave to the finals…as I said in a previous post…the Ottawa team that lost to Anahiem last season is a TOTALLY different team than the Oilers team that lost to Carolina…Ottawa was supposed to be there as they have/had a championship team on paper and on ice….Edmonton did not.

Fire Lowe and somebody please save this franchise before their reputation becomes the “Columbus of Canada”.

69 Responses to No money for Smyth…but lots of money for Vanek…

  1. leaffansareajoke says:

    Should make Blue & White the new GM for the Oilers.  You'd guys have the delusional GM signing players that aren't what he thinks they are, and you can just blame the goalie every year.

  2. leaffansareajoke says:

    Smyth admitted that?  Or just Oiler PR?

    I'd like to know.  Doesn't make any sense that they wouldn't spend the extra 100k, as i remember him specifically saying he would have stayed for 100k less, but it was never asked of him.

    Thats what i heard, and haven't heard otherwise until now. 

    Can i get a link or something to the story?

  3. leaffansareajoke says:

    Blue & White is Wings19

    THey have the same IQ level

  4. vancity4life says:

    IMO lowe shoulda sucked it up and ponyed up to the big bucks for smyth as soon as it became july 1st.

  5. leaffansareajoke says:

    Like how i was sticking up for a goalie who deserves better.

  6. JuicemaN says:

    LOL – yup…

  7. pisani34 says:

    Lowe didnt think Smyth was worth 6mill for 5 years and i totally agree with him…
    i would rather have had vanek 7 mill for 7 years than smytty at 6 for 5 years…
    and the big overspend was gomez…i would rather have vanek who is way younger at 7 mill than gomez…
    the penner offer was a high i agree, but if he was only going to offer 2 million, that is just a waste of time because he knows burke would match that…he offered high enough that Burke will actually have to think about this, who knows maybe penner will be worth that much…4 million for Hemsky isnt looking so bad know

  8. JuicemaN says:

    I haven't said that before…Are you illiterate? 

    First time I said "do you have turrets?"
    The second time I said "your turrets kicked in"

    Apparently that's the same to you…I forgot how teeny-bops like yourself make fun of people, be as immature as possible and even when you have nothing to say just point out any tiny little thing you can.

  9. EddieAVS says:

    we'll definitely have to wait and see for that. Im sure Smyth still has a good 3 years left in him. and the 4th should be decent. Its not like hes 35. The guy is still only 31 years old. Its not a hard thing to see him playing well till hes 36. Even if he has that style of play.

  10. bleedingblu says:

    …maybe Smyth didn't want to come back!

  11. Wings19 says:

    Holy shit! big difference jackass.

  12. dizon says:

    lol i read about this article on like a week ago

  13. dizon says:

    i mean the toronto sun lol

  14. JuicemaN says:

    You couldn't have….it's not the same article…maybe you read something similar but it wasn't the same as mine.

  15. dizon says:

    lol yea sorry man.. it was completely diff.. i read it over again and it was like just the same name

  16. JuicemaN says:

    No worries, I think I know the article you're talking about; I ran across that the other day too.

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