No More World Cup Of Hockey?

The world’s best hockey players may not compete again until 2010 in Vancouver since there are no plans to hold a World Cup Of Hockey in 2008.

”Frankly, I’m doubtful (holding a World Cup) is something we’ll do,” Ted Saskin, the executive director of the NHL Players’ Association, said Friday. ”Although we will evaluate everything after these Games.”

Some of you might be saying, well what about the IIHF tournament each year?This tournament only

recruits players who aren’t in the playoffs at that time, while the World Cup happens after the playoffs, so the best players can participate, plus the World Cup happens every 4 years.

”Our sense is that every two years is frankly too much to be organizing these kinds of events in terms of the demands on the players,” Saskin said.

The Canada Cup was held in 1976, ’81, ’84, ’87 and ’91 before changing to the World Cup in ’96. This looks like it could be the end for the World Cup. Look at the bright side. The last World Cup

championship will forever stay with its rightful owner, the country of Canada.