No Predictions Will Be Posted

I think HTR members have seen so many predictions for the 2002-2003 standings that they would be sick of it if posted again.

We will let you decide, however, if you want to read predictions submitted this week. Use the poll on this article to decide if you would be interested in reading other predictions.

HTR will have a 2002-2003 Season Preview. If the plan goes well, it would be quite fancy. It should be posted by October 3rd. Why so late? Because all the magazines have done the previews already and they would be outdated if a team makes a blockbuster deal. So, we’re going to be as updated as possible after training camp and watching pre-season games.

Thank you,

HTR Staff

14 Responses to No Predictions Will Be Posted

  1. bones says:

    Why not? If you’re going to take predictions off, why not take salary cap off too. Many things are talked about to death on this site, why ban one? Whenthe season starts there will be plenty of things to talk about so I say lets just let it ride. It’s a FREE FOR ALL!!!

  2. SabresFanB says:

    Ive got no problem with having predictions, but I think it should be done team by team. Not an entire conference or division because it’s really tough for someone to make a good prediction on an entire division. So pick your team and do a prediction. A season preview, similar to the season in review we had for a bunch of the teams over the summer.

  3. canucklehead says:

    Canucks will win the cup!!!!!!!

  4. mikster says:

    Well, i meant as of THIS moment. Like, do you people want to see predictions before pre-season? We won’t ban them, just thinking to put them on hold for a while.

  5. Sands says:

    Predictions are what this site is all about…. Thats what i think any way. Keep them going it’s fun to see some of the ideas of our HTR members…

  6. MattNJD says:

    I would like to see predictions around this time of year. In fact… the more the better. With camp only days away I think its important to different views are shared with different people around this time of year.

  7. saksfan says:

    Team predictions I don’t like…but player predictions and trade predictions are fine by me. This site is named “Hockey Trade Rumors” and I come here for the rumors, news and fun stuff happening daily.

  8. Glen says:

    What else are we going to talk about in the meantime?? I realize that we are beating a dead horse, but if we just stop talking about things we will lose members interest. We have a handful of days before we start getting reports from training camps. There won’t be many rumors but it will be new news. I say keep the ship running like normal. Gotta keep the hits up, and the only way to do that is to keep posting new articles, even if they are redundant.

  9. UltimateB says:

    I’m a fan of predictions. So many sports news pages are cutting down on opinion columns, reporting the straight news… well, I don’t care! News is boring! I want the analysis! Who cares if Sean Burke is injured? We want to know if Brian Boucher can carry the load for the Coyotes, and, further, if that makes Burke expendable as trade bait!

    Predictions and speculation are great, and cutting season previews is a pretty bad idea. I love to hear where people will put teams, both my teams and the others in the division. Particularly, I like the people who have jumped the Canuks to the top 3 in the west. Such an interesting proposal, and really pretty plausible.

    In short, keep the previews! I love ’em!

  10. Habfan4 says:

    I predict that this prediction ban will last only until someone picks the Rangers to win the cup (my guess is Sands). Then Mickster will cave in and post the article.

  11. NYIchooch75 says:

    Personally, I think predictions are fine. There has not been a lot of news to report so let people post their predictions.

  12. aafiv says:

    While you’re at it, I think that discussing trade rumors is counter-productive.

    This whole site is about nothing more than “what if?”. There’s no point in censoring what hockey topics people can discuss. If people aren’t interested in the hockey topics that are brought up, they won’t respond to them. I see an awful lot of prediction posts on this site and a lot of people respond to them because they are fun to make and fun to break.

  13. mikster says:

    Not really. If you look at tgray’s article where he talked about the Flyers and gave his small predictions of the East, he put the Rangers in first.

    I told him i wasn’t sure about posting it just because of that, but he said he can take any criticism so i did.

    I say they have 10% chance of winning the Cup. The Habs have a better chance in my opinion and they are my 2nd favorite team. Last time i saw them win it was the first time i saw the Cup on TV.

  14. Habfan4 says:

    I was just having a little fun with the Rangers supporters among us. Frankly, I wouldn’t bey on, or against, anyone in the Eastern Conference this year – should be interesting.

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