No quick fix for Jets

If you’re waiting for Kevin Cheveldayoff to pull the trigger on a couple of blockbuster deals and completely blow up the roster because the Winnipeg Jets are off to a slow start, it’s time to give your head a shake, take a deep breath and adjust your thinking.

It’s simply not going to happen, especially not eight games into an 82-game season.

Sure, it’s possible the Jets will make some subtle tweaks as the campaign wears on since most of these players were inherited from the Atlanta Thrashers and not brought in by the current management team, but finding a willing trade partner that isn’t trying to fleece you can be a challenge in today’s NHL.

And the fact of the matter is that most teams are looking for the same things.

Just because the Jets are struggling to score goals, it’s unlikely another NHL would just go out and drop a 30-goal scorer into their lap without expecting to exact a high price in return.

You want to upgrade the defence corps as well?

Get in line.

Every team in the NHL is looking to add depth at that position.

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