No Takers

As most of you already know Todd Marchant has been placed on waivers. According to there were no takers. The main reason why he wasn’t picked up was because of this 3 years remaining on his contract which will pay him 2.5 million a season. Look like MacLean will have 3 choices…Send him to the minors which will not count against the cap. Send him down to the minors and then recall him but that would be costly as Columbus would have to pay half his salary for the 3 years remaining or make a trade. There has been some interest in Marchant and the best solution would be to trade him but then again Marchant has a no-trade clause…Look very interesting down in Columbus

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  1. muckies says:

    A classic overpayed NHL contract for a good-guy with lots of leadership.

    It seems like one of those moves by Columbus that was hasty and unorganized, not a class act move by the organisation.

    Poor Marchant, if he needs a place to play, I know a pretty good floor hockey team in Montreal that would make him the Captain

  2. wingerxxx says:

    It’s kinda easy to say in hindsight that Columbus did a really dumb thing in signing Marchant to that deal. Although even at the time, I think his contract raised some eyebrows. I don’t know what they can do at the moment other than keep him in the minors. He could be an option in case one of their other centers gets hurt. But he would be a very expensive minor leaguer. I dunno. It’s a headache for me to think about it, much less Columbus management, I’m sure. Bottom line, Marchant is a good guy and player, but he hasn’t made the team a whole lot better. I’d like to see what eventually happens with him as well.

  3. quick_stick says:

    The sad thing is, he’ll probably have to stay in the minors. If Columbus recalls him, they’ll likely lose him to another team anyways, then, as I understand it, they’ll be on for 1/2 his salary, which would be a junk against their cap space for another 2 years.

    They’d be better off leaving him down there for the rest of the year, than buy him out, since I’m pretty sure a team is allowed one buy out per season that doesn’t go against the cap.

    He’ll sign next year for around a million and still make more money.

  4. hockeyhead says:

    4th period suggests that the ducks will get marchant.

    devils, leafs and bruins have all been scouting according to the 4th period and boston herald.

  5. gg_idiot says:

    How could the Devils, Leafs, or Bruins afford him? This isn’t a knock on any of those teams, I just thought all 3 were on or very close to the cap?

    As for Toronto, do they even have room for another center? As is they are running Sundin, Lindros, Allison, Stajan, Antropov

    I could see the Bruins making very good use of this guy, honestly I thought the Zhamnov signing was a little useless, they have plenty of scoring already, I am not sure if he is injured if his salary counts towards the cap though?

    As for the Devils, they could probably use someone like this too, but who would they get rid of, also they already have a pretty decent core of defensive forwards, in my opinion.

    It is a shame to see this happen to a guy like Marchmant, he’s a real player.

  6. 93213 says:

    Then why wouldn’t they have taken him for Federov?

  7. quick_stick says:

    Good question…

  8. Bishop7979 says:

    I like the guy, he’s a 2nd line center on a poor team, but a great 3rd line center on a good team. But that contract is really the rock weighing him down.

    Basically its going to have to come down to a trade where basically a columbus will buy a draft pick from someone. trade marchant to team X for a Xth rounder and columbus picks up 1 mil if his salary a year. basically thats 3 mil to get a draft pick, sucks, but thats the reality of a cap system. Columbus overpaid for a good lockerroom guy who over performed in the last year of his pervious contract and now they have to pay for it.

    As a pens fan, if the BJs were going to pick up 1 mil of his contract I’d love to have him as a 3rd line center with Leclair and a RW. T

    he pens have become surprisingly young with Fata, Koltzov, Crosby, Caron, Malone, Whitney, Talbot, Murley, Christensen, Orpik and Scuderi all being 25 and under. Much of the PK work and defensive play during the closing minutes of a game have fallen to guys who are either in their first year of NHL play, or their second. Having a guy like Marchmant would help greatly in that department.

  9. Flyer_Dman says:

    Really? A team is allowed one buyout without hitting the cap? I never heard that. I like that rule. Where did you hear that?

  10. Hollywood666 says:

    You gotta feel bad for the guy being put in that situation.

    Having said that, when you sign a big contract you get to deal with the expectations & pressure that come along with it.

  11. hockeyhead says:

    ask the 4th period.

  12. hockeyhead says:

    sorry, those are two seperate reports.

    ducks are looking at marchant.

    those other teams are scouting in general. so we could hear of a devil, leaf or bruin trade in the future.

    tonights tilt with the b’s and leafs could be the last straw for one of those teams before pulling the trigger.

  13. Aetherial says:

    I do not think that is true at all.

    I have never heard anything like that either and there has been TONS written on teams and players and the CBA in the last 4 months.

  14. Aetherial says:

    Toronto is on that list just because… Toronto is on every list. The thing is, they probably WERE looking at obtaining him, but only for crap in return that would be close to the salary… like Belak + Antropov + Kilger or something.

    Other than that, which Columbus would not do, the deal makes no sense to Toronto.

    … and makes no sense for most other teams also.

    In the coming years we are really going to see the reality set in where a lot of teams are *stuck* with contracts weighing them down.

    Fedorov was an exception because, even though he had the huge salary, he is at least a very good NHL player.

  15. Aetherial says:

    How much do you gotta feel for him?

    He will make a few million the next few years for either

    1) playing hockey or

    2) sitting on his ass

    Then, he will catch on as a 3rd or 4th liner for the league minimum and make another 500K for a couple years.

    Have some perspective man!!! Why feel even remotely “sorry” for him?

    I feel sorry for people going to breadbanks.

  16. mmatras says:

    Please correct me if I am wrong:

    It is my understanding under the current CBA that a team cannot negotiate to pay part of another player’s salary, and thereby assume the equivalent cap space, under any cir*****stances other than if a player is called back from the minors and is picked up off of waivers. Does the team that loses a player via re-entry waivers have to assume half the salary for every year remaining on the contract or just the first year?

    Is this correct? If so, there’s no way that Columbus can assume any part of Marchant’s contract other than all of it (if they keep him), none of it (if they trade him), or half of it (if he is picked up off of re-entry waivers). It kind of seems like MacLean was gambling: He made the Fedorov move which isn’t necessarily a bad deal, time will tell. However, my concern is that he didn’t address all the consequences and repercussions of the trade before making the deal. Now, he is in a position of trading Marchant for nothing (no team will trade for him and assume that contract when they could have just picked it up off of waivers, why pay more than free?), gambling with the very likeliness that no-one picks him up off of initial waivers, and being stuck in a double conundrum of losing him, only ridding half of the salary cap space consume by Marchant’s contract. I think it is safe to say, that Marchant will not play for the Blue Jackets again: His current contract at half-price makes him too tempting for most teams to not take upon re-entry waivers.

    Another concern: How does this situation reflect on the Anaheim and Columbus organizations? I can’t imagine that MacLean’s actions with Marchant (getting around the no-trade clause by putting him on waivers) makes Columbus an attractive destination for future FAs.

  17. Flyers_01 says:

    Because Marchant has a no trade clause and wouldn’t waive it. He has no say over waivers though. The prospect of spending the next 3 years in the minors might have him change his mind.

  18. rojoke says:

    Hasty and unorganized, maybe, but to say it was not a class act may be a little presumptuous. It was believed that Marchant was supposed to be going to Anaheim, but he invoked his no-trade clause. McLean needs offence on the team, among other things. He had Fedorov on the table and couldn’t afford to lose him. The fact that Anaheim didn’t claim him suggests that there was no deal under the table to get him to Anaheim. If he’s sent to the minors, traded, or even bought out, that remains to be seen. I’m sure Doug McLean didn’t plan on waiving Marchant. But that’s the way professional sports is. Sometimes you have to make really difficult choices and people don’t always end up being treated as fairly as they should.

  19. Montrealsdogg says:

    the team in this in case Columbus would have to pay half of marchant’s contract for this and the remainder of his existing contract.

  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    I wish the Rangers would go after a guy like this. The only problem is his contract. Otherwise, he’s a great team player and a good leader. He would bring great speed, and good two-way skill to a team that emphasizes that. If Moore got moved up to 2nd line, and Reneny would FINALLY move Rucchin down to the 3rd line, it could give us a formidable checking line, and it would also give us another ultra-reliable penalty killer so we could stop burning out the same guys from taking stupid penalties when we need them to create energy. Once Rucinsky comes back that could complete a lethal 2nd line. It could also give us another trading chip to get Tom Poti out of NY, possibly… hopefully… who knows. Why hasn’t Jason Strudwick been playing? Why has Renney scratched him when Kondratiev has played like garbage?

    This is what I think the lines should look like with Marchant…










  21. Bishop7979 says:

    if you are correct, and i’m not sure one way or the other, then the jackets may have to take some salary dump in return for marchment. In the case of the pens you may see something like Melichar and vandenbussche sent to columbus to offset the salary of marchment a bit. Their salaries combined equal somewhere around 1 mil or so minus what has been paid them already this season.

  22. Hollywood666 says:

    Scroll down, that was the entire point of my comment.

    I opened with saying you gotta feel bad for him because he’s a notorious “good guy” and likeable character.

  23. cecilturtle says:

    I think Marchant would play really well with Bates? I dont follow the Islanders as close as their fans but, if they have room under the cap??? Marchant would only cost a bag of pucks or a player the Islanders would like to $$$ dump who is making about the same amount of money as Marchant.

    I’ll give ya McTavich for him… Actually McTavich has value as a coach. Wow, The Rangers sure got the better of the Mctavich for Marchant deal – even in todays world.

    Cecil Turtle

  24. cecilturtle says:

    I think Muckies did not go into enough detail about “Not a class act move by the BJ organization”… I think what Muckiespoo was saying is, other free agents down the road in the future will think twice about signing with the BJ’s after seeing how Marchant was treated. Yes you are right this does happen a lot in sports today… But not by every team. Next time a free agent spurs your team and signs somewhere else… Remember, Columbus just does not have enough to offer a free agent by it’s self. Now the BJ’s are going to have a bad reputation on how they treat free agents. Other than the city of Columbus’ rich historic history and traditions??? There would be no reason for free agents to come to Columbus!

    Cecil Turtle

  25. rojoke says:

    Foote hasn’t been mistreated or lied to.

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